If you leave then pack the heat

ome update about the current situation on the border because many people are asking:


You are able to cross and get back to the U.S. with no problem, as long as you are an American citizen or have a green card, everything will be normal. Don’t forget you need your passport as always.


In other words:

Border is not closed, so anyone can still go in.

U.S. is letting citizens and legal residents go back in as usual. People with a tourist visa back off.



Some updates from the girls

  • Nadia doing threesomes with Lanny now
  • Hazel back for limited time
  • Falon will be here for limited time as well.
  • Anastasia returned, she had a brief shine for 2 weeks before she left when she joined the first time.

Wasn’t going to reveal this but now you can check on Sandra, she will rock your world like Natasha can, just mark it, won’t say anything else but Natasha can confirm this, that’s all.


We have an increase on girls getting locked inside their houses. How the hell that happens? Idk who makes those houses where anyone can go in but no one can get out and they have to wait for someone to open the door from outside.


Check out the videos in some of the profiles, you will have a deeper look for sure, specially from Luna.


Now back to work again, hopefully everything is good, Musas are healthy and ready on their houses. No leaving for party and drinks. Thanks to all.

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