Baby come around with me

Having hard times with this weather, but rain is coming soon so we will rest from the heat. Rain brings lots of traffic and accidents, so it seems every weather is screwing us in some way.

I know many of you want your daily e-mail back. We will bring them back but we need to fix some stuff with our software clock. Maybe we will send more than just a list every day. We will think about it while we fix this  crappy clock

Deborah and Vivivanne are taking some days off out of town. Kate is getting some awesome comments on her ass, well that is really her best asset, and yes of course her service, but man, watching that ass live is something else, I admit it. She has quite some charisma, on pair with Tokio’s.

Ariel is off for now. She will be back but we need to give her some days, she was saturated and needed to rest, well we decided to give her some days so she could catch her breath. Sorry guys, but that’s something we need to do from time to time. Some of them get so many work and need some time for themselves too. Some of them start to fail and after some bad decisions we need to give them a rest, we think that before that happens we need to supervice their stress levels as best we can.

You can see Sherlyn is back, she left in January and came back, yes, the reason was a Brayan and she was working as a packer in a grocery store. Well, I say its a good job but a packer doesn’t pay enough, they don’t have a salary, they live from tips people gave them each time they pack their stuff. People not always leave a tip , and when they do, most of them leave 1 to 2 pesos. A dollar is about 18 pesos now. There a more generous people there that give more money as a tip, but generally this is one of the worst paying jobs.

Oh boy, of course she came back.

Beautiful country, yes, but life conditions are worst every year. 43% of the people live in extreme poverty, we are lucky in a border city, tourism gives us a break but we cannot depend on other countries like that. 43% is way too high, that’s why we insist that much to the Musas they must use their money to study, save it and invest it on their house and kids if they have.

Special thanks to Menel, who sent us this new Xbox controller with a mic. Gamer chicks are playing now PUBG with some people from Vietnam. Surprisingly, they are teaching some English to the Musas. Holy crap, willy! They also speak Japanese. Sugoi!

Funny, it’s surprising how a simple game can manage to make people come together at some point. They are already sharing their lives and singing….it’s a game about shooting LMAO. They barely can understand each other but get along well.


Sayeli confessed she loves videogames, she used to play with little toy soldiers and cars instead of barbies too. Beware, falling in love is not allowed.

We have everything ready for some hot dogs, last thing to take care of is the laundry lol.


Guess who sent the sexy pics of this entry


Now lets try some X ray



So, that time when you paid her rent, took her shopping and romantic dinners. Helped her each time she called, and she still said: NO


We feel you buddy!


Need to take care of everything for today’s meal. Stay tuned!

Umm, microphone check one, two.

Such a hard week. Exhausting, full of work and many things to care of.

We are planing our next hot dog and burgers reunion with some cooking celebrities from Musas. Hopefully the Musas know how to cut off tomatoes and onions, we know of some Musa who can hardly boil water and make a hard egg, she is not wife material so back off for your safety.

We will have to talk to good and beautiful Ariana about her  habits and drinking, oh well, someone has to do it.

We want to thank “ragvie”, from our forum, for the chocolates. The Musas loved this great detail, they showed off to everyone. Take a look for yourselves.




True gentlemen, not like the Brayans douchebags they usually get as boyfriends. Wake up girls, you are hurting me.

Some are asking what is a Brayan. A Brayan is a lowlife guy, doesn’t work nor studies. You can see him sending a ton of facebook messages just trying to hook up with as many girls as he can so he can brag about it with his friends. Unfortunately, many girls need more love than we think, and these guys fake the good gentlemen act to earn their trust and get some juicy money, sex and just show them off as trophies. Of course the good guy act ends when they get her as a girlfriend, then comes jealousy, fights, and even physical harm. The girls give them money because they want to help a guy they care about, but they get damaged more, and more in the process because they love (or they think they do) him. Later on, the Brayans just bring any sort of excuses with pretty words and the good girls forgive them. Not good, girls.

Thats why we hate so much these Brayans, they don’t give them anything good, and we know many horror stories. They won’t let them work, but then again they won’t give them money to survive. What the hell do you want, Brayans? Disappear from existence, please.

More than one time a Musa has come back from a stormy relationship asking for help and a job. This is a sad but, oh well, we warn them as best as we can.

Now, in other news, many new pictures are up now. Tokio, Vicky, Arabella, Kate, Teresa, Roxanna, Carolina, Ariel, Brandy, Bambi, Trixie and Brisa gor new pictures. More will come.

Talking about Brisa, silly girl is not that innocent, just like Britney Spears would say: Oops, I did it again.

Well, she has a cattle, that’s the word we use for a group of people, all crazy for the same person, but that person they are crazy about is just playing around and giving them the ilussion and then breaking their hearts (mostly because they find out the lie). Busted her yesterday because she made a mistake with one of them in a phone call LMAO.

OMG, seriously, what’s happening with these generations? Brayans, Cattle, Teresas and Brisas all around.  She started school again, so maybe she will keep her promise this time, we will see. This are the news that makes us happy, Musas trying to make better things for themselves.

