I wanna know, wanna know how you do it


Se are having some trouble getting the lineup in balance, with all the new ones, other Musas taking vacations and, of course, other ones returning for more. Some want to join but also we need to give our already Musas the chance to get some work first and get to know how they work and let others know how good they are before letting new cats get in the house, so we have some candidates for Musa in line for now.

A big surprise was Estrella, who came and is turning heads right now because of her menu, she even squirts and she told us she does this automatically. Damn, that’s some serious stuff there.

There was a lot of good ass movies this last month, starting with Avengers and all the spoilers and fights because of that, some Musas got angry because they got the movie spoiled before they could buy the tickets. John Wicket and X-men are some of the movies they talk about.

Now, we are getting (again..omg) a lot of questions about girls that are no longer working, for now. Seriously, lurker legion gotta man up or just accept they are gone, it is true what someone said in the forum, many just jack off with the pictures and never see the Musas, so when they are gone they keep asking over and over again, man, some are even asking every day. Go see Xvideos to jack off or see the Musas so you won’t be sorry when they gone.

Done with that.

Lizbeth is getting some attention, I admit she was underrated but after some comments now I believe she does have some good skills, she is also trained for a professional massage, her menu includes Greek which is hard to find sometimes, she was a hidden gem and now her shine is getting through.

We keep getting a lot of gentlemen’s bringing gifts and treating the girls so good. We appreciate those clients, so we try to make it worth it. A little something some of the girls got from an awesome dude.

Ariana wants some Xbox headphones so I…. So she can play all day….. Just letting you know in case you were interested lol.

Some of the Musas like interesting things, lately been seeing anime because one of the girls take over the Tv and YouTube is always full of anime. Some have very interesting stuff, story, characters. Just like a Netflix series but made a Japanese cartoon.

Other girls like rock and punk scene, they have some interesting ideology about government and society, not really agree about the actual government but also most part of society are not ready to be independent enough to make this country progress. In other words, this sucks, pretty bad.

This rocker girls also like going to concerts and getting wild in the mosh pit. Pretty crazy, considering they are just skinny girls no more than 5’3.

Other girls are interested in photography, they already got some expensive cameras and still learning, but they are taking classes for professional photography.

Other ones are still in the same old same old party rampage. Well, we know how that ends so we will just let it be.

Sorry for leaving the blog, but the forum and the Musas are taking too much time from us right now, we will try to keep posting here more often. Stay tuned!

The side effects are sexual

Too much to do lately. We had to change our server to a bigger, faster and more reliable for us because of all the activity, the forum is taking too much now because it has much material and we need to take cover of how it works with our own server now.

Yesterday was the Premiere of Avengers Endgame and was chaos with the spoilers, some Musas got angry because they saw spoilers. We have some huge fans from Marvel here but I have to say that all the commotion about the movie was too much, the movie is really good but I expected more from all the high from the spoilers and people buying all the tickets before everyone else. The movie was predictable but there still was some huge surprises. Recommended.

We have some request from many girls to join the team, we are having a hard time getting thru all of them because they have to be really sure and be ok with the kind of services we offer, after that the pictures are the hard part. We need to take care of the actual Musas as well and many are having a hard time as well with their lives and some ask for some advice. We also have some weird cases, were some of the Musas ask for help but they let their personal stuff get into their work and start failing, but then they want all the work they can’t get but don’t try hard.

Well, they will need to learn by themselves then how this works, sometimes is inevitable and after they know the value of help, even if they have to work while someone helping, they will become a better provider and person as well. We wish them all well, but sometimes this work needs some growing as well.

On some other news, Misty gave us a big surprise, she is petite, really curly blonde hair, she looks exotic and surely turns heads because of her looks. She is very enthusiastic and is very funny to hang out with. Had some fun before showing her to the world, she will become a star for sure.

On some counterpart, Luna is a sweetheart, she would be Irazu’s younger self if I didn’t knew them both, she will be an awesome companion for Dinner, but she is more flexible. A threesome with her and Misty would be interesting, both are forward but Misty is more wild.

