Backwards on a sin

Work has been going on and on, and that is what we like and want to do. Hard work always gives good results and that is what we believe in.

Right now we have to make some cleanup and talking with some of the ladies some have to go and some others made it back. Some, unfortunately for everyone, have to leave to keep on with their lives, this time Sofia will have to take another path and hopefully she will accomplish a lot of her plans.  Happy she will try her own stuff right now, if she needs a hand later she knows she is always welcome.

Her cousins will be still working, remember Cat lover Melanie is still available and she is also doing threesomes with Maddy, who constantly sends material for her fans so that is why you see a lot of her on the WhatsApp updates. She and Melanie are the only ones doing overnights and being good with going out to dinner or dancing, they are on for double dates too and they like it.

Maddy’s recommendations have been consistently good so far, remember to check out the forum.

Diann Ornelas is back for two weeks and her special is up for the people fantasizing to be with a porn actress, the time has come again. You can find her porn material all over internet, you will get a way better idea now and she also has some short videos of her posted in her profile. Face and body pictures, all you need to book.

Ashley returned from her personal emergency and is doing threesomes with Eliza in the mornings, Eliza is a great lady with limited time but you know she will be a sure thing if she is Ashley’s friend. And now that Helena returned, her and Margareth will continue with the sisters threesome. That means that also Liz will have two threesome partners now and will be working with Margareth and Helena even doing foursomes.

Now, for those asking for Nadia. Yes, she is available full time again, for overnights and also threesomes but unfortunately we still don’t have a partner for her. Tokio Nikita was her partner but seems things won’t work out as Tokio wants to work alone for a while, remember Nadia was having a nice season of threesomes all the way and with excellent recommendations she was even the Musa of the week.

Angeline is back from her model event out of town and will be available with more limited hours. Why? She believes in taking care of herself, she practices a lot of exercise, yoga and she is practicing vegetarianism. She believes in taking care of herself and that way she can work better, be at her best and take on a good battle in all her dates.

Many noticed Arianna. Why have a Trans in the lineup? Not really something we are constantly looking for but some people were asking about when someone like Mich would be back, remember she was the only trans we had, and had many asked in the time after when someone like her would join. Not wanting to make it a norm but we have to keep improving and if that means it is time to get a shemale then a shemale we will have. Some of the beloved clients already saw her, but probably won’t post any reviews in the forum because they want to be discreet, but hopefully someone will take the lead and post one. Remember we want a healthy environment, so haters, posers and fakes will be eventually banned if they start the old lame actions again.

For those wanting the recommendations about places around the city back, if you want to eat some good Sushi and also like taking pictures of your food and post those then try Nigori Sushi, you will have a nice presentation if you order the Smoke Roll or the VIP Roll. Also try the secret dessert. Recommended for those close to the Marriott or Grand Hotel area. We all know tacos can’t be beaten, the best food and great prices you can ever find and we agree totally, but this place is a great place if you want to the Maddy and Melanie on a date.

For those who want some drinks, try the Mexologia Baja Coctail Week. Many drinks to try at that event and even better it will all happen at Quartz Hotel, so a Musa as company with good drinks is something you have to try. It will start at the end of June tho, but probably that will be a good place to try some different stuff.

Just an update for many returning clients that want to catch up. Remember the WhatsApp updates are just for clients, and the Telegram Channel is active, and we only have one.

Thanks to all, we are about to enter the second half of the year and we will continue to work hard. Nice week!

You know I can never say no

We decided to try some comebacks, of course the ladies were not planning to return so we had to offer some incentive for them, very popular ladies when they were announced in our lineup, but this is not something we will always do or try constantly. Why? Because this work is to help them do something better, finish school, build their house (which is something really hard to do in this third world country, with such low payments in any other work), get better job opportunities as they advance with their life. This is not something we want them to be a part of all their life, they have to move on and so do we, especially PLMs.

We will have some surprises tho, and as you can see Nikita is already back.

This leads to a mention of the last blog post, some people saying we were justifying our prices, well, we don’t have to justify our prices, the ladies or any agency charges what they want and that’s it, we have a good lineup, beautiful ladies, amazing Escort Stars and some are considered legends, who else has this? What was said in the last blog post is we do not have HK prices, try to get an hour there starting at $100 and not 30 minutes which turns out to be 25 minutes with the knock on the door and then we can talk. We will have some surprises tho, and as you can see Nikita is already back.

For the Telegram users asking for some action, we created a channel with even more material now.

Adding videos directly in each profile in the new website now, you won’t have to go out of the website to look at them, also some new ones are being posted.

We believe in hard work, and that is why we have all of this: Forum with over 4,000 extra pics, Blog, Videos, WhatsApp updates and now TG updates too. Hard work is what we do and we work together with the ladies. Who else does this much? Musas has been working a lot, not just telling we are the best for no reason. Still there are bobos saying we try to use fake pictures, right, fake as Canelo Alvarez wins including the one he will probably get later today.

