but you ain’t picturesque

New talent got here fast and already some of those new talent are gone now, yes, told you maybe some of them were here only to make some money and get out of trouble. Yes, lurkers and “next time” people are asking: “When will she come back”. Never my dear, never.

Actually some of them will come back, but won’t tell who.

Young and fresh talent is something we have for sure. This lineup with more than 30 young and beautiful girls is something we can say is the best. With our rates, this is imposible to beat.

The best of the new talent got booked fast, wait for next week and they will be on again, for now they are just full. In fact, one of them got a good reception and just decided to go on a vacation as soon as she got enough money LOL. Valery was taking a time off too along with Kitzia and Lizbeth, they just returned from a brief break.

New combinations will be on, but need to wait for the new talent to be done from work right now.

Paola, Fernanda, Ariadne, Marbella got some good comments on them, Paola has some petite body on pair with other slim Musas like Bambi, Alanis, would say she is like a twin of former Musa Lovely.

Now some of these actual Musas need to receive feedback and some others are forgetting what this is all about, a reminder for them will be good but hopefully they are not taking any third persona advices and ruining their work and ruining others experiences, happened before, they will have to work triple has hard now to get what they had here.

Bars with pool tables and sports bars can open now, we got trolled, everyone got trolled, specially the strip clubs with the hollow promises they got. Believe it or not, there are some political going there, political parties tend to attack and damage a rival party business, and there are way too many groups doing this, remember, Mexico has the worst politicians ever, political parties grown in number but many of them are just an extension of an already existing one, they do this so they can steal more and more money.

Regular bars opening but no strip clubs? Makes sense? Of course not, the actual government is leaded by a political party trying to crush the income of some rivals by not letting them open their businesses and justifies this by saying that the other bars can operate as restaurants, but not the strip clubs. Remember the Strip clubs at Norte Zone opened 2 days based on this new rule, but they got shut down. Reason? They have more people working, not just waiters but girls and cleaning personal moving around the area.

Don’t bring me this crap, we all know people won’t even respect the “Good social distance”, remember, Mexico is Mexico, they know opening the bars will be no rules, alcohol and good behavior won’t get along that easy, but they allowed them to open because many families depend on the work of restaurants, bars and tourism. Of course, only ones not allowed to operate are those they do not want to see open, and that’s why they came up with the silly food rule.

Everyone is talking about Anabelle doll, disappeared from the Warren

A visitor hit the glass in front of the doll, he was advice not to do it. The guy died in a motorcycle accident.

A priest visited the Warren museum, he took the doll and throw it to a chair saying God was more powerful than the devil. When he was driving later that day he had a car accident, he said that the last thing he saw before the hit was the dolls face in the mirror.

The doll did not escape, it was all because a news portal published an interview with Annabelle Wallis, the actress who played Mia in the “Annabelle” movie and she also acted along with Tom Cruise in The Mummy remake, Wallis also talked about “running” in her interview, and news portal included a video of some of the “escape” scenes from The Mummy. As this news circulated on Chinese language social medias, the news about Wallis running appears to have been misconstrued as Annabelle doll escaping.

Another topic from some geek Musas, Edward Cullen as Batman….. 2020 is not good, Batman is Batman, with a good script and visual effects they will get over the shiny vampire playing an iconic hero.

BTW, don’t; don’t buy banana water and leave it all day with this weather.

Nice week!

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