On other news, Melissa is learning how to drive, she does it well, and…. was her second time and already drove outside the city, that was dangerous but didn’t even know she was just as that new in driving. She has potential to go Nascar it seems, she really did it well, that was a long way to go outside and she did it all good in just her second lesson. Risky but she did well.

This happening with Angie and Sayeli right now.

Now, some new ones came for a piece of cake. Gabriella, Helena, Misty, Gina and will have more but some of them need some coaching. Oh well, this is gonna take a while but it is a good thing that girls are asking to join. Hopefully they will be good Musas and we will trust they understand what are we looking for.

We will go for some Chinese dinner for now. Nice weekend!

What I like most about you is your girlfriend

I am really sorry, but I have not been around as much as I want. I’ve had problems with my 3 year old iPhone, which finally started to run out of juice, freeze, and run very slow. A few years ago, I would have bought the latest iPhone model (iPhone XS), and I would have easily migrated my information. The days when I could afford the flagship version are long gone. I don’t know what is happening to cellphone manufacturers, the price of a top of the line phone nowadays is almost twice the price that the original, groundbreaking iPhone had. In the end, I had no option but to buy a mid range Android phone. Coming from the iPhone ecosystem, the transition was anything but smooth It’s not that I’m technologically impaired. I’m lazy to learn how to use a new device. At least I can say now that the nightmare is over.

As you guys have probably noticed, Arabella and Honey came back very briefly, and then they disappeared again. Arabella is supposed to return in a couple of weeks, but that is not 100% sure. If you are waiting for her, don’t hold your breath. I certainly hope she returns, but if she does, she will only work 2 hours from Monday to Friday, which I suppose is better than nothing. Honey said this time she quit for good, but you never know with these girls. Don’t hold your breath waiting for her either, and enjoy the available Musas, we have plenty of legends working for us at the moment, and they can leave any given day. There’s nothing I hate more than deactivating a girl’s profile and instantly receiving dozens of requests from guys who want to meet them, now that they are gone. The few lucky souls who got to see girls like Nadia, will surely have something nice to remember all their lives, because they acted fast. In any case, Arabella is a true Rockstar. As soon as I posted about her brief return in the forum, she was completely booked in a matter of minutes. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope she really comes back.

Speaking of superstars, we have several on the rise. Luna has captivated a lot of customers with her amazing service. Misty, Ella, Gabriella and Helena are on high demand, too bad they cannot meet all the requests they get. They have limited schedules. Adilene and Revel, for some reason, are on the heavy rotation list at this point. And then we have our all-star lineup who consistently make our clients happy: Melissa, Ashley, Brandy, Michelle, Victoria, etc. In addition to that, there are also girls who belong to a third group, and simply pass by the opportunity to shine more, because their lives are filled with Brayans, binge partying, and lots of beauty sleep. I won’t say their names, only their initials:

The Musas are starting to come back from their Easter vacations, and new girls want to join us every week, which is a blessing for us, because for the last 2 weeks most of the girls have been out of town, enjoying life (which is something I haven’t done in decades), and I feel truly happy for them, but not for the guys who missed their only chance a year to see their favorite Musas. Thanks for your patience and for putting up with us these last weeks, but that’s the way things are. The Musas are young and beautiful, they have their whole lives ahead of them, and they want to party. I don’t see anything wrong with that!

As you have probably noticed, our website and the forum run faster and smoother. That’s because we migrated to our own server. The old shared server could not meet our bandwidth requirements, so we had to take care of that. Those are the problems I love to have; it probably means we are on the right path.

It still seems that there are several people who still don’t understand that the forum was made exclusively for our agency’s promotion. People who like our agency and the Musas, are welcome to join and contribute. Can you be honest in our forum, and post something you didn’t like about your most recent encounter? Indeed! But only if it really happened. BS posts and vague negative comments to attack the Musas will be immediately deleted. Am I, as somebody posted, the Soup Nazi? Not at all, but there are certain things I won’t tolerate in our forum. Lies, bullshit, insults, fake reports, racist and misogynist remarks will get you banned. Our forum, as I have said dozens of times, is not for everyone. It’s only intended for Musas fans. We don’t haters who subtly but consistently post nasty shit. Thank you!

