I’ll try, I’ll try anything once

Really busy right now, we have new talent and they need some attention. Some needed some couching so had to explain everything, new on the block for sure.

Tiffany, Shasha, Africa, Alanis, Daniela, Emily, Helen are here. Now, new pictures for everyone, Sherlyn, Carolina, Irazu and others have new pics, and still have to upload some of them. Taking new pictures takes a while because as said in some past blogs entries, they go for the food and drinks.

They will start posting in the forum as well, but we need to explain to them how to do it.

Some of the selfies they took.


This time it was more like a selfie session, they helped each other take their photos too so all in all, it was fun, but this takes hours and hours lol.

The new Musas challenge totally destroyed Kitty’s self esteem, she was so sure she would win and that Melissa’s big friends were man made LMAO, but Melissa won, it was sure a close competition, Kitty go 26 votes and Melissa got 27 votes, very close but Kitty is out and will be taking therapy.

We will publish the other results later today in the forum, right now Arabella and Ariel are the contestants.

Still asking Brisa about that little chick, how the poor animal died? She doesn’t know, first thought is that he starved to dead, but she says she got food recommended from the veterinary. Then the other theory says he freeze to death, which is more likely because she locked him in the bathroom with a newspaper to cover himself, so winter did everything and the little chick died. WTF Brisa? Newspaper, really? Oh, God.

Those asking about Teresa being one of the prettiest… Well, I must say yes, but I still don’t get it, why that much commotion?

Here you can see some of the things Esteban does for his dates. Respect for the Musas master.

We still don’t know what to do in our aniversary, some ideas would be good. Some tequila bottles you wanna give as a birthday present are good too lol.

We will try to keep you posted, work is getting really hard this times so we need to take care of it and then some rest but will try to keep posting. Love all!

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