It’s alarming honestly how charming she can be.

Rainy days are almost over, even as much as I love this weather it doesn’t help when it comes to the girls getting on a taxi or Uber and ride to the other side of the city, makes it difficult because of the traffic, the local government doesn’t do anything for the care of the streets and roads we have, they are so full of holes. Anyone though it would be easier to have a car? Well, the reality is that it doesn’t really change when it comes to traffic, maybe you will save money on Uber and that is the real advantage of it.
Teresa is a real crybaby with this rain problem lol.

Gasoline is going down, at last after 2 years, but it comes to 1 peso, maybe 2 somedays, how much is that? Around 5 or 10 cents of dollar. LMAO.

Recently the news have gotten better and better, it seems that gasoline was raising up every month because of people stealing it directly from the refineries, and they were stealing thousands and thousands per day. There were politicians involved and there is the rumor that even some presidents were participating in this, the army has taken control of the refineries for now.

Some gasoline stations were buying stolen gasoline for a lower price, those who were buying stolen gas were left without a single drop after the actual president found out, this caused a shortage and huge lines to get gas in other stations.

Some people went for the wrong way and broke up a huge pipe, gasoline was there for everyone, raising as a fountain, and people collecting it. What was the problem? Some dumbass smoking there… well, you can imagine. Over 200 people dead, several people burned to the bones.
Some didn’t believe this gasoline thing going on, that was the reason the girls couldn’t stay working for less money 2 years back, they now can pay for their Uber but hopefully this won’t get any worse.

Several new additions and comebacks. Evelin, Melody, Catalina, Ivette, Annika, Honey, Giselle, Merlot, Tara, Kassie are here to reinforce the team. Irazu, Azul, Tasha, Teresa are back and even Caroline who is recovered now from surgery.

More are coming, so stay tuned.

The forum is getting larger and more Musas are starting to interact, Evelin is getting some awesome feedback but I actually dig her pictures, maybe I she will be my ATF. We have seen many have their ATF here, Like Esteben, Max, Roman, ragvie.

Even some girls that are not working as Musas have joined the forum, but they have been hesitant to write, mainly because of the language but also because they just feel curious but still can’t take the next step.

One of them is from the other side of the world, Europe beauty, she lives in Spain but she is also a hardcore feminist. So, maybe we are all better this way for now lol.
Many topics have my attention now, someone was asking if we planned the forum to be more than just a business tool, and the answer as some saw is a huge no, but I am very happy that the forum has become an open space for any client to post their personal thoughts and share for the rest of the brotherhood their feelings and look for some advice. No aggressive or wanna be elite groups there to judge, I see it can even be therapeutic. Good job on building more than an online escort group, it really gives Musas a real essence.

We are waiting for other comebacks, like Brisa for now we will stay in contact. Stay tuned!