I was reading that Mexico has deported over 300,000 migrants, which is more people than I can imagine. Apparently, the president of Mexico is really taking seriously Mr. Trump’s threats to close the border, and that’s a good thing! I feel sorry for all those people, but I feel even more sorry for all the Mexicans who live in poverty, so I am real happy that the president of Mexico finally changed his rhetoric of “everyone is welcome to Mexico, amigos”. I was shocked to hear there are people from 30 different nationalities staying in shelters in the southern Mexico border town of Tapachula. The gateway door to enter Mexico looks like it belongs in a henhouse. Seems we will have to build our own wall over there, or else we will be flooded with people and the s**t will hit the fan sooner than later. In the meantime, everything’s business as usual in TJ. Let’s hope it stays this way until the end of days.

OK I’m off to watch last weekend’s episode of “Game of Thrones” for the third time, and find out if I missed something.

Take care!


Sugar and spice, make it naughty and nice

Sorry for leaving the blog for a while, we have been busy with many things.

Many girls have been asking to join but we are not sure if we should give them a chance, WhatsApp groups were they gather have a different way of work, no GFE is what you get, so we will see if someone is really willing to take the lead and do some GFE and be ready to take good dates.

Now, several returners like Giselle, Zulma, Tokio, Asuna. We have been waiting for more Musas to join but they are still not sure since some of them are completely new and need to think about it, we understand this is an important decision.

Honey is taking a break, as well as other girls, some of them are going out for spring break vacations but on different times because of school vacations. Some schools have diferent times depending on their system. Public schools give the larger vacations and private schools give up to 1-2 weeks. Some other schools have what we call an open system, and the students to just 1 to 3 days per week, and some of those schools don’t give school vacations.

Giovanna has been said to be a natural beauty, she has a shiny smile, braces as well but she has this charming factions that make her shine. She came to photos session and was she sun of the moment, of course her friends were there to make her just look better LOL.

Now we have some surprises like Luna, Sasha, Ella, Ivette, Annika. New talent to fill out what others have left, Ivette reminds us of an old star from out beggining, beautiful face. Luna has been receiving a lot of nice comments, she is a star on the rise.

Melissa admits she is kinda nerdy. Otakus like anime and manga from Japan, anime series have more of an adult atmosphere, and Comics are usually more familiar but they do have their adult rated ones. It seems Melissa likes both and will for my surprise, she has good ortography, which is a must of course, but this is something that maybe only 2 or 3 more Musas have. Really, good ortography is a must.

Sasha will start doing threesomes with her friend, Colombian yes, they will stay here a bit longer so you better take them. A selfie they send for the fans.

Many, many, many, many times we and even other users in the forum have said that you better get the girl you want and see her live. Many are asking how: “Is Miss X gone”, Is Miss Y gone?”, “Are they gonna come back tomorrow so I can finally hurry up?”. No sorry for this one, many times have said that these girls are not for second options.
I see this comming when Sasha leaves. I will erase you if you ask this when she goes back home lol.

Angie was taking a break because why not? She is just wanting some good sould to take care of her and give her money while she hags out with her friends drinking and going out with Brayans. Her ner excuse is something I almost don’t want to say here, but here we go: She claims her roof fell off. Luckly she was not crushed and well…. didn’t asked more.

Some new talent want to come this way of the planet, it seems the word was passed by from the Musas that do not live here, so I think that is a pretty good sign, hopefully they have the chance to get here and will join the team.

Thanks for everything!

It’s alarming honestly how charming she can be.

Rainy days are almost over, even as much as I love this weather it doesn’t help when it comes to the girls getting on a taxi or Uber and ride to the other side of the city, makes it difficult because of the traffic, the local government doesn’t do anything for the care of the streets and roads we have, they are so full of holes. Anyone though it would be easier to have a car? Well, the reality is that it doesn’t really change when it comes to traffic, maybe you will save money on Uber and that is the real advantage of it.
Teresa is a real crybaby with this rain problem lol.

