When is the future?

Been real busy taking care of personal business. Christmas is coming! I am shocked at how fast time goes by, so enjoy yourselves, it’s later than you think!

Speaking of hedonistic lifestyles, it seems like Tokio has been caught in a non-stop partying binge, and we won’t be the ones to prevent her from doing what she wants. Unfortunately, she’s already at the point of no return, so we decided to let her go for good.


But hey, not everything’s bad news, in the post-Arabella era. We have plenty of new talent over here, starting with Athena and Tasha, who have taken this agency by storm, and new beautiful spinners Ivana and Revel, who happen to do threesomes together. Kendra is very beautiful too, she just needs different pictures. Beautiful Karime came back, she is really gorgeous. And London is also drawing some attention. Karime will only be here for a short period, London wants to stay here for good, and so far, everyone who has seen her has said she is fantastic. Show some support for all these beauties, bite the bullet and let the rest of the forum members about your experience.


Skarleth and Bambi literally own the forum. They have become good buddies and they have lots of fun together. That’s what happens when you put talent together. And the other sensational threesome (Angie and Demy) is also in very high demand. So now we have a lot of combos available in the threesome scene! Even Sayeli wants to do threesomes at this point. Ashley and Bambi have also worked together, and Ashley is trying very hard to change her work schedule so she can dedicate more time to being a Musa. Ashley is one of the very few girls who has been able to stand the test of time, and has not get caught in the partying-brayan downward spiral. She is like good wine, she gets better with time, and she is at the perfect age (22) to know how to please. We hope to see her back full time.


Seems like Victor is scared about the migrant caravan, but Mexico’s problems are nothing compared to any European country, especially in the southern part of the continent, where they get a boatload or two of hundreds of desperate African immigrants on a daily basis. The root cause of the problem is overpopulation. I have yet to see a politician of any country to talk about this terrible problem. But hey, let’s not talk about negative things. Life is short and then you know what happens, so let’s enjoy our short stay on this planet. Carpe diem!


Let’s talk about underrated talents at Musas. Girls who are not getting the true recognition they should from our customer base.


  1. Lizbeth (Skarleth’s older sister). She is like a serious version of Skarleth. She has some amazing skills. I highly recommend her.
  2. Gala. She is phenomenal. Every customer who has seen her, and I mean EVERY customer, has sent positive feedback about her. She looks MUCH better in person, one true case of “the pictures don’t make justice to her”.
  3. I can say exactly the same about London. Looks stunning in person, and everyone has been telling me she is the best!


So there you have my top 3 list of underrated Musas. Go for them if you feel adventurous. You will thank me later.


Our versus contest winner has still not claimed his prize, but we told him there’s no deadline. Hopefully he will select one of these underrated Musas and write a review. That’s what the forum is all about!


I love to see users like MaxD having loads of fun. I love the community that we have, and I want to keep things the way they are, in a friendly, positive way. I have participated in other monger forums over the years, and to be honest, I have always felt nauseated by the way things are handled in conventional Sausage party forums. Perhaps if we hadn’t decided to let the Musas participate, things would be very different and boring. I love their selfies wars, I believe that is what makes our forum interesting and fun, rather than reading about some frustrated “Don Juan”´s recent “adventures”, baby damage, saggy tits, and some other nonsense people post to show “newbies” how knowledgeable they are. In the end a lot of these people end up seeing escorts just for having a reason to write something in a forum, rather than having fun and enjoying the moment (like MaxD and Lovetowatchyoushake do). So for those who suggest me to create a “clients only” forum, piss off, and go elsewhere to impress your buddies. Our forum is exclusively meant for Musas customers. It’s not a place to vent your misogynistic ideas, to sell or convince someone that we are the best, (the people who enter our forum already like us…  duh!), or a university for mongers. It’s just meant to be a simple place to have fun, and forget about your problems.

I sincerely hope you get my point.


Having said that, it’s time to go to bed!


Take care, everyone! Happy holidays!



2 thoughts on “When is the future?”

  1. Arabella was the best ever, lucky I found her early. I will be coming back when I have the chance, you took care of my “fun” lol Next time beers are on me

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