If you leave then pack the heat

ome update about the current situation on the border because many people are asking:


You are able to cross and get back to the U.S. with no problem, as long as you are an American citizen or have a green card, everything will be normal. Don’t forget you need your passport as always.


In other words:

Border is not closed, so anyone can still go in.

U.S. is letting citizens and legal residents go back in as usual. People with a tourist visa back off.



Some updates from the girls

  • Nadia doing threesomes with Lanny now
  • Hazel back for limited time
  • Falon will be here for limited time as well.
  • Anastasia returned, she had a brief shine for 2 weeks before she left when she joined the first time.

Wasn’t going to reveal this but now you can check on Sandra, she will rock your world like Natasha can, just mark it, won’t say anything else but Natasha can confirm this, that’s all.


We have an increase on girls getting locked inside their houses. How the hell that happens? Idk who makes those houses where anyone can go in but no one can get out and they have to wait for someone to open the door from outside.


Check out the videos in some of the profiles, you will have a deeper look for sure, specially from Luna.


Now back to work again, hopefully everything is good, Musas are healthy and ready on their houses. No leaving for party and drinks. Thanks to all.

I found it with you, I thought it was true

We know the world is a chaos right now but we manage to stay work the same. The city is currently safe for now, managing to keep up the precautions and all the girls are doing very good with it as well, rain is making some of the part keeping everyone home as well and the Musas have the advantage to have a job not requiring to go out and get involved with a group, as long as the border keep with their observations with people crossing in and crossing back to the U.S. we feel safe. Many rumors too about crossing the border but everything is working fine, rumors are created mainly because of the fear from the thousands of people crossing to US to work each day, and then people trolling them mostly on social media.

The most transited border in the world will be hard to close but we do need to keep safety first in order to keep it that way, and all the people crossing knows it or they will lose everything, their jobs, money and will not be able to keep up with their lives again.  No cases in the city, let’s keep it that way!

Now, please just keep calm and stop taking all the toilet paper, if you follow the lines there is no need to panic for sanitizer gel and surely you will not be sitting all day on the toilet, come on boys, now Costco is all empty and people reselling toilet paper for a 100 dollars, now a damn toilet paper costs more than an hour with a beautiful Musa. Well screw your toilet paper, we can just buy the newspaper and use it instead.

We have a new website…again, now we have 2 websites….3 links, well, whatever, just enjoy it, we need to get a hobby.

Guest now which girls got into a fight, we will mention everyone but not which girl took a beaten.







Let’s just say that Widow not working with Polly anymore lmao.   Cat Fighting is something we are used to, Lesly got into a fight a few months ago but she is a heavy case, she had surgery because of that fight. She got into a fight with two guys, yeah, she is not to be messed with, she got her hand broken but 2 weeks after she was ready, we had to tell her to rest more but she was there for the job, she is strong, imagine what she can do in bed now.

The Tantrum award of the week goes for a Musa leaving the place because she didn’t want to go and get some food, but also she didn’t want to tell what she wanted to have for breakfast, so she got angry because we couldn’t read her mind and bring her the food she wanted. Really, W T F.

Now we need to keep on the work, yes, we are still active even tho we are taking our time to stay inside when there is no need to be out there, everything is fine and all the Musas are doing good, we know now they are Warriors, thanks to all and be good.