Purple highlights in the back

A busy week and yet managing to make time for everything, even some took a rest: Lizbeth, Hazel, Kitzia, Alanis are not available for some days, lots of things to do and so little time, so they decided it is time to take a break, not permanently, and they will be able to make some time between their activities, but no specific hours for them to book.

Others as you can see are gone. Will they come back? This time it all depends, if they learn the lesson of the importance of their work and stop screwing up for so little in exchange, well, they could come back.

Some others were given a second chance. Polly is here again, but no threesomes with Widow, they had a catfight because of a douchebag Brayan telling chisme.

No third part this time, no more questions for now, most important things were already said, and yes, for those asking, there is more, much more, to tell but this could turn into chisme instead of letting some things go out to light because it was time. Just going to repeat something, we are focusing on beating our own records, and that’s how we managed to stay here with ya’ll, not trying to screw anyone, not trying to take anything from anyone..coof..coof.. all hard work.

Now, we have been talking to some girls, trying to reinforce what this is all about, service, time and attitude. If they need to take a break then do it, if they need to take their time to eat then said it, if you want the day off to go to the spam then go get pretty but don’t screw up the dates and then go angry because you don’t have work anymore. Stay happy and work gladly and you will have good results.

Yes, Julie does greek, she is also the cousin of one very popular Musa, but not gonna tell who, one thing we can say is that we would never imagine that, she is the very opposite of everything her cousin is, for now she has some attention on her.

Greek is in high demand but how many do it? Even here we can’t seem to find girls willing to try it or already on the game. Lizbeth has the most feedback on her but Irais has been good too based on the comments and the private says she is something, but not a legend at this point. Estrella has been working more lately but under observation too, she is one of the most reliable tho. No one else willing to try it, much less if it’s for the first time, girls are afraid because of the pain many talk about when doing greek, even with a lubricant and no matter how gentle you are. That’s the idea they have, of course nothing will be clear unless they try it themselves, but fear is on the air.

About the gifts, well already said about not bringing expensive stuff, the gift part is such a plus but again, there is no need to bring expensive stuff, just get some chocolates or lollipops, there is something going on with Black Halls and blow jobs, don’t know what the hype is all about, but supposedly blow jobs will be a lot better of the girl is tasting the halls at the same time, so bring those and try it.

If you still want to bring something different then bring me a bottle of Fireball lol.

Movie theaters are open now but we don’t want to see anymore Fast and Furious movies, those should join Marvel, we want to see Scarlett Johansson back. Most of the restaurants and no, still no one knows when strip clubs will open. Get over it, they will announce it when the time comes, and that will probably 1 or 2 days ahead to a few hours like they did with restaurants, so no one knows yet, people here are making a big deal of it. Yes, they go out, they don’t stay home and do shit but they make a big deal about bars opening. So yes, social “moral codes” are BS and that’s why no one knows when all places will be open, n o   o n e   k n o w s.  People have come saying LITERALLY:

I’m a 100% escort guy, I just want to know when will bars will be open, I won’t even go there, I just want to know, please tell me what you know.



Some well known Musa had a bad experience with ghosts, she was so scared and had to get out and pray to God because she was hearing shit and saw some stuff moving, but pretty sure it was just her mind playing tricks. She was so insisting on the spiritual entities she had to force this hand to make promise to get rid of the Ouija board. Best thing we can do to scare ghosts take out the camera and start filming, ever saw a real ghost on video? No, ghosts never appear, only doors opening and stuff moving, gosh, even some successful YouTube channels and T.V. programs about paranormal stuff show only doors opening and some sounds and it’s all like: “did you hear that?  It’s the devil”, we should start doing our own channel with these ghosts and the girls screaming because the sandwich in the fridge disappeared.

Ghosts watch you when you have sex, when you piss and when you take a shit btw.

