And just let the beat bump

Alright we fixed some things in the webpage, we were looking at the profiles and well, what a bloody mess, anyone with OCD would have gone mad watching that, so we deleted the useless contact format and some stuff there not helping at all, now the profiles look much cleaner and since many still ask: “How much for an hour?”, now the prices are all over the webpage besides the Rates section, if you ask again how much is an hour then something is wrong with you.

The second webpage will be in hiatus while we fix this one first, WTF were we thinking going for a second one when the first one is such an embarrassment?

Besides that, the most important change is Adilene’s hair color, the blond is gone now and she went for black. Now she will need new pictures and hopefully her ass got bigger too.

Catfights still happen, Nadia now got into a fight with Lanny but everything is good now and they will be doing threesomes as usual. Elissa doesn’t have a threesome partner now, Amanda even decided to quit working at all, this is getting out of control.

Of course this has benefit the Natasha and Sandra duo right now, they were fighting too but got over it and now they have taken advantage of the catfights and started posting pictures and got into their lesbo sex and double attention main act. Natasha is now taken over as the momma Musa.

Some girls not from the current lineup joined the forum, maybe they will invite some more and we will see some good discussion material. We also let some other people rejoin but had to delete some of them again. People, this is so easy, if you don’t like us then go away, we don’t go looking for you to join us, be happy away from us.

So new videos are here, check out: Lesly, Luna, Lizbeth, Kitzia, Brandy, Sandra, Widow, Nadia, Elissa.

Someone has experienced paranormal stuff? We had to disconnect the Xbox because of the scary crap last time and now the whole place is damn cold. Free AC but still pretty weird and you know girls get scared for everything, we never experienced stuff like it, we even enjoy some old radio show on YouTube about horror stories.

We have a Ouija board and we played with former Musa Samantha but never got a coherent response, what we did is play it with our eyes closed, and let someone else tell us what was the message from the spirits, we ended up getting only nonsense, the closest thing was a Russian word but only one, so we dismissed the practice, locked the Ouija and never again tried to play with it.

Now we have people telling us they can hear steps and doors closing. But what can we do if we can’t even cook a damn chicken with mole for lunch and we end up dropping the pan with all the food on the floor? We will just tell the ghosts we love them and maybe they will go away…… like she did when you told her the same.

Be nice and eat healthy, cheers!

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