All through the night

Wish we could enable comments here but there seems to be a spambot epidemic in about every blog entry or forum that we post, so we decided to permanently disable comments. The spam countermeasures here and in the forum do not seem to be very effective at all. For now, the registration for new forum users needs to be approved by us, so if you want to join, make sure you send me an email requesting activation. I may ask a question or two, just to verify you don’t have the intention of spamming the forum. Sorry about that, guys..


I spend most of the year avoiding my family and loved ones, but I see them during the holidays. That’s why I have been real busy lately and have not been able to take care of the forum among other things. Thank God these holidays will be over in a couple of days, and hopefully we will get back to business as usual.


Guess who got all these nice gifts?


You’ve got that right, lucky Monique, courtesy of Mr. Esteban! To say she was thrilled and happy to receive all this would be an understatement. Thank you, Esteban, and thanks to all of you who take the time to bring a small detail or two to our beautiful Musas. They truly appreciate it!


Speaking of lucky Monique, she will only be here until January 18. Ping me if you want to see her, and remember: the best time to see a Musa is today! You all see what happens


Athena is taking some time off. Same goes for Amber, who will be out of town for about a month.


Now let me talk to you about two beautiful new Musas who have joined.

The one that´s got me all excited is Victoria. I have met her in person and she is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful girls who has joined since this agency started. This is my personal and subjective appreciation. She is exactly the type of girl I would define as beautiful. She’s got everything in the right place, and while her pictures do not portray her natural beauty, you will have to trust me on this one. I expect to do a photo session of her before the year ends (meaning I have only hours to complete my goal). You will soon hear from her in the forum review section.

Another beautiful, charming Musa with a killer body is Zulma. She is super-hot looking. Somebody already posted a review on her.

As I always say, they won’t last long, so act now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Thank God the migrant problem is gone, at least for now. We do have Mr. Trump throwing a tantrum and threatening to close the border if his wall budget is not approved by the congress, but I honestly doubt that will happen. He would instantly crash the world economy if he attempted to do that. Too much money at stake. While I do agree that the US border security could be improved in some places, I don’t think a wall would be a solution, but what do I know, that’s just my opinion. And on that note, I will tell you my opinion about Mexico’s new president. I think that so far, he’s trying to do the right things, or at least the things that he promised during his campaign, but I think he will be very limited by money, and he won’t accomplish much. The good thing is that little by little he is trying to change the corruption driven mentality of the inhabitants of this country, and that’s a positive thing, but the results won’t be immediate.


Enough about politics, and back to the babes.

Athena is so awesome that she has already got several guys who are proposing marriage to her, but she doesn’t like the idea, so please guys, respect her wishes.

Same goes for Melissa. Please, guys, I know the girls are gorgeous but their intention is not seeking marriage. If that was the case, they wouldn’t be part of our team.

Sayeli is another heart breaker, and she has several repeat customers, but luckily, she has not received any marriage proposals yet.

Ashley will be back full time in about a month. In the meantime, her schedules are still very limited. She has turned into an exquisite woman, as I mentioned last time.

Angie and Demy are back with their extreme threesomes. Sayeli and Ivana are willing to do a threesome without lesbian action, for all super petite girl fans (they still haven’t seen any action together), and Ivana is finally getting some great feedback from all our customers. Roxana is gone for good, and she won’t come back.


More hotties will join by the first week of 2019. Stay tuned!


2018 has been a great year for us. I want to thank you guys, for being so patient with us, and to all the beautiful Musas for being so charming and sweet.

I wish you all the best for 2019. Lots of health, money and love (in that order) for each and every one of you.






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