Umm, microphone check one, two.

Such a hard week. Exhausting, full of work and many things to care of.

We are planing our next hot dog and burgers reunion with some cooking celebrities from Musas. Hopefully the Musas know how to cut off tomatoes and onions, we know of some Musa who can hardly boil water and make a hard egg, she is not wife material so back off for your safety.

We will have to talk to good and beautiful Ariana about her  habits and drinking, oh well, someone has to do it.

We want to thank “ragvie”, from our forum, for the chocolates. The Musas loved this great detail, they showed off to everyone. Take a look for yourselves.




True gentlemen, not like the Brayans douchebags they usually get as boyfriends. Wake up girls, you are hurting me.

Some are asking what is a Brayan. A Brayan is a lowlife guy, doesn’t work nor studies. You can see him sending a ton of facebook messages just trying to hook up with as many girls as he can so he can brag about it with his friends. Unfortunately, many girls need more love than we think, and these guys fake the good gentlemen act to earn their trust and get some juicy money, sex and just show them off as trophies. Of course the good guy act ends when they get her as a girlfriend, then comes jealousy, fights, and even physical harm. The girls give them money because they want to help a guy they care about, but they get damaged more, and more in the process because they love (or they think they do) him. Later on, the Brayans just bring any sort of excuses with pretty words and the good girls forgive them. Not good, girls.

Thats why we hate so much these Brayans, they don’t give them anything good, and we know many horror stories. They won’t let them work, but then again they won’t give them money to survive. What the hell do you want, Brayans? Disappear from existence, please.

More than one time a Musa has come back from a stormy relationship asking for help and a job. This is a sad but, oh well, we warn them as best as we can.

Now, in other news, many new pictures are up now. Tokio, Vicky, Arabella, Kate, Teresa, Roxanna, Carolina, Ariel, Brandy, Bambi, Trixie and Brisa gor new pictures. More will come.

Talking about Brisa, silly girl is not that innocent, just like Britney Spears would say: Oops, I did it again.

Well, she has a cattle, that’s the word we use for a group of people, all crazy for the same person, but that person they are crazy about is just playing around and giving them the ilussion and then breaking their hearts (mostly because they find out the lie). Busted her yesterday because she made a mistake with one of them in a phone call LMAO.

OMG, seriously, what’s happening with these generations? Brayans, Cattle, Teresas and Brisas all around.  She started school again, so maybe she will keep her promise this time, we will see. This are the news that makes us happy, Musas trying to make better things for themselves.

On some news about one of the polemic Musas of all time, Angie, we are letting her rest for some days. Her excuses and behavior reached the limit for now, better let her rest so she can find herself and stop making up this silly scenarios. She will get to sleep all days like she wants and come back with energy (not gonna happen, she will still make up all those incredible excuses lol). Don’t get mad Angie, you know you needed a break from… sleeping.

The forum has over 800 people now. We already saw some people trying to make free publicity, but we will have to delete that. Sorry guys, we are working and doing everything by our own means, not depending on anyone. The Musas are participating as well, Frida alone has been sending a lot of pictures for her fans, some are very revelating ones and all the other Musas have been there interacting with the users.

Some users like Jabberwock are sending their observations and suggestions, even the clients are contributing to make the Musas team grow, we love you all we do feel this is a different kind of site, with all of you supporting us.

Back to work!

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