So we gonna have some Four Loko, shit tastes awful but try it if you don’t have anything else because of the beer shortage, 12% alcohol is ok but we have tequila and tequila is for machos. Girls like Don Julio 70, ladies like it cold but that’s not enough macho if you want to impress them.

Nice week, we will have maybe some new additions but have to check out first.

Black rainbows are our halos

Ok, second part, some sent some new questions too but those will be maybe for a third part. Maybe send some for the Musas next time. You can see some returned, and some others wanted to but not this time, sorry but we had to be firm and be fair too with the ones doing a great job.

Now for some answers.

Is it safe to travel now? Aeschylus, one of the three great tragedians of the ancient Greece, was killed because an eagle dropped a turtle and he was hit so hard on his head by the animal. So no, if that can happen then there is no safe travel, you shouldn’t go out of your house.

Same applies with virus

Dollar currency? Pay in pesos if you want to save the best you can, we can’t keep changing the rate in dollars each day so it can adjust to the pesos rate, and besides that, the real value you get for the dollars is not what you will see in the internet or the news, the exchange houses take a commission from each dollar you change, so you will get less for the buck anyway. What you see on the news and internet IS NOT what you nor the girls will truly get for your dollar when you change it at the dollar shops or house exchange, the current dollar to pesos rate is 23 pesos for 1 dollar, but what you will get in reality is 20 pesos with some cents, still good but this change service is not free, that is why dollars will have the value you see on the news.

Change your dollars before so you can save some bucks, good tacos can always be paid with those saved dollars.

Cheapest places to stay? Yes, there are cheapest love motels but you will spend more money on Uber. Transportation will cost more than the money you want to save going to a cheaper room if you travel from the border and then have to go back, and that’s why most of the girls will not go to a cheaper motel, Uber will cost a lot more for them.

When is she available? 90% the people asking this won’t even be able to see the girl the next time she is available because they just won’t have the free time to make it, personal life and work are not so compatible with this secret hobby, that’s why we ask the time and place you want to see the Musa. This question is probably one of the most unnecessary and useless but also one of the most used. Some of you can make it any day and time so we bleh, good enough.

This complicates even more if the girl is not reliable, we tell you beforehand, so if you insist on trying to see someone not really that flexible with times you will be waiting and waiting. Besides that, they get busy fast so when you ask she will already be booked ROFL.  Many times it happens, someone is available, a client comes and takes 20 minutes to decide, in that time the girls get busy, someone else took the chance a few minutes earlier, all it takes is 1 minute.

Why they don’t go to Zona? Discretion, you think these girls let their families know they are escorts? They have friends and family working or visiting the strips clubs regularly, besides that, people often get harassed by corrupt pigs there.  They don’t want to deal with that kind of stuff, they feel safer and you are too meeting them in one of the places we suggest on the website. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit Zona, just be careful as always, but the Musas are not made for the danger.

This sends us to the next question. Face pics? You can thank some idiots leaking those to other people and sites, and other sites using those to harass the girls. Why? You can imagine so far, this gets even more pathetic when those people try to tell the girls we are using those to reveal their identities. Drama? No, stupidity. We only keep working and trying to beat our own records, if this hurts someone then lots of luck to them, since they read this and they want to constantly get into the forum, it gets tired. Someone has to say it, specially after so long.

Some clients could get the privilege tho.

No parties? As said before, so many idiots leaking information, you don’t want to be exposed by idiots just because they suck. Mentioned before in the forum.

Yes, Cindy is back, for how long? Pray so Brayan will not come back again.

Yes, Irais is as pretty as she looks in the pictures. Started doing greek and threesomes with Natasha and Sandra as well now that Tokio is gone. Irais is one of the most flexible ladies when it comes to working hours, so yes, she is available at night.

Yes, Tokio is gone and don’t know when she will be back.

Valery has a limited schedule so you better catch her fast. Reminds you of Arabella? Yes, she does speak English and she also has some awesome comments. A hint, catch her before 4pm.

Can I see Irais Sunday at 11 pm?