Gasoline is going down, at last after 2 years, but it comes to 1 peso, maybe 2 somedays, how much is that? Around 5 or 10 cents of dollar. LMAO.

Recently the news have gotten better and better, it seems that gasoline was raising up every month because of people stealing it directly from the refineries, and they were stealing thousands and thousands per day. There were politicians involved and there is the rumor that even some presidents were participating in this, the army has taken control of the refineries for now.

Some gasoline stations were buying stolen gasoline for a lower price, those who were buying stolen gas were left without a single drop after the actual president found out, this caused a shortage and huge lines to get gas in other stations.

Some people went for the wrong way and broke up a huge pipe, gasoline was there for everyone, raising as a fountain, and people collecting it. What was the problem? Some dumbass smoking there… well, you can imagine. Over 200 people dead, several people burned to the bones.
Some didn’t believe this gasoline thing going on, that was the reason the girls couldn’t stay working for less money 2 years back, they now can pay for their Uber but hopefully this won’t get any worse.

Several new additions and comebacks. Evelin, Melody, Catalina, Ivette, Annika, Honey, Giselle, Merlot, Tara, Kassie are here to reinforce the team. Irazu, Azul, Tasha, Teresa are back and even Caroline who is recovered now from surgery.

More are coming, so stay tuned.

The forum is getting larger and more Musas are starting to interact, Evelin is getting some awesome feedback but I actually dig her pictures, maybe I she will be my ATF. We have seen many have their ATF here, Like Esteben, Max, Roman, ragvie.

Even some girls that are not working as Musas have joined the forum, but they have been hesitant to write, mainly because of the language but also because they just feel curious but still can’t take the next step.

One of them is from the other side of the world, Europe beauty, she lives in Spain but she is also a hardcore feminist. So, maybe we are all better this way for now lol.
Many topics have my attention now, someone was asking if we planned the forum to be more than just a business tool, and the answer as some saw is a huge no, but I am very happy that the forum has become an open space for any client to post their personal thoughts and share for the rest of the brotherhood their feelings and look for some advice. No aggressive or wanna be elite groups there to judge, I see it can even be therapeutic. Good job on building more than an online escort group, it really gives Musas a real essence.

We are waiting for other comebacks, like Brisa for now we will stay in contact. Stay tuned!

Deadly nightshade

After the holidays, things are back to normal, the border is not suffering the struggles of the so called Migrant Caravan anymore and long lines at the border because of Christmas shopping are no longer there. Bad thing is that delicious dinners are not there for most part of the month anymore.

2 days ago we had a Mexican tradition, In this tradition we remember the three wise men, who traveled to see Jesus and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. We share a big donut form cake, this cake one or more little plastic child, this child represents Christ and each one has cut his own piece and inside there a little plastic child, whoever gets the little plastic kid will have to invite a nice dinner of tamales.

Talking about dinners. We had a nice dinner with some cool guys, not gonna mention who they are, if they want to tell it in the forum then after then it’s cool with us. We basically had some great dinner for meat lovers, we ordered a second round but it never came but that was alright, had some meat empanadas as well and enjoyed our dinner with wine, and for the main even we had a bottle of scotch directly from Irak.

We talked about many things, about the beautiful Musas of course, about us, and even went deep with sharing some personal stuff sometimes, alcohol was doing wonders but we managed to stay awake and had a nice conversation with Michelle, who joined us after some hard work.

We realized how much we drank, but even tho we decided to go ahead and stop by a very popular strippers club. It was a nice experiment to see. In a Saturday night, with most of the girls working and this was the hottest club at the moment, one of our buddies was having a hard time choosing a girl after being in the company of many Musas, and when he finally got one, it was disappointing.

Had some more beers and shots of tequila, it was relaxing to finally get a moment for us. After some drinks we were tired and decided to call it a night and return home while we were still a bit sober lol.


We felt satisfied to spent some time with great persons, two of the best guys according to the Musas as well. Thanks guys for a great night.

