Another round, please


Nikita telling us she with Nadia and Ashley can handle an  overnight foursome:



Telling Kitty she won’t  be in the Best Breasts poll:



Someone returned, with some nice, sexy pictures. She surely look hotter than before and she knows it:



Zoe saving someone when he called last minute for a date because someone cancelled him:



Same people asking for discounts… over and over again…



Adilene after she rejected an overnight and the other girl got gifts, clothes and an iPad:



All the Musas triying to make Brayan come back:

She is the string that holds the bait

Valentines day is almost here, and many ladies are looking to make some money to take their Brayans for a nice dinner, of course, Sunday will be crazy with restaurants full and last minute shopping. Some will work out something on the next days so they can have the chance to make some pesos.

We know this could be painful but you have to stop supporting those Brayans boys.

On some news, most already know but Jaylee will be working only with threesomes with Irais and Barbara, some already took the opportunity after the typical: is she coming back? God please not again… but they took the last chance and now she is off their bucket list. And yes, some are not published but also not taking dates everyday, so lucky ones will just have them when there are not “being watched”, that means either in the morning, noon or late night lol. Can’t say names tho.

About the poll, many were asking the same question over and over again and already said many time recommendations are not the best thing to do, many will end up crying because I like petite but she is too skinny for him, I like curvy but she is fat to his eyes, I like calm and slow but that’s a dead fish to him, so screw that, won’t give up any recommendations anymore, only in some special occasions.

Instead of giving up one personal recommendations, we have a new activity were people can vote and give up some recommendations for all of us. Already more than 245 people given their recommendations, 244 guys (and we know of one girl lol) gave you their vote for the best petite Musa, some don’t want to write reviews so this is a faster way to tell everyone their thoughts. All the girls listed got recommendations, so that tells us how much our taste can differ one from another.

So, since they all got votes, that also means each one of them is doing something good, each one of them is the favorite of someone.  There you have your recommendation, I know haters going to get angry, but all those people say it, not me.

Have to say this because some girls got angry, but someone has been stealing pictures from several girls, and that is just… well, sad, because she post those pictures in some classified ads and yes, she charges less than the real Musas should be charging but they clients get a big surprise, so yeah, go save a few pesos and get someone totally different from what you are expecting. She even stole Estrella’s pics and she is not even close to her body, not a bit. Estrella was angry because she liked those pictures so she had to take a few new ones with less quality. Now we have to mark each one of their pictures with the webpage’s link. Not the best to put on letters on sexy pictures, but some of you already took the bite and came back asking if we knew something, well there you go, you wanted to take care of yourself, you ended up with this girl using the Musas pictures and then wha’happen??


As you can see, nothing happened with this WhatsApp drama, it’s all normal. Don’t panic, you take more risks giving her chocolates and money for Valentine’s, she will give those to Brayan.

Jiza came and already left, and Catalina will have a very limited schedule. Lizbeth will be available again afternoons after being absent. Noticed Layla now? She will probably give you a surprise with that big booty, probably the next poll will be about the best ass.

BTW, about recommendations, don’t go to Churrascaria, they don’t have any alcohol, it sucks. Nice weekend!