Kiss and watch a boring show

This will be a hard week for us, mostly because the water supply will be off for the whole about 7 days. YES, 7 DAYS WITHOUT WATER SUPPLY, IT’S INSANE!
This will cause major struggles, only some have those huge water storage tanks you can fill with 1,000-2,000 liters of water and won’t have to worry for the whole week, but the rest will have to buy or find something they can use to store water for the whole week, either that or buy a tons of water bottles to survive this week. Water for cooking, shower, clean, etc.

We confirmed that all your favorite places have water tanks filled and working, so this will not affect your visits and you and the Musas will have water supply for your date.

For the rest it will be hard, and on top of that, in order to repair the water pipes they have to close several streets since the whole system is underground and the pipes are under main roads, so the traffic will be bad this whole time. Some of you already witnessed this because of some of the roads closed for reparations (and those are still closed), so imagine what chaos this will do.

Please be patient, this is not under anyone’s control right now, the city will be in vehicular chaos and the work our local government is doing is not helping at all, but instead is making everything fell apart. Many leave on the east side of the city, which is about 45 minutes away from the border. We always give a mark of 30-40 minutes so they can arrive to their destination with you, but this will be affected and they will make their best to be on time. Some others don’t have much problem because of them living in more eccentrically zones.

It could have been worse (what?), they even programmed the repair days when they already knew there was a really high chance of heavy rain due to Tropical storm Rosa reaching the south of the state. Really, what is going on here?!

On other news, look whos back, and since many noticed it and are asking about her, Andrea is on the board again and had to sit down and talk to her about her habits, we had to make it clear so she is back again and we are keeping an eye on her.
The versus Challenge first round is not over because of lazy Tiffany and friends not sending their selfies, God damn this is taking long, they can’t decide on a picture and probably will lose by default all of them. Just everyone noticed how much time they need to take selfies because of the last blog post. Girls, seriously, this is ridiculous now.

Someone who doesn’t like getting the selfies all done and perfect is Adilene. She lost the VS challenge and by far got the worst selfie, but that’s just her, all against fashion photos lol.

Some are asking were they can see the extra services the girls do, due to the daily updates becoming more of a weekly update now, but you can always see that information on the donations section, and also the cost. Some will be adding new services, like Bambi who recently is taking the lead on the forum and wanting to do threesomes but she doesn’t have a partner. Sherlyn responded to her but still no real action yet.

Sherlyn is also posting some selfies now, I must say there is something about her. Anyone else turned on by her pictures? She has one of the prettiest faces they say, I believe it, she is like my prototype of a nice face along with Brisa.

eborah went for a long ride, but she is back now and ready. Talking of beautiful faces, she has one of the most beautiful faces ever, model type. Currently even I have to say that it woud be hard to choose.

We will get back to check how to survive without water. Nice week!

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