We almost just got caught tonight

The work is getting harder as the new girls come and come, and more will get here . So we will have to cut the line again so those will get a chance to work and see how they do.

Liah is already the new Musa revelation and good comments on Aurora, Jaclyn, Ariadne, Marbella. Yes, had to let go some, because no matter how good they are, they just won’t let other girls join in and they keep screwing up over and over. Yes the new ones will probably get busy fast and if they leave for some reason and when they were available you just thought “next time”, then don’t come asking: “is she coming back again?”. They either your choice or not, at this point we don’t have second rate Musas, those are gone, gone like the money you gave her for her “sick mom”, but instead she spent it with Brayan.

The new girls are unpredictable, we don’t know if they will stay a long time or just want some fast money to get out of a problem and then be gone forever or they will return, don’t ask if they will be here for next year, not even they know. Aurora wanted to join at first, then she said no way, then she joined. Now she wants to do threesomes with a friend of hers. It’s not up to us, so we don’t really know what they will do next.

Aurora likes Disney, videogames and anime, so if you want to see her and want to bring something you know where to start.

Lizbeth, Irais are still taking some days on vacation.

Right now Valery is a good example of a legend skilled Musa but she is not reliable, we understand how she needs to keep up with her life besides work but often can’t do both things right. Already tried letting her go but she doesn’t want to go, she needs this too and this is when it gets hard to decide, we know at least she tries to make both of her lives work so that’s why she remains here, unlike other Musas who just flake and then do it again for little to no valid reasons.

Besides, she is one of a kind, she likes to do some crazy stuff sometimes, she likes to go naked with only a detective coat on and a hat, when she takes that off in front if you it’s like watching the best porn… people have said.

Jaclyn will just start doing threesomes with Kitzia, still know nothing about this combination but for now both have been great alone, combinations can be complex so we will just see.

Natasha is still doing threesomes with Isabella, both include the stimulation on each other, some toys but they lost their vibrator, if you bring one for them they will use it. Nadia is out of the threeways for now, she feels she doesn’t have the right partner and wants someone who likes girls too, we will have to wait for the right girl for her.

Widow has a new friend she can work with. For now, that friend will only be available for threesomes.

Oh yeah, someone is stealing Nadia’s pictures and also Elissa’s but that is no surprise, there are many, many girls doing that, have seen many ads from other parts of Mexico using our pictures, but this time people have told us many times about this, so I guess theres so much people falling for it and they thought that was a good opportunity but then they saw someone else going into the room. Sorry guys, but if you want to save 100-200 pesos and fall for this fake ads, well, what can I say? 5-10 USD will not make much a difference on the price, but in this case we have the real ladies too. Already told one of those girls to stop, not because she will benefit from our pictures (she is even asking for work right now) but because Nadia or Elissa could be affected by this and people will start thinking they are fake. They already have some new pictures, and wish well for the girl stealing the pics, but many will be disappointed.

People are using restaurants as bars right now because of the actual ones remain closed, some of the usual bar spots actually opened acting as a restaurant, they just got the permission from the government and are now registered as “Restaurant with bar service”, meaning you buy whatever thing to eat and then you can order alcohol and get drunk, most places will ask you to order all drinks one by one instead of buying a bucket with beers or a bottle, because people checking the functionality will suspect they are not an actual restaurant. They also have to close at 11:00 p.m.

Bars and strip clubs will have to open soon because people are pressing the button everyday, and of course it’s understandable, they have to work to earn some money.  5 months already without work? We don’t get any incentive checks, no one stopped charging rent, all had to pay taxes and all still had to pay bills. So yes, bars will open soon… and I can see more coming and asking: when will they open?

Some still ask whats going on with the beer shortage, those days are gone, we can buy beer as usual but what we really want is to have AC and stop waking up because someone is cooking at night.

So enjoy the new additions, we will consider let in more depending on the rest of the Musas working and the one who will return. Nice week.

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