Angeline and Alina are not working together soon but maybe, only maybe a new model will join. You know once in a while a lady in another level will come, but this time the surprise was double, hopefully we will have a 3 hit combo. Where else? We are happy to work with the ladies and they recommending us to this point. Unfortunately, Angeline don’t want to send videos, she will have do to some work out of the country and wants to keep everything as discreet as possible for her career.

Now, Ana will be back on Monday for those asking about her return. She is a revelation and nice addition for curvy and DD lovers. Sofia unfortunately will be taking some days off, her threesome partners are still available, Maddy and Melanie, for those asking what small gift is good for them, anything about cats will do, that drives them crazy.

Many are asking if Cherry would do threesomes with Nadia, they want them because they have similar bodies and their services are both good, difference will be personality, but both horny queens so there is no way to go wrong with them. Check out their new videos too.

By the way, Cherry is a Marvel fan, along with other Musas, they don’t recommend the new Dr. Strange movie.

We will continue to add some updates, right now we are still working about getting some details done from the new website and probably will merge the 2 websites in the near future. Thanks to all for the support and hope to keep improving more and more every day. Thanks!

Definitely not an angel

So for the people asking for the link because they were not familiar with the name having a different link now or just want a more simpler website, the old link has never stopped working but now you can just access to a new website with even some more extra material, the videos will later be visible there as well but now included in each profile. This is like the easy website for those who do not want to read a lot of stuff there or feel saturated of information, don’t want polls or other sections just adding more and more when all you want to check are the beautiful Musas.

So now we have 2 websites, if there’s still people asking: What’s the website?’ Those must be aliens.

People already noticed Angeline, and well she was one of those additions we have to think about because of people out there with the PLM worm still in, chismosos and indiscreet. A model with some nice friends, yes, and also great skills according to the comments but also in the need of the work for emergencies and personal situations. Note that model is not the same as an edecan, a whole different league.

New talent is coming, also in a high level of beauty, all this beautiful talent in one place is what many were asking.

Cherry is still waiting for a threesome partner, she is awesome alone but she is not really comfortable yet with another women, maybe threesomes but no bisexual interaction, so the best it just book her alone and have a nice time.

Melanie, Sofia and Maddy are now doing threesomes in any combination and foursomes. On the other hand, Hazel and Coco will stop working with Fernanda, you know, catfights are very common. Andrea and Ekaterina are also out of the threesome list, we will have to update that.

For those asking for telegram Channels or our presence in the groups, maybe we will think about it since there are some bobos throwing shit about us using ‘fake or misleading pictures’ or using the ‘bait and switch’, so they can mislead new clients. Really, our videos alone can prove that wrong. Since we don’t have to do unfair competition, and do not believe in that, we try to get things down to our forum or blog alone, but really gets a bit tired when people don’t give up, but thanks to the amazing people here we also can see those kind of lies, there are still good people in the world.

Do we have HK prices?

Now, for people saying we have HK prices. Really you saying that? Still we have prices from 1,600 MX, 1900 MX and 2,500 MX. Even if you try to add hotel costs and Uber you still be paying less

If you go to HK you have to spend on Uber, Hotel if you stay for the night or even if you just want to take a lady upstairs, your beer which would be at least $5,  a beer that costs less than 1 US at Oxxo store, a “Ficha drink” which is $10 and its just a smaller drink (Tequila drinks even cost more). Lets check it out.


Musas agency

A Musa for 1 hour with BBBJ : Lets say you choose a $125 one

Room for all day week days or 4 hours weekends: Mansion for $32.

Uber: From Border to Mansion, lets say $10 (actually less)

Total cost: $167.


HK Bar

HK BG for 30 minutes with CBJ : $100 (starting at, usually they want even more), if you want the full hour add at least 50%, which would be around $150, but lets say you are a hell of a negotiator and she is desperate or way too drunk and you got 1 hour for those same $100.

Room 30 minutes: $30, if you negotiated an hour then you pay $60

At this point we are only 5 dollars away.


Cum Boy tip:  $1 (if you tip the less)

Drinks for the ladies: $10 US (Tequila drinks cost double, yes REAL tequila drinks not the ones you think is tequila but mostly is water, you are welcome if you didn’t know that LOL)

Each Beer: $5

Tip for the waiter: $1

Uber:  $5

Total cost: $182


There you have. You think is not much of a difference? But you know… You won’t get an hour for $100 in HK,  You won’t just have one $5 beer and all those veteran hunters (yeah, say that in a regular bar, not a strip club), they won’t buy just one $10 ficha drink to that lady you want to fall in love with you, so no, we don’t have HK prices, where you get only CBJ (or have to spend some extra money while negotiating BBBJ or the full hour, that with another $10 ficha drink), 30 minutes for a rushed session that will end at the end at the 25 minutes mark.

