Breathe it in so deep until you feel the burn

I know, no blog for a long time but we are having a hard time teaching some of these girls how to obtain their driver’s license. Of course, this is Mexico and you can just hand over some cash and that’s it, but we try to make things better and they need to learn what it takes to make this city great again. Things with politics and government are not the best, and we have talked a bit about that before so we are going to leave that for now.

According to the weather report, we will have rain for the next week, so plan ahead and if you have limited time the best is not to come or probably your plans will be ruined. Traffic is already crazy because of so many people coming to the city and now the “repairs” all over the city have made all of us take alternative roads, these repairs are far on the east side of the city, from where most of the girls come, so you better not come short on time or things could go wrong. And another tip, watch the weather reports on Mexican news so you can watch some hotties.

Another concern from some clients. No., WhatsApp is not going to blackmail you sending your conversations to your wife. Just create a second FB and link it, or use TG.

Melissa is getting addicted to coffee and wants to buy hers with two extra expresso shots, the next day she is whining and crying all over the bed because she couldn’t sleep and she is so stressed about it, but insists on getting the damn coffee.

Alina wants some anime lingerie outfits, if someone manages to get some she will keep it for new pictures.

Anastasia is managing to do threesomes with Ashley really well, probably she will get some new pictures when they get together again.

Still no recommendations, but try Churrascaria Do Brasil, for meat lovers. And Buffalo Wild Wings if you want to try some dry chili dogs, HOW THE HELL CAN A CHILI DOG BE DRY? They managed to make the impossible. Aberration.

Personal likes? Probably that I can say, but doesn’t mean I’m giving a recommendation, just a personal subjective taste, like everything.

Best ass: Adilene, Arianna and Daniella.
Best face: Daniella, Hazel, Jaylee
Best boobs: This one is easy, but I have to say that if we base only on boobs, we have a tie between Velvet, Melissa and Kitty.
Gym Body: Barbara, Nadia

Petite: Alina (Yes, she was the Black Widow but outers just scared her, she still working anyway so piss off. She also got sad after the character died), Adilene again, and Marina.
Best lips: Irais

Best service: Just kidding you are not gonna get recommendations.


New year and I hoped for new things, but the same old, same old. People asking:
Is she gonna come back? No
Is she still working? Yes
Can she make an exception? No

Makes no sense, but trust me, this is Mexico and everything is possible, except those people asking again and again: Can they come to Cascadas? Those are figments of your imagination.

Now, its been a year since everything changed and with a new month just days ahead more people will want to come back, and what does this mean?

Right now we are going to enjoy the day with some coffee and sweet bread, this is the new fat local trend. Stay hot and chill.

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