Act like I don’t see it

We have some sad days as some Musas have left into a journey of self-discovery and will be back transformed and renovated, so Red Velvet and Alanna choose to leave together and they will come back together, maybe a few days of difference but who cares? They will be back.

Bunny is the new sensation right now, for those wanting a new skinny young lady she is the one.  Along with Melody, Miami and Denisse they are the new skinny club. Denisse needs better pictures tho but she is reluctant or just too lazy to get new ones, a shame because she has good comments but is underrated because of bad pics.

Now Irais returned and with some new shiny friends, she is not doing threesomes again because there was another catfight, for a Brayan, that is a word you should learn if you plan to understand TJ culture, it sucks actually but this it is what we have in Mexico.

And part of the Mexican culture is “chisme”. I know many want to know more and more chismes, but that will have to wait since some have a sensitive heart and a fragile mind, specially sugar ATMs, so the latest chisme we can talk about is about the love triangle of Alanna, Svanna and Red Velvet, involving friendship, Brayans, alcohol, betrayal, loss and pain because no one understands women and, as said before by someone in the forum, women understand women and they hate each other, so they are now mortal enemies and will fight to have the last word, hence why they don’t do foursomes anymore, and that’s all we can say.

Another chisme is Lesly wanted to return, but she was the infamous one stealing pictures from the other ladies and using those as hers and there you have, even when she denies it, Estrella is not happy with her around since she received many comments about Lesly posing as her. She even took Jaylee and Nadia’s pictures. Can you imagine asking for petite Nadia and having big size Lesly at your door? Maybe next time if she really needs the job but not right now, the Musas are not happy with her in the team for now.

Bambi is gone, why? Maybe this will be painful for some but it was time to let go, so many failures when a compromise was made so this is a necessary break, maybe the future will have better news and we can work together as it should be.

Someone will return soon, she was here for a short time but had nice comments overall and has a nice gypsy vibe.

If someone already saw Fast and Furious 9 please tell us if it’s worth it or should we cover our faces with a mask and glasses, we want to see what has become of those mechanics organizing clandestine races in Los Angeles to get some cash and then the last thing we knew they were fighting some Captain America kind of dude and the last trailer showed us what it seems Toretto stopping a car with his hands and some dudes in a spaceship. WTF is this, man? Do the ladies get turned on with this?

Some have asked for a recommendation for Mexican food. Try Cenaduria la once at downtown, it has what we call “antojitos”, part of the Mexican gastronomy many people eat mostly at night and that’s why those places open mostly after 5:00 p.m., and the name “Cenaduria” translates into a place you eat dinner.

Real Mexican food can be found in little places called “fonditas”, and usually you will see one or more ladies cooking, and those ladies could be your grandmas age and above because we all know in Mexico the older the women is the better she cooks, at least it was that way some generations ago, don’t expect the Musas turn into a badass Mexican cook, they know how to make Maruchan rammen and quesadillas lol. So yeah, if you want to find the real deal you need to go out of the touristic zone and get some adventures inside the colonias.

We will try and get some images from these “fonditas”, mostly from the food they sell which usually changes everyday, that’s a characteristic many restaurants won’t do.

“Fonditas” have “comidas del dia”, which could be translated into food for today, a little menu that will be offered all day and it doesn’t matter if its not that big, they sell all the food because of how good it is, and that’s the only secret, local home food made by grandmas.

You want to get an idea? Look at YouTube for: “De mi rancho a tu cocina”.

You will see a real Mexican grandma cooking. Do you imagine a Musa cooking that way? No, even Red Velvet and Alanna with some skills are no match for that grandma.

Tomorrow will be a busy day, so book before 10 PM and you will have luck for most of the Musas you want to get. Nice week!

Don’t be blowin’ up my phone askin’ me why

Kitty is back as many can see, didn’t want to say it before but she and Sahara are sisters, but they won’t be doing threesomes unfortunately so it was just something we totally forgot about until now that Kitty is back,  just a fact you didn’t know.

Red Velvet left yesterday, went looking for something to the south border of the country, and she won’t be available for over a month, she will return flashing a new image and the best is she won’t do anything to her best asset, all natural big breasts like always. Of course, we will have the same guys asking the same questions because they didn’t book her when they could.

Is she gone? :



When will she be back?:



Will she make an exception:



Alanna will be changing her image for better too, soon she will be leaving for a month as well so if you want to see her you better hurry. She has been commented so much and everything has been positive, she is becoming a start.

Irais will be returning soon, we are waiting for her to come back. Maybe in a few days, maybe in some weeks, maybe a month. No matter how much you lurker ask, you won’t see her anyway so go jack off again.

Bad thing about Musas leaving is the threesomes combinations will lack and also some catfights here and there so Irais won’t be doing threesomes with anyone and Black Widow got heartbroken by a Brayan (yes, a BRAYAN, not a boyfriend, not a sugar ATM) and wants to leave, until she recovers from the bad personal experience, she will take a short vacation so we will take her off.

We enjoyed the PS5, sorry for Brayan but we convinced her to share this with her friends, Brayan wouldn’t be able to appreciate such a machine. And don’t buy anything from Tencent, we got banned for nothing.

Speaking of which, some banned people are still here and not wanting to leave, so second chances are on the door, obviously knowing who they are  and that they are trying to get under the radar but, second chance is theirs but hope they don’t screw up with their Rude-Unclean-PLM-Creepy-Freak-socially inet stuff again we will have to deny over and over again the services. Some are even getting close to the dark side, not good to try it.

Some clients on the other hand take note and the girls appreciate the effort. You can look at some details Andrea and Red Velvet got from the clients.


So enough gossips for today, we will take a rest, of course, on Sunday, so if you leave the best girls for last then don’t get angry later because there is no answer. All set now.

Nice weekend!