This time let’s start making sense

So, after Halloween and a lot of Jokers, Harley Quinns and lingerie being used as customs we had to take some time and make some trips to the beach. Now we have some new additions like Fernanda, Natasha, Jazmin, they compete with Daniella and Helena for the most beautiful Musa around, but even Valery has been compared to Honey which was a huge lost because of her hot model looks. We have a very exclusive lineup right now and we are happy with the results of this work.

We have to let some other girls go, this time maybe forever since some unacceptable conducts were there and then they did not understood what this is all about, excuses and bad interpretations are not part of a healthy work relationship and, of course, those unacceptable actions they had were not good at all for the clients. So, sorry, will not mention who they are, but most probably they will want to come back and accepting them back will not be easy. Sorry for them but if they want to try luck, best of it, and we hope they do try and don’t come back before doing it.

Now, even Andrea had the chance to come back for some days, imagine the situation, even her was again accepted and kept working until she had to go out of town for personal reasons. Keep in mind we don’t just take a fast decision based on what we feel or favoritism. Even Andrea had to prove that she was willing to do it right now. Oh, well.

Yes, Widow is now the new Avenger and she has excellent feedback, Scarlet Johansson lookalike, charismatic and energetic. Has the haircut and all, so better turn into Hulk for a session with her.

Now back to basics:

Face pics are not for everyone because of idiots sending the pictures to other sites and then trying to send this to the girls relatives. Idiots trying to harass them, idiots lurking, idiots not even trying to book.  Thank them, and thanks for understanding us.

Not on the site? …….Quite obvious she is not not working
So, unless a girl appears again on the site, we give their hours for the day or week in the forum and only mentioned times, she is not working at all.

Please let us know which girl, what time, place and when you want the date, some of them can’t be booked in advance, some others can be booked even a week ahead, just keep in mind that bloody days for many women do not warn, school assignments and family are always there without a sign.

Recommendations? We don’t even know you; you expect us to recommend a girl who fits your taste in looks and services? We don’t even know if you have good hygiene and treat the girls with respect. If you want us to recommend you someone give us a description of what you want after reading their profiles and checking out the rates sections, probably then we can help you a bit more. The forum has helped a lot and, check out the reviews for them and check out some comments from the girls themselves and even one of the ladies is participating but not working with us, and she made a very interesting comment: you pay for the menu, but how the girls work, their mood and smiles are not included, you better treat them right to win those smiles and good mood doing their job.

We try go teach the girls on how they can win many fans, and let the bad ones go, and as said before, we are not some idiots who don’t know they need this to pay school, food and other needs, we do give second chances hoping they have changed for good, so we want them to take this work seriously and make their act a nice excuse for the clients to come here.

What T.V. shows are watching the girls? Well, suddenly some of them are now addicted to Hell’s Kitchen, hopefully they take some tricks and start cooking because they are lazy now and watching T.V. all day, this better helps. I mean, show really has them as zombies, incredible, incredible and to believe yesterday we had to eat instant ramen.

Turkey day is here and we will have to eat KFC at this rate because they are not learning anything from Gordon Ramsay. Now people say we shouldn’t be celebrating anything because this is not a Mexican celebration, well screw you, Jesus Christ wasn’t born in Mexico and you celebrate his birth on what we call “Noche Buena”. Be honest, you just want the presents on that day and this is the same, we just want to eat a turkey and that’s it.

Rainy day but still working. Thanks boys.

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  1. Wow no shit Esteban is forcing us to take out our most romantic tactics. I remember the duo Sherlyn and Mirna, I remember they were family, Sherlyn had a beautiful face and she could drink like a man but she was so much fun to be with for a few hours. Good memories.

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