On some news about one of the polemic Musas of all time, Angie, we are letting her rest for some days. Her excuses and behavior reached the limit for now, better let her rest so she can find herself and stop making up this silly scenarios. She will get to sleep all days like she wants and come back with energy (not gonna happen, she will still make up all those incredible excuses lol). Don’t get mad Angie, you know you needed a break from… sleeping.

The forum has over 800 people now. We already saw some people trying to make free publicity, but we will have to delete that. Sorry guys, we are working and doing everything by our own means, not depending on anyone. The Musas are participating as well, Frida alone has been sending a lot of pictures for her fans, some are very revelating ones and all the other Musas have been there interacting with the users.

Some users like Jabberwock are sending their observations and suggestions, even the clients are contributing to make the Musas team grow, we love you all we do feel this is a different kind of site, with all of you supporting us.

Back to work!

Oh right there, yeah that’s right

This week will be very busy, maybe we will have time to get some food and drinks and watch t.v while we talk with dear Ariana about her habits and drinking. Need to lead her or she will live hard times and we want the team to be good and ready to work, we have seen some Musas going to the dark side so we have to let them go, we decided it was time for Andrea (again), maybe she will be back but for now she needs a break.

Some new additions, Alice joined and Lizbeth is back now.

Some of you already noticed about Frida’s rate now, she decided to go for more work even if she has to lowe her rate. Personally, I don’t like it because taxi and Uber have raised their prices because of gasoline price constantly going up, they pay for their transportation and what’s left is what they have to save. The new elected president promised this will end when his administration begins, but for now we have to deal with this.

Mexico is selling oil to other countries and then buys gasoline from them, the new elected president says it’s like harvesting oranges, sell them and then buy orange juice from the people we sold the oranges to, so his plan is to build oil refineries and make the gasoline so it will be cheaper because we won’t have to import the gasoline. That makes sense.

Many, many politicians are corrupt as hell in this country, so their main goal is keep their interests and forget about the rest of us. Some politicians have deals with many companies and as long as they get their money, this nonsense will continue while we suffer the consequences. So, that’s why they sell the oil at a higher rate to other countries, but the extra money they keep it for themselves, and then the gasoline companies in this country have to export the gas for a even higher price, and then we individuals have to pay an even higher rate at the end. It’s crazy.

School starts today, so tuition fees are a problem for many because they have to buy school supplies too and uniforms. Yes, we have to use uniforms until we go to college, but then college tuitions are high in privates. Lizbeth and Frida decided to put their rates on a special because of this.

Public colleges don’t have enough space for all, each new cycle many will not be able to get into school and  will lose a whole year waiting to try and get in again, many will leave the idea and just quit studying. We want the Musas to study as much as they can, that’s why we are happy that Brisa will be going to school tomorrow, and hopefully this time she will keep her promise and finish it.

Angie’s excuse of the week is: My eardrum exploded. Nothing scares me anymore after the nail excuse.

Sexy pics of this entry



On some random stuff, we went off for dinner. What the hell are those green and yellow things? Who even ordered that? Was kinda good tho.

On more werid food, look at this dead duck. Looks nasty but tastes yummy.


Deborah likes to keep it easy for dinner.


Off to start the day. Nice week!

Everyone’s been there before

We are still doing some maintenance, correcting some stuff and adding new pictures, but we are almost done with that.

Adding new stuff is the tricky part, trying to add the search feature but the script has some error in the code and we can’t add extra fields for bra or pants size. That really sucks.

The forum is growing, only one month and it has over 700 users, some interesting topics about border crossing and overnights stay, also some important stuff about hygiene some users share and even condoms. The Musas are doing well participating with their pictures and some other posts. Frida is posting some revealing pictures, and Delight just joined too.

As you can notice, Arabella is on vacations, she is really enjoying her well earned money.

Other Musas like Adriana and Melissa are taking a break, in Melissa’s case we know a Brayan is behind all of her absences, and also all of her returns. Yes, Brayans douchebags are beyond logic, they are the 11 plague but God sent that one to Mexico for some reason.


Angie’s new excuse is:

Broke my fake nail…along with my natural nail… and also lost some flesh with them.


Some of her excuses are:

  • Piñata parties every weekend
  • Don’t wanna go to some downtown place because someone was murdered there, she saw the body being taken out of there while she was in an exam…. in a school that moved out 2 blocks away from it’s original place, and has moved just blocks away several times. By the way, there are some apartments on that new location but those are being used as classrooms. She also was solving the case.


One of the all time favorite excuses is from Tokio, she said she fell in the bathroom and stayed 24 hours unconscious there. She went to party that same night tho. Lmao

Teresa returned, but her new pictures are actually bad, so we are gonna change them back, we don’t know how long she will stay this time. Hate to say it again, but many wait too long to book a Musa, and when the girl is gone they come asking for her, and when we tell them she is gone they ask when she will return. Sorry guys, but you lost your chance and others enjoyed their time with them while you ask the silly question: is she still available? lol.

Never thought the lurker legion was so big until we changed our servers again and the website went down. Many, many guys came asking were they could see the photos, people who never ever sent an e-mail or WhatsApp. Of course they stopped after the site and photos were up.