We have some news, some Musas are back after being back, some are totally new, just the usual stuff lol. The newest girl is Alicia, she is beautiful but still no comments. My personal recommendation right now is Tasha, she is beautiful, passionate, and she is very relaxed girl and doing threesomes with Athena. They have very good comments, and I personally dig how Tasha looks.

We will have more coming, but trying to keep it slow but safe. More Colombian girls wanted to join but they have trouble getting all the way here, seems problems are getting harder down there as Venezuela country is having some terrible issues, and those are extending to Colombia.

Amara and Adilene have been doing well, many are asking if Amara is doing overnights, but she is not into it right now because she doesn’t have the time. Adilene is doing good with overnights, she is getting attention and presents lol.  she sends this for her fans.

We have a lot of selfies in our forum, so there so much to see to make a decision, people still asking for more body photos from the girls that are posting a lot of selfies is kinda disturbing right now. C’mon people, really?
Carolina was one of the new girls that were getting lots of attention, besides her selfies are really got and got more than one with that, but she had to go into surgery and is recovering right now, when she is totally recovered she will be back with us. We wish her well for now as we know she is not leaving us, but she does need money so she is trying to sell her “pack”. A “pack” is 3 or more photos, naked, with only underwear and showing mostly boobs and ass.

Sometimes with face even, its a common word now because there was a huge boom for packs about 3 years ago, it all started with facebook groups that were trolling everyone, and women started getting popular there sending naked pictures, so these guys were putting together all the pictures they could get from the girls and other members, and they started calling those “packs”. Carolina used to sell those LMAO.

Well, we will be going to sleep now, as we still need to recover from that night lol. Nice week!

All through the night

Wish we could enable comments here but there seems to be a spambot epidemic in about every blog entry or forum that we post, so we decided to permanently disable comments. The spam countermeasures here and in the forum do not seem to be very effective at all. For now, the registration for new forum users needs to be approved by us, so if you want to join, make sure you send me an email requesting activation. I may ask a question or two, just to verify you don’t have the intention of spamming the forum. Sorry about that, guys..


I spend most of the year avoiding my family and loved ones, but I see them during the holidays. That’s why I have been real busy lately and have not been able to take care of the forum among other things. Thank God these holidays will be over in a couple of days, and hopefully we will get back to business as usual.


Guess who got all these nice gifts?


You’ve got that right, lucky Monique, courtesy of Mr. Esteban! To say she was thrilled and happy to receive all this would be an understatement. Thank you, Esteban, and thanks to all of you who take the time to bring a small detail or two to our beautiful Musas. They truly appreciate it!


Speaking of lucky Monique, she will only be here until January 18. Ping me if you want to see her, and remember: the best time to see a Musa is today! You all see what happens


Athena is taking some time off. Same goes for Amber, who will be out of town for about a month.


Now let me talk to you about two beautiful new Musas who have joined.

The one that´s got me all excited is Victoria. I have met her in person and she is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful girls who has joined since this agency started. This is my personal and subjective appreciation. She is exactly the type of girl I would define as beautiful. She’s got everything in the right place, and while her pictures do not portray her natural beauty, you will have to trust me on this one. I expect to do a photo session of her before the year ends (meaning I have only hours to complete my goal). You will soon hear from her in the forum review section.

Another beautiful, charming Musa with a killer body is Zulma. She is super-hot looking. Somebody already posted a review on her.

As I always say, they won’t last long, so act now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Thank God the migrant problem is gone, at least for now. We do have Mr. Trump throwing a tantrum and threatening to close the border if his wall budget is not approved by the congress, but I honestly doubt that will happen. He would instantly crash the world economy if he attempted to do that. Too much money at stake. While I do agree that the US border security could be improved in some places, I don’t think a wall would be a solution, but what do I know, that’s just my opinion. And on that note, I will tell you my opinion about Mexico’s new president. I think that so far, he’s trying to do the right things, or at least the things that he promised during his campaign, but I think he will be very limited by money, and he won’t accomplish much. The good thing is that little by little he is trying to change the corruption driven mentality of the inhabitants of this country, and that’s a positive thing, but the results won’t be immediate.


