Silhouettes of pure skin

After some hard weeks dealing with the sun and the beer shortage, still no one buys craft beer because each one is about 2 dollars with 50 cents, and they think that’s too much, so with 25 dollars you can buy a 12 pack and those will get you drunk faster, 7% alcohol each. That’s too much VS the 3 dollars a six pack would costs normally, but now many people are buying a 12 pack of beer for 35 dollars. Glad no one touches the craft beers, more for us, keep searching for your cheap ones but keep paying more.

Some girls are getting jealous about the attention those cousins are receiving, but they have earned it, other combinations are not happy right now but they have to work as hard as they do. Remember when twins were doing threesomes? They were working and doing everything right and they were getting so much attention, besides being identical of course.

And no, they are not available anymore. Have to repeat this again, if they are not on the website they are not available. If we announce someone as not being listen on the webpage but available to take some dates, then hurry up and book them.

People still asking for girls not here for over a year, this is what happens when you just think too much about it or just think they can wait for you, and then they go bye bye and there you go. Asking about someone for over a year. Honey says hi, btw.

Now, some Musas won’t return, a bit stricter about that now since we gave so many chances and some former Musas didn’t took the chance and blew it… again. Some just left, they ended their work here and moved on, kept studying or got another job and we are happy when that happens, they made it, they used the money for good.

Some others were not reliable and we had to let them go, some of them didn’t even had an excuse much less a real reason to flake. Others had other bad habits and won’t have the chance to come back, so you can guess, but it is safer for all to avoid trouble, drama and bad times because of the habits they adopted or decided to show at some point of the time they worked here. So you know It is not as simple as just “Can she come back?” Think about many possibilities and book them while you can, or regret it forever.

Now, some will come back but just don’t know when, if they don’t know much less we will have any info. Be aware boys.

Forum is a great source of information but then again many still can’t move on and keep insisting to make bad use of it. What point? No point, the girls only get angry or exhausted of the same old same old. Don’t need to expose dramas and why people still want to trash talk and make bad moves, we are also tired of it so we just let them be and they will keep poisoning themselves. For the rest of the members enjoying the pictures and sharing, keep it healthy and the Musas will have the confidence to post more. Well, there some girls not happy because some other get more attention than them but that’s just something we need to explain to them. Sorry girls.

May be force be with you.

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