If you leave then pack the heat

ome update about the current situation on the border because many people are asking:


You are able to cross into Mexico and get back to the U.S. with no problem, as long as you are an American citizen or have a green card, everything will be normal. Don’t forget you need your passport as always.


In other words:

Mexico has not close its border, so anyone can still go in.

U.S. is letting citizens and legal residents go back in as usual. People with a tourist visa back off.



Some updates from the girls

  • Nadia doing threesomes with Lanny now
  • Hazel back for limited time
  • Falon will be here for limited time as well.
  • Anastasia returned, she had a brief shine for 2 weeks before she left when she joined the first time.

Wasn’t going to reveal this but now you can check on Sandra, she will rock your world like Natasha can, just mark it, won’t say anything else but Natasha can confirm this, that’s all.


We have an increase on girls getting locked inside their houses. How the hell that happens? Idk who makes those houses where anyone can go in but no one can get out and they have to wait for someone to open the door from outside.


Check out the videos in some of the profiles, you will have a deeper look for sure, specially from Luna.


Now back to work again, hopefully everything is good, Musas are healthy and ready on their houses. No leaving for party and drinks. Thanks to all.

I found it with you, I thought it was true

We know the world is a chaos right now but we manage to stay work the same. The city is currently safe for now, managing to keep up the precautions and all the girls are doing very good with it as well, rain is making some of the part keeping everyone home as well and the Musas have the advantage to have a job not requiring to go out and get involved with a group, as long as the border keep with their observations with people crossing into Tj and crossing back to the U.S. we feel safe. Many rumors too about crossing the border but everything is working fine, rumors are created mainly because of the fear from the thousands of people crossing from Tj to US to work each day, and then people trolling them mostly on social media.

The most transited border in the world will be hard to close but we do need to keep safety first in order to keep it that way, and all the people crossing knows it or they will lose everything, their jobs, money and will not be able to keep up with their lives again.  No cases in the city, let’s keep it that way!

Now, please just keep calm and stop taking all the toilet paper, if you follow the lines there is no need to panic for sanitizer gel and surely you will not be sitting all day on the toilet, come on boys, now Costco is all empty and people reselling toilet paper for a 100 dollars, now a damn toilet paper costs more than an hour with a beautiful Musa. Well screw your toilet paper, we can just buy the newspaper and use it instead.

We have a new website…again, now we have 2 websites….3 links, well, whatever, just enjoy it, we need to get a hobby.

Guest now which girls got into a fight, we will mention everyone but not which girl took a beaten.







Let’s just say that Widow not working with Polly anymore lmao.   Cat Fighting is something we are used to, Lesly got into a fight a few months ago but she is a heavy case, she had surgery because of that fight. She got into a fight with two guys, yeah, she is not to be messed with, she got her hand broken but 2 weeks after she was ready, we had to tell her to rest more but she was there for the job, she is strong, imagine what she can do in bed now.

The Tantrum award of the week goes for a Musa leaving the place because she didn’t want to go and get some food, but also she didn’t want to tell what she wanted to have for breakfast, so she got angry because we couldn’t read her mind and bring her the food she wanted. Really, W T F.

If you want to enter the forum, first you need to register and then send us a message  to forum_musas@outlook.com, let us know the username and e-mail you register so we can check it.

Now we need to keep on the work, yes, we are still active even tho we are taking our time to stay inside when there is no need to be out there, everything is fine and all the Musas are doing good, we know now they are Warriors, thanks to all and be good.

If you need that light that purple drink I’ll bring it by

A new year and also many new things have started.

Dear Tracy now started cooking and she lasted 2 days, YouTube has come to the rescue because we don’t even know how to make instant ramen. Did you ever felt curious about true Mexican food? Not the one on fancy ass restaurants, the usual places on Revolucion ave. with the same old same old or just tacos, the best Mexican food is what our grandmas cooked for all of us. Watch “De mi rancho a tu cocina” on YouTube and you will see homemade Mexican food like our grandma used to make cooked by a real Mexican grandma.