Are Natasha, Sandra and Isabella real cousins? They are actually sisters. OMFG YES. Cousins and could had the twins back again too but not reliable at all. We had to let the chance pass.

Some very acclaimed Musa wanted to return just a few days ago, but had to let her go because of her not being reliable anymore, a very wanted girl and very, very good at this but if she is not responsible she won’t be back.

What we recommend on Netflix? Download popcorn times, losts of movies, new ones and lots of series there. Better than Netflix, and it’s free. IDK why people ask this but here you go LOL.

Secretary? She eats, watches Netflix and sleeps all day.

When will bars be open? Not even the government knows, true story.

What is a Brayan? The guy who enjoys the money you give her. Does he know what she does for the money? Oh yeah!

What does he think about that?

Damn hot sun is driving us mad. Drinks lots of water and remember, she doesn’t love you.

You’ve got me shaking from the way you’re talking

July 4th was busy but also saw many visitors trying to reach the beach and not being able because of the filters. The ugly, many trying to book on Sunday when the ladies are taking care of their personal stuff, with their families or just not wanting to work for a day and taking a break. Sorry, but I have to repeat it, not second class girls so they get busy fast and need to take a break too, that’s why there’s sooooo many people asking after they leave: When she will come back? Some are just lurking and then want to ask, but many others just can’t find them available.

Oh yes, Ashley came back soon. LOL

Wasn’t the plan but she asked to return again, so whatever, why leave then? I don’t know, but we wish them luck and go for your dreams.

Now we need to have a “Someone has to say it” talk, have to be direct and honest about this, because the amount of messages is getting ridiculous and so many people like “chisme” but not the truth, we are answering some questions you have sent more than once. This is going to be long so watch your back and be sure no one is behind you and discover you are reading some weird shit and next you are fired from work or sleeping on the couch.

The number of emails and texts arriving is increasing and takes a long time to reach everyone just asking VS the ones who want to book, so here you go:

You can search the forum for some comments and extra pictures, people asking for: “who gives the best oral?”, “who’s the hottest?” Surely will just be answered by a lie depending on who’s available at that moment, sorry but someone had to say it. Since we don’t know what you like about sex we can’t properly recommend you someone.

We can go help you with some descriptions like skin color, services like greek, CIM, Golden Shower and some particular clothes and maybe some fetish.

Now, if you have your own definitions let us know. Some girls have told us the clients want to put their tongue down their throats because that’s what DFK means to them, but do you expect a girl do adapt to your expectations after 10 minutes of knowing you? We took off the DFK part of the menu because we cannot know what DFK means to you, so we just change it for “kisses”, because many would go down for the throat path and some will stay with their tongue interacting with yours, some won’t use tongue, and this is for both clients and Musas. Yes, we did ask them how the kissing session went so we could get an idea of the DFK most want, and we couldn’t get a conclusion. In México, tongue kisses don’t involve embracing each other tongues like there was no tomorrow, cultural meanings take a big part in this. Again, someone had to say it, many girls don’t know the meaning of Deep French kissing much less the difference between Deep French Kissing and French Kissing, most of them think DFK is a long, long lips to lips kiss with their mouths wide open. So this is when what you call YMMV shows.

Can we explain about DFK to the girls? Yes, but then again many, many clients have different visions about how this is done, so the conflict was a persistent one about this particular service, a conflict of perception and concepts we   cannot bring to balance so we decided to just add a simpler menu item, “Kisses”, and the girls usually go the extra mile on this.

GFE in Mexico usually involves a cover for a BJ, and if you want BBBJ many ladies charge extra for it. We have the BBBJ INCLUDED in the price. Again, cultural things have to do with it, we tell the ladies it is part of the service because there is not much to add and explain there but hygiene.

If you want to know about their oral techniques well can’t say much, they do not do any “test” to get the job.