You won’t even have time to take a shower or leave time for the lady to take a shower as well. That’s why they have the sink wash to only wash up their beautiful kitty.

So c’mon, HK prices? Totally false, you end up spending more there and getting drunk while she takes wáter instead of tequila.

So do we have HK prices? Au Contraire, bobos should say that HK should have Musas prices for 1 hour service.

After the sad situation in Ukraine, many of you haven been crossing just to get some gasoline because it is cheaper, yes the gasoline is now subsidized, for now, and it will not go up as much as in the U.S., but the rest is still going up, remember the ladies don’t just buy food and pay rent, all those things you want like nice clothes, nice makeup, nice nails and the lingerie many of you ask for in your dates cost money, lingerie cost from $20 U.S. to $200 U.S. depending what type you want. We can add some more ladies at the 1,600 price, even a bit less, but you don’t want fat, you don’t want someone showing up with old dirty clothes and not even makeup right? Already talked about this in our forum, we can have those ladies working for way less, waiting for you outside the  hotels and doing all kind of dirty stuff, those that would even be paying you,  but most of you want better looking, more classy and great image.

No one complaining after seeing Angeline right? Well, there you have the best example, she came in recommended from a very known national model many saw here some years ago, she is still active but you know, there is always people with more money and she is in another level now, not even sugar daddy level, way beyond that, that is why Angeline is a rare gem even here, in an agency where beautiful ladies are the norm; sadly, the monthly period came, and she will have to take some days off.

Unfortunately, inflation in a third world country is way worse. Just take a look at Venezuela, yeah, cheap gasoline but nothing to eat there, and what you can get would cost almost the double of what we can pay in the U.S. Just know a burger cost more there, and that is why things will go up, even if its slow but we try and try to maintain as long as we can all the prices. But the hot ladies won’t be working for less for too long, that is why we keep many of them for years, legends as Ashley or Polly won’t work for less because they have many expenses too, and we don’t have any help from the government, again, just ask any of them.

It took 8 years to come to these prices, 8 years, not just from night to day.

We try to get the ladies a decent pay because many of them living on the outskirts of the city have to pay way too much for Uber, just ask any of the ladies how much they spend for Uber, people think they know TJ because they know a part of the city, mostly Downtown, Playas, Agua Caliente and Rio Zone. But have they gone inside the colonias? You might want to take some toilet paper with you.

That is why we also have to take care of the ladies, dates after 8 P.M. will be hard to get since there are many things happening to ladies in the city, not only the city but all over the country, so we have to take some precautions for that as well. Remember this goes further than just discretion now, it is sad but you just have to watch the news to have an idea of what is happening, social media too have a lot of information for the curious.


Now for the Chisme part you all want.

So there was a funny situation, people please watch your phones because if you are married or a girlfriend is all over you maybe you will have a hard time when she unlocks it while you sleep and she will see all your groups and conversations, even if you create your fake accounts and all. Yeah, that happened to someone, and even though we don’t have a memory, your phone does so just think about possibilities and avoid awkward situations.

Obviously we can’t say much because of discretion, but man, when this turns out to be personal with the clients’ families then something is really wrong. Why would we should be talking to your girlfriend? Does she want to become a Musa?

So please, buy a burner, make an agreement or just don’t book at all. Easiest is just to delete everything and that’s it, just do that, she does the same do you anyway.

Well, another chisme is the catfight with Aurora, the reason why she is not coming back, at least soon, so Margareth is now revealing loosing up and doing threesomes with her sis and now she is open to do threesomes with other ladies. As soon as some of them can come back we have some surprises.

So, having some ideas for the future so better be back for work and dinner. Nice week!

But I have to take the road

Some busy weeks but we are back on track after a bit more of hard work. Ladies also were having a hard time keeping up with the work, most of them had a bad time with her times and family because now they have to assist to school instead of doing a videocall. Now, you can check the new talent and some comebacks.

Recently we had to say goodbye to Aurora since she is having too much health problems and she is not feeling well to keep working, unfortunately that happened and we have to be considerate about their wellbeing. Margareth just returned, but a good news is that she and Helena talked about doing threesomes now that Aurora is gone. This took a while since they are sisters and couldn’t get see each other naked but after some tequila they decided to give it a shot and take some pictures, which got lost btw and that was a total shame. But hey, 2 of the most beautiful Musas together, Helena and Margareth, you can imagine how that would feel, and maybe will have pictures together soon, they are alredy did their first threesome.

Liz and Helena were just a combination of 2 beautiful Musas, Margareth and Helena is just another whole level.

Threesomes list still has to be updated because we had to let go some of the ladies, but still have amazing talent. Ana is the Musa revelation with great comments from all her dates so far. Of course other ladies like Sofia, Cherry and Maddy have good comments about their service but Ana has been working hard for to earn some money, she came here recommended by another Porn Actress.

