I only came around to ride you like a rental

Alright boys, still have to do some work for a ton of people, we added some mini sections, now we have a FAQ section, and people are still asking.

Do they go Cascadas?

What is the rate?

How does this work?

What is the website?…. (Really, OMG REALLY, WHATS THE WEBSITE?)

How can I find a girlfriend?


You are the reason the ladies say Sugar ATMs are their boyfriends, and they believe them


Someone had the idea of asking the ladies about their best experiences with a nice client, you know, there are many bad elements out there as clients, we had to let them go as we had to let go some of the bad Musas, but it is fair to let everyone know when someone is good. Unfortunately, we will do it anonymous, if you recognize the date and it was you just let the rest of the forum know.

Yes, Nikita is back, she can only be booked the same day, why? Well I don’t know, I don’t control their lives, maybe you think we should be god for the agency and we will accept your tributes, but we can’t control the insatiable party hunger of Nikita, so she doesn’t know what days she won’t be hungover, what days she will wake up early or what day she will be uncommunicated because she lost her phone. When will she leave? Don’t know, only alcohol will decide.

I know you all want Helena too, but believe it, you are not getting any luck at 10 am or 11 am, another girl you must try luck on the same day you want to come, the first message takes the lead to be the first one getting to know her hours,  but if someone is faster than you after she confirms her hours you gonna miss her.

Zinahi has the other side of the problem, you all want her at night and she can’t, she can early and afternoon. BTW she just finished college, another graduated Musa and happy for the accomplishment, she passed her last test in front of three committee members.

Amelie is full for now, no openings.

Surgeries are the last trending topic here now, all want to, only a few can and it’s because its pricey, Musas don’t save money, they want the latest iPhone, a $500 purse and going to clubs and buy a Moet bottle for more than double the price, of course, Brayan takes most of the income (Yes, the money  you give her for what you think is rent too).

Adilene had a small surgery and she is recovering still, so she has to take some time off, she is half recovered tho, so soon enough you will be able to book her again.

Irais will have to take some time off too but she will take surgery to make some upgrades, will have to wait for the surprise.

Some weird stuff is happening, or at least that’s what one of the Musas told, thing is that a couple of posts away we shared about using the Ouija, and well, a Musa did, and then another Musa just didn’t want the Ouija board there she threw that thing; and now claims that the board is back to the box were it was before in the room. Explanation? Drunk, dreaming or just too much 420. This one I don’t believe.

Some other ladies have the believing of the Santa Muerte. Still can’t decide, is this a religion? A cult? Just a Saint? What is this believing?  Death is called by feminine names like “Blanquita” or “White girl” among many others. The believing of Death doing miracles is now very common in Mexican traditions now, remember Death is something with so much presence in Mexican culture, the day of the dead, for example, is a celebration related to the Death we already talked in past posts.

They build a small altar (in most cases) and offer what they want to the statue/image of the Death, from money, candy, cigars, alcohol, food, flowers in any proportion they want/can. In exchange for the offerings, as gratitude she will help you with any wish you want. You can also ask something from her even if you don’t have something to offer,  and promise her you will give something back after, but you have to keep your promise or she will get angry, as she is kind but you don’t want to see her angry, she will take all her help from you and she will scare you.

Tattoos, rings and other jewelry are used with the image of the Death and a symbol of believing in her and being protected everywhere you go.

Many stories can be told, some of the girls claim they ask the Death for work and they suddenly get a call 5 minutes later for a date. What do you think about this practice?

For now lets just respect the practices. Nice week!

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