This is like those times you go to a strip club and you have a hard on just watching a young, lovely, sweet and beautiful woman, then you go closer and ask her how much, and what you get?: 80 dollars (or more) for 30 minutes, BJ with a condom and the kissing depends on the girl, an uncovered BJ would be extra, and maybe included but that would be the exception of the norm. So we have1 hour, Kissing, BBBJ and no knocks on the door. Even toys and, in the case of 3somes, lesbian show for free when the combinations are listed with it.

To each its own, you have many choices.

Of course some extra service like CIM, swallow and Greek cost extra ONLY if you practice this in the date. But those prices are also there for you to see.

 So up to each one of you to choose who’s the best based in their pictures, videos, services offered and prices, everything is there on the website.

Have some Musas left because of a catfight with other Musa? Yes, can’t tell who.

What security measures we have for the new virus? The best thing is not to book at all and don’t get out of your house. You don’t want to do that? Then be aware of the risk of going out and exposing yourself and others. We and all the Musas know that, so it’s up to you and everyone to make a decision, we cannot assure you anything a 100%.

We do give recommendations to the ladies, but as said, there is nothing a 100% sure, except death, taxes, you are you and she doesn’t love you.

I’d like to thank many of you gentlemens who treat the Musas with respect, and for those who let us know what is happening there, if there is a problem we try to make it right, many have done it that way and we try to give up a compensation, and some others maybe made a mistake and made up for the girl, Sandra recently went thru a little problem and the gentlemen took care of it for her and all I could to say was thank you for treating her right. All was for her.

For those letting us know what was right or bad for you, that’s really important too. Thank you.

So, no, we won’t tolerate comments saying: give less money or treat them like if they have no rights because money talks. If you don’t want to tell us so we can make it right then go elsewhere, some of those still want to make fake accounts. For those insisting on trashtalklng (yes, some clients have told us about this), but still insisting on getting in the forum. Make up your mind, if you don’t like a place why you want to stay there? They insist so much that we let them at the end. Whatever, be happy and let others be happy.

Why mostly good reviews in the forum? Said it many times, we let the bad Musas go, stay with the good ones, that’s why many have been here for years and still have fans. Examples? Ashley, Tokio, Adilene.

All 100% good reviews? No, of course not, as said before, we all different and have different taste. Example, Kitty have good reviews and bad ones. But she is not the best about times but people keep asking for her, and right now she is on her period so you have to wait in line.

Who has the best reviews? Hard to say something about this, long and detailed reviews don’t mean the best, some of you don’t get that much into details but tell us: “she was so amazing”. Number of reviews? Well, most of you tell us in private, but believe that in fact people are not telling everything in the forum, there is someone there getting good comments in private and no one shares in public. LOL

We base our lineup on who’s recommended in our forum and the comments given privately, if the woman has enough good comments she stays, we cannot please everyone but if the Musa is doing good in almost each date then she stays.

As said before, second chances are given when the Musa is out or she has some bad comments. Andrea, Seraphina and some other nor reliable Musas were given a second opportunity. You asked before why a good sex master Musa is not here anymore, and the answer that sex is not everything, she must be reliable and really down to earth and honest, yes, she must tell the truth and also act with decency, we detected some girls who came from “south” with no good intentions so we had to stop any relationship, we have grown doing our own work and trying hard with the Musas so can’t let other people take advantage of the work of the ladies and ours.

Still wish all the ladies the best, but we need to go on.

Some want to know what gifts the girls like

Why so many photos? ……..Really? There’s people still asking if Elissa is real, boy she even has more than one video and still there’s people asking if she really exists. Just don’t look at the rest of the pictures, let us know you want to be banned from the forum and stay calm babe.

Isabella, Sandra or Natasha? Big ass Natasha, Big boobs Sandra and wild Isabella.

Tokio or Nadia? Threesome.

Can we use Viagra? Well I don’t know, ask your doctor….. Yes, some asked.

Who are Toxica and Yess in the forum, are they working? No, one of them us a former Musa, other one is a friend of hers

So many questions but we will stop here. Be happy, we love you.