Isn’t this why we came?

We are having so much trouble dealing with the hot weather, lots of water and lots of showers. Wish we had a pool but we have to be happy with a hose and some ice cubes drinking melon water.

Nadia just got a bad experience going out alone at night so she won’t be doing night dates after 7 pm, you can read how many people try to be assholes with them in the forum, with their confessions, but now they can’t even walk out on the streets because of these creeps.

Some things will be done in the forum, many threads were merged but it seems some others will need to be split and take their place for those seeking for information about certain girls or new combos. Many are asking about Nadia and Lanny, another popular duo is Sandra and Natasha, so Mods will do some work there, old combos not here anymore will be send to the Threesomes thread.

Many Musas are taking classes online, school is still charging monthly so they found that online is the best way to keep it on. Some will even have their graduation via online, weird but this is what they can do.

Things are going hard this time, basic products prices are going up and up again. Eggs price is going up to 300% higher, some places raised the milk price too taking advantage of dark times. Gasoline price is going down because of the low demand now, oil prices going down as well and Mexico is losing money on crude oil, selling it doesn’t pay off at all right now. Producing one barrel costs 15 dollars and we sell it at 7. Screw that, we gonna go broke at this rate, and people are still asking why do escort exist?

Talking about some casual stuff. We were watching some Fast and Furious movies with Snorlax visiting us, those movies are now about super heroes shit, they will become the new Avengers at this rate. Remember when it was all about some mechanics tuning their cars and racing on the streets for some cash?

Well, whatever, thing is we have an Xbox, and shit was turning on by itself. Snorlax was there saying: “Oh yes, if a ghost did it, then do it again”. And the ghost did it again. She was scared and decided to go sleep with the lights on.

We will go sleep too now.

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