Fall back into my coffin

Independence day was a bit calm compared to other years, of course the pandemic had everything to do, there wasn’t many events and people just went home early, other years this was just a huge large party everywhere you look, people drinking on the streets and pyrotechnics all night, people always complained that their dogs were scared that day. That isn’t really patriotism, Independence day was just an excuse for people to do in the streets what they couldn’t other days, and this is because the law agents were flexible just for the night. If you think about it, that’s scary.

Halloween is next, and there are no popular characters this year so we will see the typical nurse, nun, Eva, angel, devil and all kind of costumes in Strippers Club version, basically they just buy lingerie and tell everyone that is a costume. Nothing wrong with that, as long we can see some sexy ladies walking around for our eyes. Boys, just dress a Joker like very year and enjoy the view.

You can see we have been busy with these new talent and returns. Unfortunately, some came and already left because they wanted just to make some fast money for debts, school, family or an emergency. Some returned and working like before, some only lasted a brief season their first time so this is the second chance for those who didn’t saw them.

New videos and photos, just check out the videos section for some new material. Remember the WA status photos and videos are just for people who have booked before.
Alanna and Red Velvet decided to try something casual for their new photos, but also they wanted to show they don’t need anyone to help them with that, they will have new videos too.

Black Widow (A.K.A Alina, A.K.A Ekaterina) is celebrating her birthday, accepting gifts from her fans, chocolates or any candy are good for her, she has been a little grumpy lately but she wanted to be happy like before and charming, she celebrated with some cake and friends.

For the gossip section, Irais got into a cat fight with a lady that is no longer working here, of course some drinks had something to do with it, but apparently the other lady was always making Irais feel bad and bullying her because of her nails (Why the hell are nails so important?) so she just said enough is enough, and got into a fight. One heavy weight girl VS Irais who is light weight, you can imagine how that ended up, they fell off some stairs and some hair extensions were left behind.

Red Velvet and Alanna are not free from gossips, a lady is quite jealous about Red Velvet, actually she wants her out.

Valery had an accident, she will have to really take a rest, she was sitting and fell of the chair, but she fell on top of one of the chair’s legs. How the hell that happened? I don’t know and didn’t ask because all of her ass and part of her genital area are bruised really bad, looks painful and she will have to take some weeks to rest.

Threesomes are doing good but keep in mind that a lesbian act would be hard to find these days, Aurora and Margareth say they will try the act. They did their first with lingerie and a Bluetooth speaker so they could play some music.

Veronica will join Red Velvet and Alanna for threesomes as well.

Everyone is talking about the Squid Game here, the Musas have seen it and they like the show, just watch it on Netflix. It’s the new boom right now, really doing some hard memes the Green Light/Red Light game.

The border is still open for Americans to cross to Mexico and go back home, what is closed is the tourism from Mexico to U.S., and also some of the lines are closed for car crossing, so take your time and plan your times, remember that walking back is faster and getting a SENTRI pass would be the best option you can get.

For those asking for a recommendation for a place to eat, if you stay at the Lucerna, try the Sushi en la azotea. Great food, pricey but good, excellent view, but for the best ramen try the restaurant in front of Adelitas at Zona Norte, if you plan hitting the bars, that ramen is killer.

Cold days will be here, stay calm and cover yourself with warm clothes, don’t want to catch a cold and confuse that with Corona. Nice week!

Would you come in back for more?

September is the month when Mexico celebrates Independence day, as said before in other posts, this day is taken mainly as an excuse to drink in the streets, we will talk more about this in other posts when the day is closer.

The whole month of September is what we call the Mexican month, its full of what we call “Kermes”. Just like December has the Posadas, a Kermes is basically is just a reunion were people dress with typical native clothes and prepare the so called “antojitos”, which includes mostly fried food like quesadillas, enchiladas, tacos dorados and flautas (which are thin tacos, friend to make the tortilla crunchy). Soups like Pozole and Menudo are also very present in these celebrations.

People also organize plays and typical Mexican choreographies, you can watch in youtube searching: Danza de los machetes, Danza de los viejitos. Something people usually teach their sons so they can participate in the Kermes as part of the entertainment.

Our birthday is also this month, 7 years have passed

By the way, Mel Gibson visited Tijuana recently and had a great time… so we heard.


New talent and some reinforcements returned


Alanna and Red Velvet are back now and doing threesomes again.

Black Widow, before known also as Alina, Mamadora and now as Ekaterina is back and will be doing threesomes with Andrea (No, not the Andrea from a few years back, people are even asking this til today).

Kitzia is also doing threesomes with Andrea and Ekaterina. She will be available after 5 PM only, because of school and other activities she has to do, for those interested in her.

Shanti and Aurora are here, and probably not for long so hurry. Aurora is already in high demand and she doesn’t have much time left for other clients so you will have to wait in line if there is no luck.

Seliam was announced for a day and she will go back under the shadows for now. You know, the 10% will have access, sorry but not sorry.

Right Bunny and Liz had to go out and take an emergency journey but they will be back soon we hope, this is the only thing we can wish so the lineup can be better.  Ashley, Kitzia, Ekaterina, Aurora, Red Velvet, Salma, Shanti, Zinahi, Lizbeth, Alanna, Adilene, Valery, Irais are one of a kind with lots of public and private recommendations and they can only be found here. Really pretty ladies like Hazel, Helena, Sahara, Daisy and Anastasia have gathered here, we have more than enough arsenal right now with both looks and service, you have A LOT  of Stars to choose from.

Still have to wait for more recommendations from the new ones, Aurora has been the only one mobilizing the crowd really fast and big from the start, maybe she will be a danger for the rest of the Musas, who knows? Maybe she will become the next Nikita (no, not available) but yet to have the number of recommendations Salma, Zinahi, Adilene or Ashley have.

Guys still asking for Nikita, just accept it, not on the website not available. Even Red Velvet saw them asking and she was like:


Melissa has moved on to another city, we wish her well, she was an unique kind of lady, , and wish she can visit us someday, she was one of the best ever. Who else had a Melissa like ours? Only us. By the way, since you like gossips and she is now a long way down the country, we can say now that Kitty hated Melissa because she was the only one who had bigger boobs than her, and Melissa hated Red Velvet because she was getting much attention and she has big breasts too.

Wait for the new pictures of Red Velvet BTW.

We will have to update the videos section, with all the changes these last 2 months, Musas coming and leaving and then returning we just forgot about that section because any update had to be erased after a Musa left and then redo again and shit, that was so annoying.

Nice month everyone, remember we also accept Play Station 5 as a birthday gift, the last one a Musa received did go for Brayan. Nice week!