As you can see, the lineup is getting bigger now with some wanting to return and some still waiting to recover along with the new talent. Something you must notice is that some of them returned and wanted to charge more, yes, we can suggest but we do not limit them, and those who wanted to raise their price are more comfortable now, but some of the reasons are those sugar ATMs, or you can call them boyfriends too but that’s not even a close to what their Brayans get genuinely from them. The case is, they wanted more because some walking ATM was trying to find true love the wrong way but they also get bored of doing nothing, they want party and more stuff to do with their own freedom.

Many wanted them back, and here they are, but also you know things have changed for your wallet now and you know who to thank.

Want something better?  Nikita is back.

Want something unbeatable? Nikita will be doing threesomes with Polly now.

This threesome is a one in a time only opportunity, you know what Nikita and Polly can do separately, now imagine the potential of that threesome. Don’t know how much time Nikita will stay this time, so do what you can before she is gone and then you come asking if she is still available when she isn’t even listed.

The poll about greek is tell us you really like Irais. A She wanted to tell us a bit about her:

She likes a Jacuzzi and Whiskey or Don Julio 70 tequila, a sexy combination for multi hour dates, she also likes beers.

Likes to study, she is finishing college right now and is also taking English classes, she is just starting tho.

She likes Chanel Chance perfume, or Victoria’s Secret except vanilla smell, also Ferrero Roche are good chocolates for her.

That doesn’t mean she is expensive, she considers herself a very simple girl, not wanting expensive stuff all the time, she can be happy going to a clean and small place for dinner, as long it has good Mexican food.  One time a client had her wife’s clothes, and she took those.

Why the fuck a guy was giving away his wife clothes? We will probably never know but those were nice so it was good enough for her to wear.

She wants everyone to know she can cook too.


Ashley is taking some summer vacations so she obviously won’t be available for some days. When she will come back? Don’t know, she will be out as long as money lasts.

Again, I guess I have to repeat it forever.  The thing with girls not listed: not listed, not available. Some still work? Yes, but they are for only a 10% of the clientele, because of sugar ATMS, wannabe boyfriends and Brayans (Actually Brayans want them to work), and that 10% knows who they are, so if you don’t know then you are out. Thank those guys, maybe some will return later but will want more money, you get it now? That’s why some wanted a higher rate to come back.

Red Velvet announced her return, won’t have dates schedule for her too far in advance, a day before the dates will be taken so get your clock ready because most probably she will get booked fast.

For the gossip lovers, this time in your gossip section we have some guys wanting to get some piece of the Musas cake because they cannot do it on their own, the lame part is trying to use ladies to do it, happened before and now again. Man, are people just this lost? We encourage anyone wanting to do dumb stuff to change it for hard work. Won’t say who, but you can just say there is a site and also a Telegram boy not wanting to do great stuff over here.

One of the ladies had an embarrassing situation where she couldn’t make the elevator go down, so she just thought it would be a great idea to go to the roof and use the emergency stairs, but there were no stairs there and she couldn’t get back in, so she didn’t know what to do, freaked out, called crying and desperate. Had to let know security and they opened the door, of course she felt stupid and never wants to go back there.

Want another recommendation? For Cheap Charlies go to “Cerveceria Chapultepec”, they sell cheap snacks and drinks, beer and some mixed ones like Mojitos and others. Snacks are like really tiny tho, and drinks have just a drop of alcohol but you can order beer and pass the time. But we know in Musas we don’t have Cheap Charlies right? Lol

So we have to do some work with the threesomes still, so we will have to update the webpage. Get some nice shorts and a beer before coming down, it’s hot as hell. Nice week!

This time let’s wake up before noon

Will be uploading new material in the videos section, watch closely that hot lady you like.

Aine is back, she is bisexual but doesn’t have a threesome partner, also she has never done one before, maybe time will decide if that changes. Bambi is back too, we will see if she respects her compromise, but also if she understands what this implicates. This is still a job, from where they benefit themselves and also their family.

Not talking about the Family members of Toretto, god damn that went too far.

Red Velvet and Alanna are recovering and still have a month off, maybe more, you will have to wait for them to return better as ever before, they work hard to get their goals and this was one of them. Helena is also getting her goals done, which also is her passion, she is modeling right now and doing photo session, despite her beauty, she doesn’t take that as her only quality so she is studying college too.

Some still ask: when will she return? If we don’t announce it, means she is not seeing anyone for now or you are from that 90% that she won’t see because of the Sugar ATM.

The vaccine campaign in the city will have a second round according to the news, obviously anything can change, as this country government is so inconsistent but most of the girls managed to go and get vaccinated despite the long lines, which advanced really quick and got their vaccine in less than an hour in most cases.

This was done in a massive way in an attempt to reopen the border for Mexican tourists using a visa, if you try to get into Mexico being a U.S. citizen or have a Green Card everything is still the same, just get your passport.

Some of you really have to do some reading, some keep asking for girls not available, some of them for over 4 years now. Some keep asking about the rates, about services the Musas don’t do, just read a bit and you will have every answer. We don’t want another idiot like that guy who “didn’t read” he had to bring condoms and wanted to Bareback with Estrella forcefully, and he didn’t even got money to pay the service, you can read about that case in the forum. But please notice, coming to the most dangerous city in the world to do stupid things is not the best option.

Hi to the copy cats, going to copy paste this too? Ma..mamia.

Got some questions about the traditional Mexican food, some of the most “traditional” Mexican food you can ask for at a restaurant, and the answer is hard because most parts of Mexico have their own traditional Mexican food. We must think in something eaten in all of Mexico, and that is tacos but we all know that, so we have to think about something else, and so the “Caldos” enter the scene, soup with vegetables and we can use different kinds of meat to prepare the soup but can only choose one, so the most traditional caldos are three: Res (cow meat), Pollo (chicken meat) and camaron (shrimp). The belief is that these are very nutritious and a good option when people are sick. And Mexican moms cook the caldos when the weather is dam hot as hell.

A view from a Caldo de camaron (What did you expect? Naked girls?)

We have to run and make breakfast, ladies are lazy and don’t have the cooking skills of mexican grandmas. Stay sober boys.