Mess with your head

We are having some tension because of the girls comming and going, but we manage to stay full of work. As many of you noticed, Arabella is off the webpage right now, she is off for some vacations but it all happen all of a sudden, she just couldn’t miss the opportunity so she will be having fun out of town for now.

The new reinforcements came as well, you can see now Valery, Tasha and Athena for the win and they are available almost all day. Azul came back as well, she can work now longer time and still going to school, she is one of the most responsible Musas but needs to catch up most of the time because of homework. Skarleth, and the Colombian favorite, Irene, returned to show everyone their skills. Irene came back out of nowhere, she was taking a break and she just called asking to work again, no one expected her call so soon, but we do like how the Musas return here and keep it going.

Houston had to take some days off so she will be on next week. Alma returned at last for some of the fan who were asking and asking again and again lol.

As many can see, Vicky just posted her first MWM threesome, she proved that she can handle DP and came here to brag about it, she deserves the credit as the first Musa who has done that heroic act in duty.

Now, many have been asking how things are going when crossing the border, and basically it’s all the same. We know the migrant caravan reached Tj but the border is calm and everything is normal. They focused their numbers on the beach, the gate that some of you already know, and fortunately it’s far from the border crossing and there is no change in the border.

It is sad actually, Tj doesn’t have the resources to take in thousands of migrants, and let’s be honest, Trump already said there will be no humanitarian asylum for any of them. The real problem will be after they get denied the entry to U.S, and probably they will stay in Tj, they won’t get back to their countries and as many don’t have any ID or documents there are many fears about their activities and desires. Many came believing lies from other people, thinking that crossing to US will be easy, that they will get humanitarian asylum fast and without scanning their background. There are some theories, about how it all started, but we will save that for later.

The best way to cross and save time is to go on foot. Of course you will need your updated passport, your ID and you will have no problems getting an Uber or a Taxy just as you walk out from the border.

Another option is to cross by Otay border and there will be less cars and less people doing line on their feet, it is the fastest way but do know that just a few Musas go to places like Otay motel, but Uber can take care of that too and you can take a trip to EnsueƱo motel, which is pretty close to the border in the same zone. The reason is the high traffic in Otay zone and the trip is very large for most of the Musas, so they will spend a lot on taxy or Uber.

The number of posts we have in our forum in 4 months is incredible, thanks for the support. It was hard for us to make the Talk to the Musas section work because of the lazyness, but after getting some likes the Musas started to like it, and then some of them just signed in after seeing other Musas getting attention and likes.

We will prepare for thanksgiving, turkey day is getting closer and the Musas may want a nice dinner. We will post some pics if it happens.
Nice weekend!

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