said to “be cool” but I’m already coolest.

Thankfully we have been busy the past few weeks so we need to take a little time for the Musas and us. As you could notice, some Musas came and are now gone, all happened so fast but they were not here for too much because they had to go home, they only came for some help and then they flew away.

Some of the newer ones are already took a break and came back like Margareth, Adilene, Vanessa and maybe we will have some comebacks, others want to play it “safe” for now and just don’t want to be on the open so for some we can lend a bit of info about it.

Halloween is today and we can’t wait to see some sexy lingerie, because yes, they wear lingerie and call it costumes, so better not wear tight pants that day or you will be exposed. Nurse, nun and Snow White are some of the most popular, maid costume is not popular so a good idea is to buy that one and have the Musa wear it on a date.

November 2 is almost here and the tradition in Mexico is to build an altar with some Tagete flowers also called Cempasúchil, some stuff from the defunct person and food the person liked in life. Also alcohol or cigars with if the person liked to drink or smoke with a photo in the middle. Legend says that the spirits are allowed to come back for one day and they can taste everything, and see their loved ones still alive, but we cannot see them.

Another, recently popular, activity used by many as an excuse to get drunk, is to visit the grave of your loved ones and just start drinking and bring some “banda” music along, this one has no legend and became popular on local Tijuana people because of Instagram stories.

Some new videos from the girls, favorite ones are from Helena but they all have great material and a delight to watch when you are alone and not wanting to out. Yes, go touch yourself. And, please, if they have the same name, they seem sooo much alike and they are both on the video and model section, yes, they are probably the same. Really, many asking this and so little time to give them an answer.

Again, for those not wanting to read old posts specially now that Christmas is coming and have to spend a lot buying gifts and stuff: Dollar exchange rate change every single damn day, and the house exchange or casa de cambio, whatever you want to call it, won’t give you the same amount you checked out at google or the news, they will give you less for your dollars and that’s why we have a determined dollar rate and a pesos rate, we can’t change the dollar rate each day and also many exchange houses do not have the same rate for your dollars, so just pay in pesos, both rates are there and you can save some few bucks but not that much of a big deal. Still, save and buy some yummy tacos.

Deborah is the new revelation Musa, she has many good feedback now given on private and she was one of the underestimated Musas when she first came. Good to see she is doing a great job and nice personality.

A well known Musa will come back for just a few days, so people, just know she will not be available for a very, very long time after, so don’t come with the same: “Can she come back only for me?” Well no, she wants to see other guys and maybe after that she will return. Yes, they all do that so your flowers are not special, those go for another guy and that’s why we don’t suggest bringing them flowers. Maybe candy, those they do eat.

Wanting to share a bit more of the future but nothing is for sure, so let’s just say stay safe and have a Corona.

2 thoughts on “said to “be cool” but I’m already coolest.”

  1. I’ve been a client for over a year now and absolutely love it, I don’t like going to “bars” or “massage” places and the talent rotation here is impressive.

    I’ve tried registering on the forum but I never received the activation email in my inbox or junk (yeah, I’ve checked, I swear), I’ve even tried the “resend email” option and nothing ☹️, why is that?

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