So baby don’t get soft

Many things have happened in these days. You can see some returned, and even left again and returned back. Houston joined and she is just a instantSo baby don’t get soft hit, she will be working with Charlotte. The rest have been working good and even getting new pictures.

Talking about pictures, it is impressive how they got lazy about the VS challenge. We understand they are working hard and busy, but c’mon, just a selfie. Maybe we will just stop the challenge and get the winner from the votes we already have. This will take too long to finish at this rate. We will think about this.

Now, likes and competition is something that they are interested in. The forum has become like their secret facebook for work. And they get to see other girls, they stalk, they read comments from other Musas, they get jealous. Some Musas that didn’t even know about the forum are now asking how to get in with an user, Melissa just joined yesterday and we thought she was just not interested. This is hot.

The new revelations are Gala and Samantha. Samantha has been said to have killer hips movements, beware. Gala is just another Bambi type of revelation, she just got a BOOM out of nothing lol. She will be a really good option for the threesomes and foursomes.

Bambi is expanding her partners list, so she will be working now with Tokio, Brandy, Michelle and Arabella.

Again, their examples are an excellent way to encourage the returning Musas to do things right, we are glad they consider us for their best options, but their work will have to do the best part.

We are seeing some surprising things about the massive migration from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, even tho most of the people in Mexico disapprove what Trump says about illegal immigrants because many Mexicans travel risking their lives and exposing themselves to several dangers to cross to US. This way they can get to work and earn some money and send it back to their families in Mexico, it doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

But as for someone trying to maintain a whole nation safety, we need to see this as a whole and yes, illegal immigrants doing bad things is something that has happened before and that can be prevented, that’s why every country regulate the entrance to people from other countries, illegal entrances is something that can turn into a problem.

Now Mexicans know what other people in US feel, think and even understand many things Trump has said about Mexicans crossing illegally to US, even tho not agree on many other things. They see now how people from other countries have united in a massive migration, the so called “Immigrant caravan”, and crossed by force into Mexico, more than 6,000 people, putting women and children on front so that public force won’t hurt them, and they haven’t.

All they can do is to close gates and hold them back as much as they can, but that hasn’t work really well as there have been deaths from public force members because of the immigrants taking the gates down and using rocks, baseballs bats and even guns. Many claim they only want to pass by and then get to US but that is not gonna happen as many don’t have any kind of document, and a massive walk to US side is the only option they have, of course they will not be able to cross the desert all together nor the border control just like they have done it before. Probably public force will be used this time if they try the same thing trying to cross to US.

Many are just homeless people trying to move on with other bunch of people, many others have been reported to be in gangs in El Salvador. We know this is a real mess from people not respecting the rules and avoiding the regulation from migration authorities just to pass and avoid being identified if they do something wrong.

Many others truly want to go, work and just live better, but they will be stopped because of the disturbs caused by their own people. Now mexicans do say they should try do it right first in their countries.

Something I said before is we need to start doing things better in Mexico, first by ourselves and then we can start changing as a whole and our government will start changing too, as with education and respect the people taking public charges will be doing their work properly and corruption will cease. This will take a long time, but it can be done.

If we do things better in our country, there will be no need for our compatriots to cross to other countries illegally, now many people see this after witnessing how people from 3 countries are going in using force. What they will do when they can’t cross to US? Well, we can imagine, they will stay here and now people don’t feel safe about these people living here.

No documents, no way to work, no nothing, many of them will be stucked in the same city after being rejected and life is no better here than in US, 43% of the poblation living in extreme poverty is something really hard. 43% of all the people in Mexico don’t have anything to eat today. What will they do when even people born in this country and living their whole life here can’t get something to eat? You can imagine many things, and I guess most of them are not good, even if those things are done just to get some food.

We hope this turns out well. We saw this happening with many people from Haiti, they stayed here in this city waiting for an audience and pass as political refugees, and there were thousands of them. Most got rejected.
Now we see many of them working, getting into public colleges, doing anything to get some money for a house and food. But they never did harm anyone here, they got in as they should, with documents and ID.

But c’mon man, thousands of people getting in with rocks and sticks. Are we cavemens?

We will wait and see how it goes. For now we just want to focus in our Musas and the clients receiving a nice time.

Nice week!

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