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This week will be very busy, maybe we will have time to get some food and drinks and watch t.v while we talk with dear Ariana about her habits and drinking. Need to lead her or she will live hard times and we want the team to be good and ready to work, we have seen some Musas going to the dark side so we have to let them go, we decided it was time for Andrea (again), maybe she will be back but for now she needs a break.

Some new additions, Alice joined and Lizbeth is back now.

Some of you already noticed about Frida’s rate now, she decided to go for more work even if she has to lowe her rate. Personally, I don’t like it because taxi and Uber have raised their prices because of gasoline price constantly going up, they pay for their transportation and what’s left is what they have to save. The new elected president promised this will end when his administration begins, but for now we have to deal with this.

Mexico is selling oil to other countries and then buys gasoline from them, the new elected president says it’s like harvesting oranges, sell them and then buy orange juice from the people we sold the oranges to, so his plan is to build oil refineries and make the gasoline so it will be cheaper because we won’t have to import the gasoline. That makes sense.

Many, many politicians are corrupt as hell in this country, so their main goal is keep their interests and forget about the rest of us. Some politicians have deals with many companies and as long as they get their money, this nonsense will continue while we suffer the consequences. So, that’s why they sell the oil at a higher rate to other countries, but the extra money they keep it for themselves, and then the gasoline companies in this country have to export the gas for a even higher price, and then we individuals have to pay an even higher rate at the end. It’s crazy.

School starts today, so tuition fees are a problem for many because they have to buy school supplies too and uniforms. Yes, we have to use uniforms until we go to college, but then college tuitions are high in privates. Lizbeth and Frida decided to put their rates on a special because of this.

Public colleges don’t have enough space for all, each new cycle many will not be able to get into school and  will lose a whole year waiting to try and get in again, many will leave the idea and just quit studying. We want the Musas to study as much as they can, that’s why we are happy that Brisa will be going to school tomorrow, and hopefully this time she will keep her promise and finish it.

Angie’s excuse of the week is: My eardrum exploded. Nothing scares me anymore after the nail excuse.

Sexy pics of this entry



On some random stuff, we went off for dinner. What the hell are those green and yellow things? Who even ordered that? Was kinda good tho.

On more werid food, look at this dead duck. Looks nasty but tastes yummy.


Deborah likes to keep it easy for dinner.


Off to start the day. Nice week!

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