If you need that light that purple drink I’ll bring it by

A new year and also many new things have started.

Dear Tracy now started cooking and she lasted 2 days, YouTube has come to the rescue because we don’t even know how to make instant ramen. Did you ever felt curious about true Mexican food? Not the one on fancy ass restaurants, the usual places on Revolucion ave. with the same old same old or just tacos, the best Mexican food is what our grandmas cooked for all of us. Watch “De mi rancho a tu cocina” on YouTube and you will see homemade Mexican food like our grandma used to make cooked by a real Mexican grandma.

Last time even our beloved Musa tried to make a torta, basically is a sandwich but a different kind of bread, she had a hard time cutting the bread on half, and she would even burn cereal with milk we believe, so she will train watching Youtube now.
Now rain affected many things, one of them is a highway covered by mud and water, Lizbeth is suffering from bad infrastructure and is struggling because Ubers take more time to arrive and sometimes they don’t, we know politics have everything to do here but we are not going to get into nasty details, just we let you know that sometimes they will take more than expected. Many things people not from around do not know and this is just an example of why they just cannot be there waiting outside or arrive in 10 minutes. Yes, some people actually believe and have said anyone can get to any place in this city within 10 minutes. Please boys, this is more than just downtown, the border and the beach.


New Year and same questions from new and old cats.

  • Do you a have more photos?
    You already have, literally now, 1000’s of additional photos.
  • Who is better, x or y?
    As said many times, we don’t “run tests” on the Musas, best you can do is check the forum
  • Do they go to Zona?
    Not even answering this one anymore.

Moderators are doing their job in the forum, so no matter who or how many posts, not following the rules will get you banned.
Thanks for being there for another year, we have been doing everything we can and need a rest sometimes, even dear Tracy falls asleep watching Netflix now and she got into a fight with another Musa because she called her a stupid whore bitch, lmao. So cat fights are back, oh, and one of them got a black eye and is out of circulation for now, so check out who is not available and maybe you will guess who she is.

Now thank you for your trust, some have told us copycats are there but we are focusing on us and sometimes don’t even have time enough cook a nice spicy meal and end up trying dry chicken from the 2 blocks away and bad salad, god damn.

Now for last year:

  • Melissa gets the award for the laziest Musa
  • Lesly gets the award for Revelation of the year.
  • Revel gets the award for the Grumpy Musa
  • Brandy gets an award for Mythomaniac 2 years in a row now.

In the Slowest Musa category

  • Daniela returned late year but she got the Turtle award, and Lizbeth got the Slug award but in her case she lives far almost in the wild.


  • Ashley got the Ferrari award for being the fastest Musa

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