Speaking of porn, Diann Ornelas is back and started today, had to announce her earlier per her request but starting from today she will be doing all the dates you want, sorry to those who got confused we just have to work it.
Now, combined with the great looks the Musas have, the lineup is just in another high level now, we had to work hard to get an amazing lineup.

We still had to reject some of the ladies coming here asking to work, just because many came with not so good intentions from other places taking advantage of clients and other ladies. And this is when we say again, success can’t be stolen, hard work is what we do. And we just don’t want to be mentioned by people that just bring trouble to both ladies and clients. Unfortunate but this kind of shit still happens and ladies get involved in this, that is just sad.

On happier news. The foursome is back again and with the pictures, this leads to chisme, and you all love chisme.

Well, actually can’t say all the details but these 3 ladies are rivals to a former Musa, who is not working at all now but still comes and say hi. The former Musa recognizes them and the war started. The 3 Musas want to stay away from her and just didn’t want to post their pictures for discretion reasons, you can imagine stupid people used pictures in the past in a bad way and that is why we stopped sending face pics, this was just about the same but no face pics involved, even so women can do a lot of damage.

Then there was cat fight with one of the Musas as a result but no black eyes or cuts this time.

Talking about more chisme, is no secret now that Zoe is a cop and will do reality the fuck the police fantasy and bring her uniform for her dates as an extra service, people often freaks out when they see her enter any place because many times she just wears it and then goes to her job as a good lady, so this last time she freaked out the guards of a very well known place for mongers to visit because it is close to Zona Norte, and there she was with 2 guards entering the room because they thought something bad was happening, and they freaked out even more when she stayed and was out after 1 hour with her hair a mess and getting into a very notable car.

For everyone asking why Black Widow changed her name, and I don’t know why many started to ask just now as her name was changed like 6 months ago, well she also was freaked out, she thought people could recognize her because of the nick name, whatever then, so we changed it to the closest to Scarlett Johansson you can find.
Again, more material for the clients and the chaquetos too, a lot of new pictures in the profiles and more videos. WA status also have more pictures now.

For now most things will keep improving and new talent will be present. Nice weekend!

BTW Robert Pattinson still sucks as Batman, script helped a lot.

Oooh I know you’re out of it

Some adjustments in the webpage, added the video buttons for those who don’t like to read, and look thru the website, maybe with that some people will finally realize that we have videos also, and besides the template, added some more options to make easier the decision you want to take. Had to bring bag the tag cloud and search function since that video we got mentioned on the tube got many people confused and now they come asking on what city the Musas are (really? OMG) and so many looking for Grace. No, not here obviously, thanks for the mention and publicity but boy what we can see is that really, really, way too many people reluctant to read a bit.

So, the search function has helped some of you a lot so we will leave it and had to add a video button in each profile so everyone can access directly to the public videos. Of course you could already do that but not thru a button, we only had a legend there saying the ladies have videos and that took you to the material but seems many don’t take the time to read.

Some of the ladies joined the overnights specials, you can even get the 8 hours for less than $50 USD each hour. Zoe has this deal but she wasn’t able to take any overnight dates because of her work (many guys fantasy btw), but now that she has more time she wants to try it. Ekaterina joined too the overnight specials, one of the Musas many requested for overnights but never had time for it.

Diann Ornelas returned and she was also running a special for her short stay, she has CIM included or CIM and Greek included on her special rates. Today she has to leave for some events south the Country and new porn shots. She also has a friend with her this time but her friend has never worked in an agency yet so we have to explain everything and see if she is up for the part and if she will adapt to this, she will be announced since today. Diann will be back probably in 2 weeks. I know that las video in the WA status made some of you have a hard on but you didn’t took the chance.

New talent has joined and are doing good, Amy will have a threesome partner, she just did her first with her. Now, some others joined and just were not a good addition, won’t say who just wish people well and goodbye. This is not the case with Cherry tho, she was not working the whole past week because of her period, Cherry has been a nice Musa revelation and a very friendly and charismatic Musa, great choice according to the comments of her first clients, but too bad she is not doing threesomes.

Some of the ladies are on for new threesomes combinations, Helena will now be doing threesomes with Liz, two of the most beautiful faces together, and some new talent are willing to do threesomes, which some of you already saw thru the WhatsApp stories.

Many of you are asking for places to eat some good food, specially outside the touristic zone of downtown, we will probably work on that and post it in the forum, but the list will be extense and many of those places are located inside of what we call Colonias, in other post we have said that Colonias is what we call the parts of which the city is divided, and you have to know the city but with Uber is easier now if you get lost.