Last time even our beloved Musa tried to make a torta, basically is a sandwich but a different kind of bread, she had a hard time cutting the bread on half, and she would even burn cereal with milk we believe, so she will train watching Youtube now.
Now rain affected many things, one of them is a highway covered by mud and water, Lizbeth is suffering from bad infrastructure and is struggling because Ubers take more time to arrive and sometimes they don’t, we know politics have everything to do here but we are not going to get into nasty details, just we let you know that sometimes they will take more than expected. Many things people not from around do not know and this is just an example of why they just cannot be there waiting outside or arrive in 10 minutes. Yes, some people actually believe and have said anyone can get to any place in this city within 10 minutes. Please boys, this is more than just downtown, the border and the beach.


New Year and same questions from new and old cats.

  • Do you a have more photos?
    You already have, literally now, 1000’s of additional photos.
  • Who is better, x or y?
    As said many times, we don’t “run tests” on the Musas, best you can do is check the forum
  • Do they go to Zona Norte?
    Not even answering this one anymore.

Moderators are doing their job in the forum, so no matter who or how many posts, not following the rules will get you banned.
Thanks for being there for another year, we have been doing everything we can and need a rest sometimes, even dear Tracy falls asleep watching Netflix now and she got into a fight with another Musa because she called her a stupid whore bitch, lmao. So cat fights are back, oh, and one of them got a black eye and is out of circulation for now, so check out who is not available and maybe you will guess who she is.

Now thank you for your trust, some have told us copycats are there but we are focusing on us and sometimes don’t even have time enough cook a nice spicy meal and end up trying dry chicken from the 2 blocks away and bad salad, god damn.

Now for last year:

  • Melissa gets the award for the laziest Musa
  • Lesly gets the award for Revelation of the year.
  • Revel gets the award for the Grumpy Musa
  • Brandy gets an award for Mythomaniac 2 years in a row now.

In the Slowest Musa category

  • Daniela returned late year but she got the Turtle award, and Lizbeth got the Slug award but in her case she lives far almost in the wild.


  • Ashley got the Ferrari award for being the fastest Musa

This time let’s start making sense

So, after Halloween and a lot of Jokers, Harley Quinns and lingerie being used as customs we had to take some time and make some trips to the beach. Now we have some new additions like Fernanda, Natasha, Jazmin, they compete with Daniella and Helena for the most beautiful Musa around, but even Valery has been compared to Honey which was a huge lost because of her hot model looks. We have a very exclusive lineup right now and we are happy with the results of this work.

We have to let some other girls go, this time maybe forever since some unacceptable conducts were there and then they did not understood what this is all about, excuses and bad interpretations are not part of a healthy work relationship and, of course, those unacceptable actions they had were not good at all for the clients. So, sorry, will not mention who they are, but most probably they will want to come back and accepting them back will not be easy. Sorry for them but if they want to try luck, best of it, and we hope they do try and don’t come back before doing it.

Now, even Andrea had the chance to come back for some days, imagine the situation, even her was again accepted and kept working until she had to go out of town for personal reasons. Keep in mind we don’t just take a fast decision based on what we feel or favoritism. Even Andrea had to prove that she was willing to do it right now. Oh, well.

Yes, Widow is now the new Avenger and she has excellent feedback, Scarlet Johansson lookalike, charismatic and energetic. Has the haircut and all, so better turn into Hulk for a session with her.

Now back to basics:

Face pics are not for everyone because of idiots sending the pictures to other sites and then trying to send this to the girls relatives. Idiots trying to harass them, idiots lurking, idiots not even trying to book.  Thank them, and thanks for understanding us.

Not on the site? …….Quite obvious she is not not working
So, unless a girl appears again on the site, we give their hours for the day or week in the forum and only mentioned times, she is not working at all.

Please let us know which girl, what time, place and when you want the date, some of them can’t be booked in advance, some others can be booked even a week ahead, just keep in mind that bloody days for many women do not warn, school assignments and family are always there without a sign.

Recommendations? We don’t even know you; you expect us to recommend a girl who fits your taste in looks and services? We don’t even know if you have good hygiene and treat the girls with respect. If you want us to recommend you someone give us a description of what you want after reading their profiles and checking out the rates sections, probably then we can help you a bit more. The forum has helped a lot and, check out the reviews for them and check out some comments from the girls themselves and even one of the ladies is participating but not working with us, and she made a very interesting comment: you pay for the menu, but how the girls work, their mood and smiles are not included, you better treat them right to win those smiles and good mood doing their job.

