Every now and then the stars align

A weekend full of surprises and work as well, had to give it a rest for some Musas but most of them are recovering their energies now and will be back for the whole week. Some comebacks like the most wanted for some time, Kitty, and we also have Revel asking for work again and our talented Valery was fired because of her low reliability but asked to stay on the boat and she promised she would be working harder on being reliable.

Looks like the revelation of the month is Irais, she was given good feedback and we can see she is pretty in her new pictures. Some girls got new ones like Carolina, Lizbeth, Tania, Ximena, Valery and Natasha.

I was asked for recommendations, but as said before, very subjective opinions will be given, but if I were to recommend someone it would be Natasha. Said it on the forum, and well, I dare to say she has the talent that comes once in every generation of Musas, in this generation she has the potential to become the legend. Tokio, a Musa from the first generation and a legend too, came back for a limited time and will be doing threesomes with her.

When Natasha read about doing threesomes with Tokio, the onlything she said was: Will she let me eat her puss?

I can only predict this threesome will be a bomb.

She will be doing threesomes with Nadia too, and she has been compared with Tokio in some comments so it was decided that Nadia will be doing threesomes with Natasha and Tokio too, it can’t get any better now, we have the best here and working together. Hopefully we get some pictures too.

Sandra will be working with Nadia and Tokio as well, so we have super combinations now, no other combos will match them, and with Ashley and Brandy we are for now complete until new ones come and join to make this even better.

And no, don’t know if Tokio will still be here next month, we can only book dates for this week.

Some restaurants are opening again with strict hygiene measures, not all places are open but at least we have some good places to go and eat. They allow around 25% of the full capacity. It’s a sad situation because, in this side, the biggest and worst epidemic is poverty, 44% of the population doesn’t have food on their tables today so this is why many can’t stay home, and it has been 3 months now. But let’s not talk about politics and sad stuff, let’s just say that, if possible, support the people in need.

Some Musas are interested in occultism and mystery topics, such as witchcraft and were reading about some horror game called Hitori Kakurenbo (my gosh we barely can speak some English and they want to try Japanese), Hide and Seek for the rest of us. It’s about doing a very simple but creepy ritual using a doll, you can search for some videos on YouTube, although most are probably edited to add fake evidence about the ritual working. Basically you invite a demon to get into the doll and well, he needs to find you and we don’t know what will happen, we want to try it for real.

Remember Charlie Charlie game? We played with Tokio and some other Musas, nothing happened at first and they were laughing her ass off because they were faking everything to scare us and make us think a spirit was there answering all, but then Tokio and her friend were scared like hell at night because they saw something moving in their bedroom, so they had to leave at night because they saw a chips bag moving LMAO.

Many are asking, chocolates are the favorite gifts for the Musas. Tequila if you see Natasha.


Don’t play Ouija btw.

Nice week!

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