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This week past by so fast, we barely noticed today is already Saturday. We have some girls going out for some days and will be back in no time. Some will be planning a little retouch before they come back.

Some of you have wondered from the past blog and asked more about the cult for Death and a Musa is letting us have the chance to see the altar she has for her Girl; as she calls Death. You can see it has some candles, money so she can have a lot of work and more money each time, also some flowers, candy, cigarettes, alcohol and even soda. When you offer something she is grateful, will keep you protected and will help you with your wishes. But you have to keep your promise, if you offer her something in exchange for a wish then don’t be ungrateful and keep your word.

Many say this is a bad thing, that she will take away something in exchange, and the price will be high. Some others say she is very comprehensive and won’t take away what you love the most or charge you a very high price, but she will definitely want you to offer something, whatever you can or have and you can talk to her, and she will understand. The faith on Death have grown because of people constantly reporting she helped them, so can she really be called bad?

You can ask her for work, healing, protection, for the safe delivery of the people passing to the next life and many things. So again this all depends on the people.

Many people have said she appears to them in dreams, or she gives them a sign she is still there waiting for them to keep their promises, or to inform something, sometimes to avoid dangers.

This all over the country and it is not strange to watch everyday people praying to Death. Some say this shouldn’t be done because you should only pray to God, another theory says God allows Death to act when you pray to her, as she is the one that will take you when your times is done and; supposedly, since god is the one that decides when your time is up, he is the one that controls Death and also allows her to protect you, but before Death you must consider God.

This is the faith of thousands of Mexican people who do not see Death as bad deity, but as a Saint, like many catholic personalities are considered as Saints. So they call her Santa Muerte.

Talking about gifts, and since it was a busy week, some of the ladies sent photos of the details a lot of clients like to bring them, just so they know they do appreciate their gifts.

I actually take back that, that Pay Station 5 will go for Brayan, don’t be a sugar ATM you dumbass. If you want to give away a Play Station 5 then give it to me, I will appreciate that more than the Brayan you are sponsoring without know it. This will be the only time (I hope) I’m going to reveal the detail so the guy can know whats happening, you can thank me later by bringing me a Play Station 5 too for letting you know.

BTW those pink cookies were delicious, bring more of those too please lol

Now about the Musas, Irais is taking at least another month for recuperation and Red Velvet will be back soon just to leave again, so hurry, they get busy or leave and we can’t do anything else. Adilene is back now while some other we have to let go now because they are not reliable and they are not honest.

We have some new girls now, you can check out Kenia, Camila, Mitzy, Melody, Dania. And, as expected and said on the last blog post, some people still are asking: Is Cassandra still available? …… on Sunday.

So, if you have the chance to come down, there you go, the hottest girls will not wait for you, they will be gone soon enough when they have enough money. Now, people ask why the girls are not waiting for them outside the hotels and why they do not arrive at the exact time they wanted. Well, first off, safety is first when it comes to the girls and the clients, usually LE are outside hotels and try to blackmail the clients, they even work with the staff so they can split the bride they get from the client after scaring them (happens specially in a place where the staff doesn’t open the garage), some have reported this and we don’t want the girls to get involved in this practice. Then, we have people not really arriving to their dates, even if they have booked before it happens, anything could go wrong on their trip and they either get the room later than expected or just are not able to arrive. And we also have a fan just trying to make us waste time instead of getting better, pretty lame already, but the staff from those places the Musas go inform us anyway.

Conclusion, no, they will not wait for you outside the hotel. Maybe if they were the kind of girls that would pay you instead, this could be a reality here, but no. We always clarify they go to you after the room number, it is on the webpage too.

About to start a new week, now we have to check out the new talent does. Hopefully we get a new star or two from the new Musas. Nice week.

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