Now, I know you want chisme but chisme is not good, I will tell you the lastest catfight tho because that was good. This was from one Musa vs an ex girlfriend of who the hell knows; can’t say the Musa name so imagine it, she is tall, busty, sometimes wears glasses and brown hair, in the forum she got compared to an actress from the most famous novela latina in the world. Well she got a message from another woman saying that she is Victor’s ex girlfriend, and she was not happy with the Musa revealing to him who she wanted to have sex with, now this was weird, she asked what exgirlfriend? Who the hell was she? And of course she came asking what the fuck was happening and why she now was the target of an angry exgirlfriend. Well, the women went out looking for the Musa and got into a fight, but this was for the wrong guy, someone she didn’t even talked since she changed from her school college, and of course the woman was stalking all the conversations the guy was having and trying to find the people he was talking to in social media using the names revealed in the conversations. So a catfight for the wrong guy and the wrong reasons. Woman love this stuff and chisme too.

Hopefully this week will start great and we won’t have any rain slowing down traffic even more. Stay healthy and take your meds. Nice week!

I act so dirty in your mind

Past weeks haven been crazier than December month because the ladies have to prepare to go back to school many would think that with the pandemic schools won’t be open yet, but they are. Let’s explain a little bit:

When the pandemic started many schools started to teach classes online, but many people didn’t had a PC, Laptop, many didn’t even had a cell phone, you know many times have said this is the third world and almost 50% of the country struggle to get food on their tables, a laptop or a phone are rare for them to have, so the government decided that a good solution was to broadcast the school classes of each grade in different hours of the day, of course they covered only the most important classes, not all of them because it would take a lot of time from other television shows.

Other schools demanded they had to get cell phones or tablets to watch their own classes, regular times and they connect via Skype, Zoom or any other video call app they could find.

On both cases the parents must help with this way of teaching, if the teacher is not there in person they won’t be able to control the attention of the students, that’s why it was such a mess and many lost their jobs or quit for not having enough time to work.

Now at this time, the pandemic is still here, but the schools want to open because it’s not all about teaching, many businesses where inside the schools, specially inside universities. Food business, supplies shops and other stuff can be found inside the schools and they have to keep working too, so the solution is that many schools open for 50% of the students on one day; while the other 50% stays at home and see the class online, then the next day they change roles and so on

Nikita just had an accident, she needs to recover and will need some help to get thru, hopefully she recover with no complications but still have to rest and wait, for now she will be off. So the threesomes combinations will have to be less now because she was the Queen of the threesomes, Daisy will have to cover her.

Used the WA status to show some new ladies in line to join, many of you voted for them to stay, of course they also got negative votes, but the positive ones were the majority and they are now Musas. Same dynamic as the reviews, ladies have mostly good reviews, of course they cannot be 100% perfect or like 100% of men, and also wanted to read a bit more about the clients about new ladies.

  • Cherry a very charismatic and sexual lady, reminds a lot of Nikita.
  • Ximena just joined today, we will have to see how she does
  • Laura got a nice comment but right after she got her period, so she is on the wait still.
  • Lexie is Polly’s friend, doing threesomes with her, her service shows her effort.
  • Alexia is a very pretty and nice friendly lady, of course, those 18 y.o. curves are amazing and very firm.
  • Cristal is actually here recommended from Nikita and Ashley, you imagine her level.

You Can see a few new videos too and some new profile pics. And some new comebacks on the door.


You want chisme? And no, not the Youtube video we got mentioned, but thanks for that.

One of the ladies has a dog, she dog ran away and there are still some immigrant’s camps around the city, so the Hondurans captured the dog, she by miracle found the dog because the poor dog was there with the Hondurans working as a carrier dog. She told them that is her dog and she wanted it back. So, the Hondurans told her she must give her money for them to release the dog. Maybe a reward was fine but the guys had the dog working so even so she didn’t had any money at the moment they lend her the dog and she took the dog home. Still, they told her she had to go back and give them money.

Well, she already had the dog in her house. And the dog was being exploited there, she didn’t need to go back but still she went back and gave them the money, not actually a good deal for her and that was the problem. Well, had to tell her she screwed by giving them so much money for the dog when she already had her pet back in her house, but oh well, we told her to go back to school after that.

Valentine’s day is coming, and chocolates with wine is the most preferred details from the ladies, get some small pack Ferrero and that’s enough, big presents will just go to Brayan; don’t forget that.

Maybe we will plan something for the Super Bowl, if someone wants to join for a beer let us know how much beer you will bring lol.

Nice week!

I only came around to ride you

December ended, with a lot of good food and some nice details from the clients we thank everyone who have supported us. JaySee thanks for the tequila, Dob thanks for the jacket, Ronnie thanks for the Death Note but we are not that Otaku man lol, Roger thanks for the cigars, Ham thanks for the shirt, whoever send the cookies shown last post thanks, very good btw. And to all who have booked at least once, even to the haters.

A new year is here and it starts so weird, looks like many of the ladies were plotting to start their periods at the same time, many of the favorite ones are not available because of that, some people had to change their entire schedule because of this. Remember there are things we and they cannot control, remember traffic and their periods are the worst.

