I’m ready to go, taking chances.

Well, it seems the ladies organized a strike and now they many are off duty because of those special days of the month: Nikita, Kitzia, Kenia, Zinahi, Salma, Mitzy, Aine, Stella, Bunny started their period and are taking a break.

Irais and Ashley and Emily  have to leave town in emergency, Irais will be here on Tuesday, Ashley will be back the 13th

New talent and some have returned, again. Lesly still trying to return and other former Musas are there asking if they can come back, but don’t think anytime soon we will see them.

The waiting times when driving back to the U.S.  are getting weird and sometimes the lines go faster and sometimes too slow, the recommendation is to cross walking and take an Uber to be safe and faster.  Sometimes crossing by Otay side is faster, but it sure waiting time reduces to nothing when you cross walking by Otay side, the only downside is mot of the ladies won’t go to Otay places because Uber charges them too much, if you Uber down to places like Villa Dorada, this could be solved without spending that much in Uber.

Yes, all the Baja returned to the yellow light, but with the vaccination and the way things are done (not the way they should be), nothing will change. You are all grown men and the ladies have the age to decide what to do, so it’s all up to you to go have fun or not, we encouraged the girls to get vaccinated, but anything can happen.

Lets just open a new section:

You know now who to thank.


The menu? DFK has been removed, thank those guys who doesn’t wash their mouth. Many reports now from guys not even wanting to take a shower, ladies reporting guys who don’t wash their genitals. You can already read some of those experiences in the forum.

We don’t have bad looking desperate girls who would actually pay you for sex, the young and beautiful have a clientele based on looks alone, but we also want a nice service delivered; and this last thing is turning into a far cry of what it used to be each time a creep comes and scares the ladies.

Desperate creeps wanting to get BBFS, but be realistic, paying for sex doesn’t give those creeps the right, in fact, those creeps know why they have to pay for sex, and that truth it’s not that fantastic right? So we want this to be a pleasure experience, and we want the ladies and clients to be comfortable and enjoy, and then these creeps come and ruin everything.

We will fight for the service to remain as good as possible.


Reunions? No, already said many times before, thank those who see success with envy.

Will she love you? No, remember a boyfriend is just the shadow of the Brayan. Brayan has her heart; you just have a wallet.

Is it safe to go down now with the pandemic still going, will the ladies get tested? No, it’s not safe to come down, thank China. If the virus escaped from a lab or it was because they eat dogs and bats, doesn’t matter now, we are all screwed now because of Corona. BTW, if you eated tacos in Mexico before, probably you too already eated a dog.

Will the hotel give me a discount? Well just ask the hotel staff, why the hell you ask me? You are the reason; you get banned because of you.


When Alanna and Red Velvet will return? Are they available? And those are just people jacking off while they read WhatsApp, thanks to them some are just ignored when they ask this too.

One of the ladies took the chance to be the Mama Musa for 2 days, and you can imagine her reaction when she had to deal with 30 Musas


Stay cold and hydrated, nice week!

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