Can you believe in me?

Mexican independence day is tomorrow and I guess there will be no celebration on the public spaces like every year, it was nice to get some real Mexican food and enjoy some games waiting for the independence cry at 12:00 a.m., a tradition every president does to remember the people who fought for freedom.

Today this is just an excuse to drink on the streets and make some noise with fireworks (btw, many people are asking not to do fireworks because dogs and cats get scared).

People gather at the government facilities and celebrate there. Will leave it there, as there is much, much to tell about our culture and recently not everything is good. Let’s just say that public consciousness doesn’t have the best examples in our times, so we better keep the better and move on, become better and help on which we can.

That’s what we did this past weeks, new girls, new pictures and even had to let go some rotten apples with one or two of the new additions included. Part of the game, but we do have to do some work talking to them about responsibility, times, honesty and being clear about what they want and need.

Lurker legion is very active asking about Aurora, Avary, Julie, and some others. Results will be the same as long you keep thinking: “next time”. No fellas, this is for the brave.


People, we have been very busy lately and some of your messages get lost, literally, even had to get some extra help but the secretary is all about drama because of the feminist thing going on in Mexico right now, she is making a storm in a teacup because of Netflix, changing the movie she didn’t want to see at the first place is such a macho thing and shouldn’t happen because she was going to see the ending of that so not interesting movie.

But about the contact methods. You have WhatsApp, Calls, Text messages, E-mail, Telegram, try any of those or all because we get some intense times around the day were we are crazy responding and trying to organize the beautiful chaos we call Musas. So when you try more than one method just tell us which ones so we won’t mix up times or cancel by mistake when we tell you the girl you want is already booked, that’s something we had to clear up many times last week.

Some people have told us about the same old trashtalk, but we really are into other stuff, chisme is not one of those so we will just ask anyone else to read again the “someone has to say it” blogs.

Remember, we talk about the face pics, Corona, good and bad reviews in our forum, how she loves Brayan and not you, exchange rate, services and haters. All I have to say about haters is there is a bigger world out there, go for it, this is just Musas. Don’t like Musas? Stay away, be happy, follow your dreams. We still thank the fans and people helping us. Take another read, its been 2 months now lol.

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Some clients had a bad experience in 3 of the hotels in the past 3 weeks. Don’t know what’s happening, if this is because of corona and some people are trying to make a bad move to get some extra money or something but obviously not cool.

Trying to rip off customers
Trying to charge customers for things they didn’t break.
Leading scum people to rob the people coming out.

Hard to think this would happen but this scams are part of the people working in those places, not really something happening often but we just recommend being careful with your money change and report immediately to the management if you see something wrong in your room so you will not be confused with the client who breaks stuff. We talk more about this in our forum.

Recently a Musa graduated from college, she used the money for her education and we are happy for her. Unfortunately, in a third world country there’s so little job opportunities, when you find a job based in your career the payment is bad, so most people need 2 incomes, either 2 jobs or a partner helping to pay all expenses. So people thinking these girls get paid in an hour almost the same amount of money they would earn in a week, they are probably right, but this is truth because salaries are so low that any work in the US would pay in a few hours the same amount of money a Mexican will earn in a week of hard work and if they are lucky they get 1 day off. Don’t get this wrong, this job is not a lot of money for them, when prices go up here it is rare they go down again, ever.

You think escorts charge too much?

When corona started, eggs prices went up (yes, toilet paper too), because of the high demand and way less supplies coming in, so when the supplies were able to get into the city everything went normal. This didn’t happen when the US dollar raised up to 24 pesos per dollar, everything when up, providers charge mostly in dollar, landlords charge mostly in dollars, when the dollar raised they adjusted the price in pesos to the dollar rate at that moment, so when the dollar went down nothing was the same anymore, everything costed more. Gasoline, groceries, etc.

That’s why we encourage the Musas to keep studying, invest and don’t spend everything on parties. Saving culture is not part of the Mexican society, so this will be hard to see. Retirement pension is pretty much non existent in Mexico, so thinking of the future is really scary, most people work until they die. This is 3rd world problems, many people can’t save money or don’t think about it.

So many stories and so little time, hopefully someday we can tell everything we have to see. Nice week.