Enough about politics, and back to the babes.

Athena is so awesome that she has already got several guys who are proposing marriage to her, but she doesn’t like the idea, so please guys, respect her wishes.

Same goes for Melissa. Please, guys, I know the girls are gorgeous but their intention is not seeking marriage. If that was the case, they wouldn’t be part of our team.

Sayeli is another heart breaker, and she has several repeat customers, but luckily, she has not received any marriage proposals yet.

Ashley will be back full time in about a month. In the meantime, her schedules are still very limited. She has turned into an exquisite woman, as I mentioned last time.

Angie and Demy are back with their extreme threesomes. Sayeli and Ivana are willing to do a threesome without lesbian action, for all super petite girl fans (they still haven’t seen any action together), and Ivana is finally getting some great feedback from all our customers. Roxana is gone for good, and she won’t come back.


More hotties will join by the first week of 2019. Stay tuned!


2018 has been a great year for us. I want to thank you guys, for being so patient with us, and to all the beautiful Musas for being so charming and sweet.

I wish you all the best for 2019. Lots of health, money and love (in that order) for each and every one of you.






When is the future?

Been real busy taking care of personal business. Christmas is coming! I am shocked at how fast time goes by, so enjoy yourselves, it’s later than you think!

Speaking of hedonistic lifestyles, it seems like Tokio has been caught in a non-stop partying binge, and we won’t be the ones to prevent her from doing what she wants. Unfortunately, she’s already at the point of no return, so we decided to let her go for good.


But hey, not everything’s bad news, in the post-Arabella era. We have plenty of new talent over here, starting with Athena and Tasha, who have taken this agency by storm, and new beautiful spinners Ivana and Revel, who happen to do threesomes together. Kendra is very beautiful too, she just needs different pictures. Beautiful Karime came back, she is really gorgeous. And London is also drawing some attention. Karime will only be here for a short period, London wants to stay here for good, and so far, everyone who has seen her has said she is fantastic. Show some support for all these beauties, bite the bullet and let the rest of the forum members about your experience.


Skarleth and Bambi literally own the forum. They have become good buddies and they have lots of fun together. That’s what happens when you put talent together. And the other sensational threesome (Angie and Demy) is also in very high demand. So now we have a lot of combos available in the threesome scene! Even Sayeli wants to do threesomes at this point. Ashley and Bambi have also worked together, and Ashley is trying very hard to change her work schedule so she can dedicate more time to being a Musa. Ashley is one of the very few girls who has been able to stand the test of time, and has not get caught in the partying-brayan downward spiral. She is like good wine, she gets better with time, and she is at the perfect age (22) to know how to please. We hope to see her back full time.


Seems like Victor is scared about the migrant caravan, but Mexico’s problems are nothing compared to any European country, especially in the southern part of the continent, where they get a boatload or two of hundreds of desperate African immigrants on a daily basis. The root cause of the problem is overpopulation. I have yet to see a politician of any country to talk about this terrible problem. But hey, let’s not talk about negative things. Life is short and then you know what happens, so let’s enjoy our short stay on this planet. Carpe diem!


Let’s talk about underrated talents at Musas. Girls who are not getting the true recognition they should from our customer base.


  1. Lizbeth (Skarleth’s older sister). She is like a serious version of Skarleth. She has some amazing skills. I highly recommend her.
  2. Gala. She is phenomenal. Every customer who has seen her, and I mean EVERY customer, has sent positive feedback about her. She looks MUCH better in person, one true case of “the pictures don’t make justice to her”.
  3. I can say exactly the same about London. Looks stunning in person, and everyone has been telling me she is the best!


So there you have my top 3 list of underrated Musas. Go for them if you feel adventurous. You will thank me later.


Our versus contest winner has still not claimed his prize, but we told him there’s no deadline. Hopefully he will select one of these underrated Musas and write a review. That’s what the forum is all about!


