Everyone’s been there before

We are still doing some maintenance, correcting some stuff and adding new pictures, but we are almost done with that.

Adding new stuff is the tricky part, trying to add the search feature but the script has some error in the code and we can’t add extra fields for bra or pants size. That really sucks.

The forum is growing, only one month and it has over 700 users, some interesting topics about border crossing and overnights stay, also some important stuff about hygiene some users share and even condoms. The Musas are doing well participating with their pictures and some other posts. Frida is posting some revealing pictures, and Delight just joined too.

As you can notice, Arabella is on vacations, she is really enjoying her well earned money.

Other Musas like Adriana and Melissa are taking a break, in Melissa’s case we know a Brayan is behind all of her absences, and also all of her returns. Yes, Brayans douchebags are beyond logic, they are the 11 plague but God sent that one to Mexico for some reason.


Angie’s new excuse is:

Broke my fake nail…along with my natural nail… and also lost some flesh with them.


Some of her excuses are:

  • Piñata parties every weekend
  • Don’t wanna go to some downtown place because someone was murdered there, she saw the body being taken out of there while she was in an exam…. in a school that moved out 2 blocks away from it’s original place, and has moved just blocks away several times. By the way, there are some apartments on that new location but those are being used as classrooms. She also was solving the case.


One of the all time favorite excuses is from Tokio, she said she fell in the bathroom and stayed 24 hours unconscious there. She went to party that same night tho. Lmao

Teresa returned, but her new pictures are actually bad, so we are gonna change them back, we don’t know how long she will stay this time. Hate to say it again, but many wait too long to book a Musa, and when the girl is gone they come asking for her, and when we tell them she is gone they ask when she will return. Sorry guys, but you lost your chance and others enjoyed their time with them while you ask the silly question: is she still available? lol.

Never thought the lurker legion was so big until we changed our servers again and the website went down. Many, many guys came asking were they could see the photos, people who never ever sent an e-mail or WhatsApp. Of course they stopped after the site and photos were up.

Ariel sent the sexy pic of for the blog.

Gonna have some desert, these Musas eat like a man btw lol . Nice week!

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