Ariel sent the sexy pic of for the blog.

Gonna have some desert, these Musas eat like a man btw lol . Nice week!

Born to be wild

We’ve certainly had a rough week. Turns out I declined to pay our renewal fee for the company that ran our script, because I did not recognize the charge,  and all hell broke loose. For starters, these people simply banned our account, without even trying to clarify what the problem was. In second place, and due to the geographical region where this company resides, I was unable to contact them until the following day. That really pissed me off, but I tried to keep my cool. When I finally got a hold of them, they said they would not reactivate us until I reversed the chargeback, without offering for any kind of alternative solution (such as a deposit, and temporary activation until I clarified things with the bank) . That was the straw that broke the glass, and I decided to send them to hell. Luckily, I had been preparing for the worst, and I had our own script installed on a different server, ready to run. Their loss, not ours.

After several tense discussions with Victor, who is great at graphic design but not so much at understanding how hosts, domains, script languages, name servers and propagation work, we decided to keep our own script and start all over again with a bare bones script. Kudos to Victor for his great work dollying up the site. I am happy to say our new home looks fantastic! And from now on, if our site goes down, we will be the ones to blame, not some other assholes. Thanks to each and every one of you (Victor, our beloved Musas and our loyal customers), for putting up with this bullshit. I am really excited because in the end, we came up with something better than what we previously had, and for the first time since we started, the site looks and feels really professional.  As Rocky Balboa said: “It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”. In the end, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

That being said, this week several new girls decided to join, and others decided to return. The three hottest girls who joined are Sayeli, Kaylani and Ariel, who is already the new reigning star (after Arabella, of course, who is our all time most successful Musa ever).

Speaking of returns, our second most successful Musa ever (Tokio, aka Kassandra), is also back. She has turned into an exquisite woman, I don’t know what the heck happened to her, but I think she is at her best moment. If you want to meet the legend, act now. She won’t last long.

Another return we welcome with open arms is Brisa. She just needs to be more consistent to be in the Musas Hall of Fame, which is a section I plan to make in our new website. Same goes for Deborah and her brand new D cup enhancements. I had the privilege of having her for a new pictures session, and  she looks absolutely stunning.  In spite of her looks, she is a cool, down to earth girl. Don’t miss her!

Elena is a sweet girl. Thin and brown skinned, shapely body and eager to work. And this week another beauty is supposed to join us. Rose. I hope I don’t jinx her incorporation to Musas for having mentioned this.

Last but not least, the odd couple (Delight and Alexis) are back together, after 3 years of being apart. They are still young (21) and are eager to do threesomes. They can also work with Tokio, in case you are interested in a foursome or any combination between those 3.

I hate to say this again, but I think we have our best lineup ever. I think I said that a few months ago. I feel sorry for the numerous haters we have. We are here to stay.

I’m off to sleep now.


Hello world!

We are having one of the hardest week of the year… in many years! We decided to experiment and ended up starting from 0, as many of you noticed, the website is different now, and we like it, we have a lot more options to add and now the pictures are shown in a way better quality, we are happy with the results. I know the link thing fails for 1 or 2 days, but hey, we try many things and now we even have 2 links for the same webpage. Either or will lead you to our Musas club webpage.

What happen? Well, as said in the forum, we had a fight with…. Emma Watson? No, really, long story and impatience was a big part of this, none of this make sense at all, but lets leave like this: We decided to change our website again, we ended up screwing and needed to start from 0. No big deal, we came with a new website in 2 hours and then managed to complete it in one day. Emma was the reason the link was failing, so we came up with another solution: let’s just have 2 links! LMAO. Now you can enter the website normally, even if you have an old saved link it will work now. We lost the whole blog again so we decided to start it in WordPress instead of using the webpage tools.

We are doing this by ourselves without the help of a programmer or web designer, and watching at the beautiful Musas in our lineup, our forum, blog and the new models and threesomes combinations, we are even better than before

Funny part was a whole legion asking if the webpage was down because they couldn’t see the pictures, I will call them “The lurker legion”,  people who never booked before in several years but are worried because of the photos. Oh, c’mon. So many things to jack off.

Now, I think many already noticed the new girls. Alexis, Tiffany, Teresa, Sayeli, Kailany, Elena. And also new pictures which you can see now with an awesome quality. Ariel is a new revelation, we will see how these new Musas work in the team, we are glad they are here in the best moment.

We still had the time for a barbecue and some drinks, Arabella made a nice guacamole, smashed avocados with tomato and onions, Brandy was supposed to do it but she can only boil water. Roast beef, Sausages, nuggets, lots of hot sauce and avocados were the main reason we were there. 

Later, had the opportunity to talk to Brisa, very interesting girl and, like she would say: “tu es belle”. Not a great taste in wine tho.

She is the image of the blog right now, that girl with big ass on the top is her. She loves it, I know it.

Angie is recovering (yeah right) from a cold (hangover). She has piñata parties every Saturday

so don’t expect her to be available .


We will get back to work, hopefully we will rest tonight. Nice weekend!