Aurora Borealis

We had a little celebration for 7 years being active and still working to bring the most beautiful ladies. Some drinks, food and music before we could get some sleep for next day work. Some say they have booked with us for over 8 years, do you come from the future?

Didn’t want to ruin the surprise, and also didn’t want to make a mess with the schedule so never announced Arabella’s return in the blog, now that it was announced she filled her spots in less than a day, she will be busy and probably won’t be back in quite some time after this.

The border will open again for fully vaccinated tourists starting next month, San Ysidro businesses should be getting a lot of help from tourists now, some couldn’t make it thru the pandemic and hopefully tourism will save others from disappearing. With this, maybe they will open more ports for cars and waiting times will reduce, we have to wait but for now the best is to cross on foot, also the waiting lines are way longer in the mornings because of people living in Mex but working on the U.S.

Will be adding new videos, remember, we have way more than 1 picture in each profile, more than 3,500 pictures in our forum, videos and still there are people trying to say:

They don’t look like the ones in the picture

This leads to face pics obviously, but unfortunately and thanks to some people asking for face pics and then using them for no good and using social media for indiscreet purposes we stopped sending them.

This leads to us having the social media most popular ladies that many want and unfortunately they can’t know they are here; discretion is very important for them as you can imagine.

This leads us to talking about the revelation of the month, Aurora, she is active in IG and other social media and is part of the “Popus” social tribe, this comes from Popular and it’s used as a reference to those ladies having a huge fan base waiting for their sexy pictures.

For those asking to know a bit more about the ladies, this is Aurora time

Loves to cook; she is always looking for healthy option on internet
She is a model, often models lingerie and she is thinking of modeling some sexy costumes for Halloween. Maybe she could bring some of those for her dates.

She is open for cosplay, she likes anime and cosplay is also a sexy option for those who like to get some outfits for the ladies to use in their date. Look for some sexy cosplay lingerie for her and she will gladly use it, she likes to role play like the characters she uses the outfit, but you if you can’t decide what to bring, a cat outfit is always a sexy and good option for her.

She likes Ferrero chocolates and also strawberry pay.

Likes to drink wine, sweet flavor if possible, Rose wine.

Didn’t want to try threesomes at first but she got in touch with Margareth and now they are working together, they did their first threesome together just a few weeks ago, she explored her sexuality in that threesome, for her it was a big step because she had never done a threesome and she liked to touch and kiss Margareth, she also licked her everywhere, you know what that means.
In Margareth’s words: “She acted so porno”.
After that, they are open for toys and even maybe a third partner, but they have to feel comfortable, which is the case between them and that’s why it worked.

She wants to be responsable with this job, she even got a necklace with the name “Aurora” for her dates. For now, she was been receiving excellent comments, and hopefully she will give us her presence for a long time.


For now the good providers are still here, from all the new ones who joined not long ago, we had to let go some of them. For now we will work with them and if new ones join we will see how they do. Nice week!

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