Some comebacks, Irais, Fernanda, Nadia, Monique, Coco are here again.

Even Valery wanted to come back but too much of a drama dealing with her Brayan and then she comes asking to work because she doesn’t have any money but then she has to cancel dates because of Brayan but then she comes crying because she needs the job but then Brayan is calling her every 10 minutes and she can’t accept any dates. Screw that, she is great at what she does but Brayan doesn’t help, but you should know how that works by now, Brayan is the one who gets the true loyalty so it doesn’t matter if she is starving. This is worse than Matrix 4.

Diann Ornelas is here for a few weeks, she was coming for just a few days but decided to stay and help us a bit now that all the ladies are getting their periods, she will have to leave at the end of this month because she has some events in Mexico City. She charges more than the others, is it worth it? I don’t know what to tell you, so you can just see it for yourself if you search for her porn videos from

Since making porn is such a public work, there is no need to hide her face now, she is posted in the website showing her face and much more.

Aurora and Margareth are taking some time off too, they will be back but they need to take care of some personal stuff of great deal, they will have to take a month to reorganize their stuff and work as usual. The threesome was in high demand but will have to wait.

Of course, all the chaquetos are sending the messages: Is she gone? When she will come back? Can she make an exception? …You had your chance.

Andrea has new threesome partners, Fanny, she won’t be announced in the webpage but she agreed to be announced on the WA status, her and another friend are only available for all returning costumers. Other ladies have to be more discreet so they only available for a short group, and thank dumb indiscreet guys for that. Arabella, of course, only available when we announce it, no matter how much some ask if she will be working. She still doing threesomes with Daisy.

Coco and Hazel will be doing threesomes together too. Fernanda is still thinking about doing threesomes, in that case Hazel will be her partner too.

Now that is public that Zoe’s work is, yes she will be able to bring her uniform to her dates, for those who had that fantasy whenever they got a traffic ticket.

The line to cross back to U.S. is not that long anymore, people doing Christmas shoppings and just going because they could use their Visas again are not there anymore, those were insane lines. But there is another problem in the city now, people are coming in massive numbers, I don’t know what they are thinking but traffic is getting crazy and there is not enough room for everyone.

Look, many could ask, how the hell they buy a car so easy and make more traffic so fast? Easy, the problem is that people bring cars from the U.S. and they don’t pay any regulation for them, and no one says a thing, they can use that car with no plates and no one cares. They buy the car cheap and easy, maybe that car was stolen from someone else in the U.S. but that doesn’t matter, so the cars have no registration and no plates; just imagine what you can do using one of those. Those cars are the famous “Chocolate cars”.  That’s great right? Third world stuff no one else tells you.

The problem with traffic and booking is that many still want to come in a rush, and we don’t send anyone without the room number, even some of clients always complaining “She was 30 minutes late” (although we always say they go to the date after the room number), are now getting late to their dates, this reinforce the fact that we cannot send the ladies before the client arrives, not even with some of the most reliable clients now.

The ladies pay for their Uber, if they go out of their house early and arrive to the encounter and the client doesn’t have a room number yet, they will have to wait somewhere close since waiting outside a hotel is just asking to get harassed by you know who, so they wait somewhere close and then have to take another Uber to get to the hotel, pay extra time for the nany and maybe their family starts asking why is she taking that long. Some of them have that problem, explained a bit more about it in our forum, and we repeat constantly that they are not waiting outside of the hotel for you, they will go to the meeting after they get the room number.

We will have some new videos for the ladies that have returned, and some other stuff on the WA status. We will have to update some of the pics later.


You want chisme? Here we go then:

Well, one of the Musas got a dog, without a leg, yeah she thought it was a cutie and so the dog lived happily for 1 month. The Musa saws a rat in her house, and you know how women react to rats. So, she brought a whole bag of rat poison, she left some of that around the house for the rat and the bag with a lot of poison left was there, just for the taken and the dog ate like almost the whole bag. Poor dog was still there eating his dog food, playing and shit and she thought it was all fine and she later found the dog was dead, she didn’t take the dog to the vet or something. Babe, the dog ate almost a whole bag of fucking poison and you thought it was all good? What did you expect? A happily ever after life with the dog alive after eating posion?

Well we had some tears for the whole week and had to get another dog. Won’t mention who but man that was one of the most random shit this last week.

That’s how we started new year.

Thanks for another year with us, we will try to bring more material than before, and that’s hard considering we have too much in the forum and even now on WhatsApp. Hope this year brings better things for all us, thanks for the support!

Now, what’s that spell?

December is the month of posadas, Virgin Mary, Christmas and Spiderman.

Posadas, as said before in other posts, are celebrated all month of December, you can go to posadas every day before Christmas comes, Posadas are celebrated at night with dinner, usually Pozole and Tamales and presents exchanges between your family, friends, people from work and school.

