Baby come around with me

Having hard times with this weather, but rain is coming soon so we will rest from the heat. Rain brings lots of traffic and accidents, so it seems every weather is screwing us in some way.

I know many of you want your daily e-mail back. We will bring them back but we need to fix some stuff with our software clock. Maybe we will send more than just a list every day. We will think about it while we fix thisĀ  crappy clock

Deborah and Vivivanne are taking some days off out of town. Kate is getting some awesome comments on her ass, well that is really her best asset, and yes of course her service, but man, watching that ass live is something else, I admit it. She has quite some charisma, on pair with Tokio’s.

Ariel is off for now. She will be back but we need to give her some days, she was saturated and needed to rest, well we decided to give her some days so she could catch her breath. Sorry guys, but that’s something we need to do from time to time. Some of them get so many work and need some time for themselves too. Some of them start to fail and after some bad decisions we need to give them a rest, we think that before that happens we need to supervice their stress levels as best we can.

You can see Sherlyn is back, she left in January and came back, yes, the reason was a Brayan and she was working as a packer in a grocery store. Well, I say its a good job but a packer doesn’t pay enough, they don’t have a salary, they live from tips people gave them each time they pack their stuff. People not always leave a tip , and when they do, most of them leave 1 to 2 pesos. A dollar is about 18 pesos now. There a more generous people there that give more money as a tip, but generally this is one of the worst paying jobs.

Oh boy, of course she came back.

Beautiful country, yes, but life conditions are worst every year. 43% of the people live in extreme poverty, we are lucky in a border city, tourism gives us a break but we cannot depend on other countries like that. 43% is way too high, that’s why we insist that much to the Musas they must use their money to study, save it and invest it on their house and kids if they have.

Special thanks to Menel, who sent us this new Xbox controller with a mic. Gamer chicks are playing now PUBG with some people from Vietnam. Surprisingly, they are teaching some English to the Musas. Holy crap, willy! They also speak Japanese. Sugoi!

Funny, it’s surprising how a simple game can manage to make people come together at some point. They are already sharing their lives and singing….it’s a game about shooting LMAO. They barely can understand each other but get along well.


Sayeli confessed she loves videogames, she used to play with little toy soldiers and cars instead of barbies too. Beware, falling in love is not allowed.

We have everything ready for some hot dogs, last thing to take care of is the laundry lol.


Guess who sent the sexy pics of this entry


Now lets try some X ray



So, that time when you paid her rent, took her shopping and romantic dinners. Helped her each time she called, and she still said: NO


We feel you buddy!


Need to take care of everything for today’s meal. Stay tuned!

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