I love to see users like MaxD having loads of fun. I love the community that we have, and I want to keep things the way they are, in a friendly, positive way. I have participated in other monger forums over the years, and to be honest, I have always felt nauseated by the way things are handled in conventional Sausage party forums. Perhaps if we hadn’t decided to let the Musas participate, things would be very different and boring. I love their selfies wars, I believe that is what makes our forum interesting and fun, rather than reading about some frustrated “Don Juan”´s recent “adventures”, baby damage, saggy tits, and some other nonsense people post to show “newbies” how knowledgeable they are. In the end a lot of these people end up seeing escorts just for having a reason to write something in a forum, rather than having fun and enjoying the moment (like MaxD and Lovetowatchyoushake do). So for those who suggest me to create a “clients only” forum, piss off, and go elsewhere to impress your buddies. Our forum is exclusively meant for Musas customers. It’s not a place to vent your misogynistic ideas, to sell or convince someone that we are the best, (the people who enter our forum already like us…  duh!), or a university for mongers. It’s just meant to be a simple place to have fun, and forget about your problems.

I sincerely hope you get my point.


Having said that, it’s time to go to bed!


Take care, everyone! Happy holidays!



It was never me and you

Rainy times are here, winter is at our door and Christmas is going to take a big time from all of us from now on. Many reunions, what we call Posadas, and many, many food to share and taste. That’s what Christmas is all about around here.

Many have been asking about the migrant cavaran, and the truth is that all began with some people taking advantage of how easy was to cheat the now migrants in the caravan into believing the lies of how they would cross with no problems to US, even without any ID, papers and even if they wanted to cross illegally it would be so easy. They arrived, and now the people who organized this in the first place, have disappeared.

It has been said that a small organization has been doing this for some years now, and even a caravan was traveling to US around March of this year, we can check that on this year news.

This time, the news about a new caravan went damn viral and many people joined, they had to pass from Honduras to Guatemala and El Salvador, so many people got into the train.

News went trending topic all over social media and even television, the rumor of a caravan going to US went from one country to another as they were traveling and this is how it got so big. No one was expecting to see the people who started this disappear just like that. Well, most of the caravan members didn’t even know who they are.

What was the real purpose on this? Don’t really know, no one knows. All those people were told that US would open their doors just like that, that asylum doesn’t need any special papers, and that was their right to be accepted even without documents because of humanitarian crisis.

It has been said that a very great percentage of people who joined the caravan don’t even have the first grade. At the best they can write and read, but this doesn’t mean they cannot do anything to earn a living, most of them have learned a job and they stick to it, but you can imagine how much misinformation they will carry on because of this. And this played a major role in this situation, they believed everything they told them because they don’t know anything about laws, about migration process and some don’t even have a birth certificate. Yes, that’s how far this goes.

This small organizations take money from donators, sponsors who donate money for good actions, and that’s why they need to keep doing this. Some rumors tell us about political interests, like the wall Trump wants to build all around the border that divides Mexico from US.

Some members of the caravan tried to cross jumping the fence, but they got stopped and many got deported. Some did managed to cross but they got busted as well and deported. This is used as an example of why the wall must be build, and it’s a huge one, because this must not be taken lightly. Yes, we know many mexican cross to US without documents, but this is something our government must take care off, a weak economy turns into illegal migration. Not US fault.

Another theory is that the ex president from Mexico wanted to inherit a humanitarian crisis to solve for the next president, who took protests just a few hours ago. Why? Well, politics in this country are a bit… personal. Literally, politics are made from personal grudges, and this shows how bad our government is. For those who didn’t believe how bad this was.

It has been said that the presidential elections have been stolen at least 2 times. Both times from the same candidate, which this time got elected and recognized as the new president. The bad decisions and the lack of security for over 12 years got to a whole new level, this time the whole country got out and voted, this time it was impossible to commit fraud, it was all over, at least for now.

For over 70 years the same party was at top of the power, it only changed in 2,000 when another party candidate got elected, and even then many rumors about a collision have been around and even when the senators approve new changes it is clear that many vote for personal interests and unite with other parties to make this happen. Just a bit of how this works over here.