December 12 is the day the Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego, a native from Cuatitlan and an indian from the Chichimeca tribe. The virgin Mary already manifested to him 3 times and told him to go up to the top of the Tepeyac mountain but he wasn’t doing that because of his uncle being very sick. The fourth time the Virgin appeared, she told him his uncle was now healed so he should get his ass up to the top of the mountain and look for some flowers that didn’t grow there at all, so he did and he did found the flowers which he protected between 2 canvas.

When he opened the canvas, the flowers took the form of the Virgin Mary in front of the eyes of the bishop. A church was built at the top of the mountain and each December 12 a lot of people go there and leave their offerings to the Virgin Mary.

Not con be confused with those people seeing the Virgin on a piece of bread.

And for Spiderman, we got tickets for the premiere now in 2 hours. You want to go? We can sell those for 1k. The ladies have their theory, instead of 3 Spidermans we will see Spiderman and Venom together, remember the post credits scene from the last Venom movie. Maybe we can make bets and make some cash.

Now, many ladies go of vacations because Christmas is for family and they have to travel to be with them, this time we don’t know which ones will be leaving yet and probably we will know just a day before they leave, so we will just wait for the typical guys asking: “I don’t see her anymore, will she come back?”

Too many chaquetos asking to see the WhatsApp status, they are out of control now and hope they don’t ruin it for the rest like they did with the face pics and now no one can get face pics.

Those pink cookies were good, thanks a lot for the gift. Aurora wants some new Dr. Martens boots for the Dominatrix role play BTW.

And for new clients, I hope you read the booking section, profiles and the FAQ, or we will be having too much of:



Available threesomes until January will be:





Maybe we will pair Daisy with someone but both will have to agree and work very similar like her, and that will be a bit hard because Daisy is one of the best providers out there, and she is not willing to work with someone not on the same level as her.

Now that Red Velvet will be on vacations, Alanna will be doing threesomes with Andrea as a replacement, they haven’t done any threesomes together so this will be an experiment, we will see how it goes.

Nadia came back, she will have new pictures because she changed a bit, you will see how.

For now Irais won’t be available under the radar, she will take some days and maybe she will come back later announced like always, but she won’t be taking any appointments. Arabella won’t be taking any new appointments neither, you can thank all those chaquetos and PLM, and there was another return, a blondie still around but she will have to wait thanks to those creeps.

No more under the radar ones for now, too many PLMs looking for love and getting jealous because the lady they want fucks everyone even for free, but when she wants to make money:

Too bad we have come to this. Remember, this is pay for sex, and people trying to make a social life out of this transaction eventually ruin everything for the rest, some really good ladies tried to return and can’t work out because of brain dead creeps.

And still we have many to choose from, hard work makes good results, so we will keep posting new material. Thanks to all for a nice year and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

If we heating like the sun

November is also the month of the Mexican revolution commemorative day. After the independence of Mexico, there was a lot of issues regarding the correct distribution of lands to the Mexican people, low paying work and really bad living conditions for the working class. This started when Porfirio Diaz was the president, he was a dictator which did something for the country and it did grow under his management, but at the cost of many lives. Basically this made the people to raise their voices and guns against the government.

Civilians fought against the military force under the government command, not only the men but also the women and teenagers were fighting not for freedom from another country but for a decent living style. Today we can see many things of the same as those dark days, many people believe another Mexican revolution could be close to happen.

Arabella returned for a week, and unfortunately she had some problems with her stomach and had to cancel some dates. She has that “something” many like, we don’t actually announce her anymore, she has enough recommendations in our forum and the chisme that goes from mouth to mouth has made her a legend. Musas, gentlemen, Musas.

For those who have been asking, Red Velvet is not leaving but she is not taking appointments for this week, Alanna will be doing threesomes with Andrea as a replacement for Red Velvet. If Red Velvet doesn’t hurry up they will be dethroned from the most requested threesome by Margareth and Aurora.

Nadia is back now, doing threesomes with Nikita as well

Fernanda is the new Musa Revelation, from time to time comes a Musa that has a rampage of good comments, if she did threesomes she would be the whole package, but for now she is excellent by herself.

Liah is still available but working under the radar for that 10% of dicreet clients, why? Another cat fight because of a Brayan, her Musa sis claims the Brayan and her are just friends and  just “hanging around ” when she found them in the bedroom.


Irais is also working under the radar, her pictures can be seen on the WhatsApp status.

New material is available in the videos section.

One of the former Musa from about a year ago now has jumped into porn, go look sexmex if you want to check her out, can’t say whats her name but those who booked her will know.

Traffic has been growing lately because now that the border is open for everyone and with Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas just at the corner everyone wants to cross to buy gifts and food. In Mexico thanksgiving and Black is not celebrated but since this city is just a few steps away from the U.S. then we share some of the nice habits and traditions.

