Big life change is pretty scary.

Holy week is here and Friday was hard because we eat only fish; no other type of meat is allowed in Catholic tradition, so if we can’t eat other types of meat we will just have to rely on instant ramen and peanut butter sandwiches. Our cooking skills are not worthy yet.

Many ask if the girls are working right now, and the ans

wer is yes. Why? Because they can’t stop earning some money for food, kids, family, house. Some of them will be able to avoid rent for 2 months if they are paying a mortgage, this debt will be distributed and they will have to pay double the rent price for the next 2 months after this is over. If they are lucky, they will be able to make a deal with the bank or real estate company and distribute the debt in more than 2 months.

Other won’t have the

same luck, landlord will demand the payment based on the contract they have or maybe they don’t have one, so this is a real problem for many.

School monthly payments are still being demanded.

So, we work with whoever wants to work. We, as adults, are conscious of our decisions. You as clients make your own choices as well. This is the only way we can help them; they have no other income.

So, many are posting and sending their pictures and videos, you can see now some other Musas with videos in their profiles, some of them have more than one.

Recent catfights, Natasha and her cousin. Fuck no, now they won’t be doing threesomes again, at least for now.

Hazel and Falon returned home for now, they probably will be back but you need to get them before they leave, now we have the lurker legion asking for them.

Ok so we watched Netflix and everyone was talking about “The platform”, all asking about the ending. So, what we concluded is that, in the movie, the characters want to deliver a message, that message would be: Empathy. And, actually, it’s meant for us and that’s why no one understood.

Nice weekend!

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  1. Videos are great and I decided to take Lizbeth for a 3 hour date last time because of her video, having her live was even better, keep em coming please, I really enjoy all the forum pictures but this was a no brainer

  2. Is a cool movie but I personally like action and even marvel or dc movies, the videos is a great idea and improved everything. Thanks for the content.

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