Just for those who were asking a lot about this, there is much, much more to this, but it would be a long, long talk and explaining. Politics, economics and people with financial power are behind many things in this country.

Well, right now things are normal on the border, crossing times are back to normal. Of course we advice to cross walking and take an Uber as when you get back it will be much faster. Otay gives another fast option for all of you, but as we said before, not all the girls will go that zone because of the high costs for them to travel to that zone.

Now on some notes about the girls, well you already noticed girls like Amara, London and Karime. Really beautiful girls and really cool ones to talk to as well. Maybe London and Karime will do threesomes, will need to ask, but if you remember Karime, you will know that she used to do threesomes with former Musa Keiry, they were stars as soon as they arrived.

Now, we have seen how the forum has changed a lot of things. Many ideas and many experiences have taken place because of the forum. We are not seeing how threesomes got out of hand and people are having a blast with the options they have. MFM, FMF, Foursomes, Double doubles, LMAO.

Amara is having nice comments so far, she already got her first gift from a gentlemen. We will see how long she lasts, she is hard to get sometimes but it all seems worth it. Keep trying fellas!



Since Rainy days are here, hot chocolate, cake and cookies are the best. Girl Ariana is enjoying some coffee and sweet dounuts right now.

We will keep you posted, for now everything is back and running. Nice weekend!

Mess with your head

We are having some tension because of the girls comming and going, but we manage to stay full of work. As many of you noticed, Arabella is off the webpage right now, she is off for some vacations but it all happen all of a sudden, she just couldn’t miss the opportunity so she will be having fun out of town for now.

The new reinforcements came as well, you can see now Valery, Tasha and Athena for the win and they are available almost all day. Azul came back as well, she can work now longer time and still going to school, she is one of the most responsible Musas but needs to catch up most of the time because of homework. Skarleth, and the Colombian favorite, Irene, returned to show everyone their skills. Irene came back out of nowhere, she was taking a break and she just called asking to work again, no one expected her call so soon, but we do like how the Musas return here and keep it going.

Houston had to take some days off so she will be on next week. Alma returned at last for some of the fan who were asking and asking again and again lol.

As many can see, Vicky just posted her first MWM threesome, she proved that she can handle DP and came here to brag about it, she deserves the credit as the first Musa who has done that heroic act in duty.

Now, many have been asking how things are going when crossing the border, and basically it’s all the same. We know the migrant caravan reached Tj but the border is calm and everything is normal. They focused their numbers on the beach, the gate that some of you already know, and fortunately it’s far from the border crossing and there is no change in the border.

It is sad actually, Tj doesn’t have the resources to take in thousands of migrants, and let’s be honest, Trump already said there will be no humanitarian asylum for any of them. The real problem will be after they get denied the entry to U.S, and probably they will stay in Tj, they won’t get back to their countries and as many don’t have any ID or documents there are many fears about their activities and desires. Many came believing lies from other people, thinking that crossing to US will be easy, that they will get humanitarian asylum fast and without scanning their background. There are some theories, about how it all started, but we will save that for later.

The best way to cross and save time is to go on foot. Of course you will need your updated passport, your ID and you will have no problems getting an Uber or a Taxy just as you walk out from the border.

Another option is to cross by Otay border and there will be less cars and less people doing line on their feet, it is the fastest way but do know that just a few Musas go to places like Otay motel, but Uber can take care of that too and you can take a trip to Ensueño motel, which is pretty close to the border in the same zone. The reason is the high traffic in Otay zone and the trip is very large for most of the Musas, so they will spend a lot on taxy or Uber.

The number of posts we have in our forum in 4 months is incredible, thanks for the support. It was hard for us to make the Talk to the Musas section work because of the lazyness, but after getting some likes the Musas started to like it, and then some of them just signed in after seeing other Musas getting attention and likes.

We will prepare for thanksgiving, turkey day is getting closer and the Musas may want a nice dinner. We will post some pics if it happens.
Nice weekend!