Many call Thanksgiving the “turkey day”, in Mexico we adopted this tradition as another special date to celebrate with a nice dinner with friends and family, usually we use birthdays for this only, and if you check out Costco you will see a long way to buy bread, I don’t know what that bread has but they even fight for it, literally.

So don’t book if you are short of time now more than ever, the ladies will have to adjust their times and clients too but this is all because the city is growing and more people are immigrating here even from other countries, third world problems, but we still have the hottest ladies. Nice week!

I like my glass full

Last Halloween was a Squid Game costume fest and, of course, it was all about the black masks with the circle, square and triangle; that was the closes thing to a costume we could saw, the rest was just lingerie and the ladies calling that a costume feels kinda weird when you have kids looking for candy and then suddenly they see hot chick wearing only a bra and a thong.

November 1st and November 2nd we celebrate what we call: Dia de muertes, the “Day of the death”, but is not something scary, the legends say that the souls of our beloved ones who already passed away are permitted to come and visit us, we cannot see them but they can see us, we build a small altar with the picture of the loves ones we want to remember and we leave food and things they liked, with flowers and some also play music with Mariachis, and a lot of people are in the cemetery with Mariachis also. Not to be confused with the buchon “culture” which has corrupted some of the best traditions, and now you can see people getting drunk in the cemetery and changed the classic mariachi for Norteño.

Pixar’s movie, Coco, talks about this tradition, a nice movie for a cold night of winter.

One thing we also do to celebrate our beloved ones and to remember them even in death is write “Calaveras” (Skulls), the Calaveras are poems that joke about death, Calavera poems must talk and have the name of our loves ones who passed away, and a joke that involves death, that way we can laugh while we remember our loved ones and also see death in a fun way.

Calaveras even have “Albures”, these are jokes, using words to form sentences that have a double meaning, used mostly to make a sexual joke. Sometimes used also to insult in a smart way.

BTW, an albur we all know and you probably don’t is using the word “Chica”, which could mean small or lady, but we don’t actually use “chica” to refer to the young ladies you like; we all use the word “Muchacha” for that and if you want to be a bit more formal then use “Señorita”. So where is the albur in that? You use chica, and the first thing to think of is you have a pirinola chica, which means you have a small dick.

So, using “chica” doesn’t make you sound like you are using Spanglish, makes you sound like you have a Eeny-weeny, Teeny-weeny.

We still understand what you mean tho, even when the albur is a strong part of the Mexican culture.


September, October and November are also gaining popularity as the 3 months of the year with a theme to celebrate:

No Fap September (No mastubating challenge)

Whorectober (Lingerie as a costume getting close to naked now)

November without you (a famous song called “Noviembre sin ti”).

People are starting to ask about popular legends from Mexico, maybe we will post about this next blog, it would have been cool if we posted about horror legends but we just didn’t make it on time.

We appreciate our birthdays gift, some people asked how they can send us a gift, you can just bring it and give it to the lady, we got some tequila bottles, nice touch for warming up in winter. If you find a bottle of absinthe we will be happy of getting rid of it for you.

The border will open for Mexican tourist who want to go to the U.S. in 6 days so hopefully all lines will be open again too and everything will be faster, still recommend crossing on foot to make it faster and if you plan to see a lady and have limited time the best is actually NOT to book. Remember, traffic in TJ is getting uglier and the ladies using Uber will take even longer to get to their dates, so at least 30-40 minutes to get to the room, after they get the room info, will be the minimum waiting time. Remember they are not there waiting outside the hotel, they have to keep appearances, some even get out of a regular job to do dates, that’s why Valery, for example, has limited hours. This is part of the price for young and beautiful ladies, but well worth it.

Talking about jobs, Zoe has a job you wouldn’t believe and also a very sexy one, I’m sure her job makes many sweat, but in her case she could be the fantasy of those who like to be handcuffed. You can figure everything by now.

One of the Musas started as a full lesbian, her friend told her about the job and she decided to try it. Now she admits that trying out men made her think about her being bisexual.

Irais has been forgetting everything in when she has dates, she literally forgot her underwear and it turned out to be a nice present for the guy who is keeping those as a memento, luckily our friend is not married.

Daisy is doing threesomes with Black Widow (Ekaterina Shumskaya, Aline) and that was a last minute combination, but it will work out too.

Aurora and Margareth will be back soon to public, right now they are under the radar because they just had limited availability so there was no point in filling them at all hours.

Some of you are asking why we don’t send to certain places, and we will post about it later in the forum. We have a list of the recommended places to stay, but then again many just don’t read.

For the recommendations of the week, if you plan to visit something else than bars and restaurants, try the Circus in town. Lucifer’s circus is good, specially the hot dogs but is not better than Ataide Hermanos circus, the only thing Lucifer’s circus does better is their costumes and the hot dogs with beer. None of the circus in Mex are allowed to train animals anymore BTW.

We still have the turkey day and all the posadas before Christmas to celebrate, so stay in shape. Nice week!