We try go teach the girls on how they can win many fans, and let the bad ones go, and as said before, we are not some idiots who don’t know they need this to pay school, food and other needs, we do give second chances hoping they have changed for good, so we want them to take this work seriously and make their act a nice excuse for the clients to come here.

What T.V. shows are watching the girls? Well, suddenly some of them are now addicted to Hell’s Kitchen, hopefully they take some tricks and start cooking because they are lazy now and watching T.V. all day, this better helps. I mean, show really has them as zombies, incredible, incredible and to believe yesterday we had to eat instant ramen.

Turkey day is here and we will have to eat KFC at this rate because they are not learning anything from Gordon Ramsay. Now people say we shouldn’t be celebrating anything because this is not a Mexican celebration, well screw you, Jesus Christ wasn’t born in Mexico and you celebrate his birth on what we call “Noche Buena”. Be honest, you just want the presents on that day and this is the same, we just want to eat a turkey and that’s it.

Rainy day but still working. Thanks boys.

There’s no remedy for memory

We had a very, very busy and weird month. Well, we had to say goodbye to a very loved girl and new ones came in return, even a mini Scarleth Johansson is here now, her pictures are still not on the site but she will start soon. She even has the haircut from The Winter Soldier, for those who have a crush on The Black Widow, she is the one and only, wait for her pics on the site to book her.

Now, another anniversary and we are kinda tired to go party, we will think about it later so the girls from the last celebration will be joining as well, of course some of them are not working at the moment but they are always on for party mode.

There is a new user to help out with threads in the forum, sometimes threads are similar and need to be merged into one post with valuable info, for entertainment or just part of the community stuff in general, this way information and some comments from the community don’t get lost and have continuity, also new members can add something to old but still commented threads.

There is another user that will post pictures of the girls. Again, many still ask:

“Any additional pictures?”


We already have more than 1k additional photos there. O M G

Polly will be doing threesomes now with another partner, her last partner was not reliable so she we fire her despite she was so good, that was the second chance we gave her, most probably she will be back again….. like many, but we need to talk to her first, and we will se how she does after and then we can decide if she stays.

We recently discovered Alissa’s true nature, she’s Otaku, she likes anime, videogames and all Japanese stuff. Have to say that anime has some good series, like any good Netflix series, only difference is that we see animation, but it also gives a great chance for imagination and the creators can do all kind of crazy stuff. Bring her some Naruto toys and she will be happy lol. Remember we had some anime fans before, Lucia was a Pokemon fan and she liked Snorlax.

Michelle is back, so threesomes with Brandy are good to go again, not after 5 pm, so check your times and we will be on for some booking, she is not available at any time after 5 pm, so better start scheduling work times and taking a break if you want to see her. She is as wonderful as always.

We have news from Andrea but she will have to work hard before coming back here, too many chances and there are other girls wanting to join but we have to give priority to the actual Musas. We have her too many opportunities before letting her go the last time.

One thing about Carolina that some will find interesting: she likes to see the face of a man cumming, turns her on LMAO.

Week will be hard as well, but we have some help now and probably will rest a bit more and have more time to watch a movie or go to dinner. Good week.

I wanna love you on a Monday

Last month was intense and we are still recovering from some WTF’s and YOLOS, because, why not? Man we have to give a try sometimes to new stuff, but if it doesn’t work we go back to whatever was working well and everyone happy like always.

Example, we gave the opportunity to 5 new girls, we don’t know where the hell they came from but they came together… it was a total fail and after 1 day we took them off. They wanted to come back but no, please no, they even send more girls but no, hell no. Some of them only got to be here for a few hours before we took them off.

The forum has a topic were this is reminded, we keep good girls, let go bad ones and that’s how we get mostly good reviews, man, is that formula so difficult? Some keep saying there are too many good reviews, well…. just cancel your account, not gonna explain it again. lol

TheOceanBlue found what should be our trademark.

Now, our dear Ariana has been telling to many clients that we usually don’t give out recommendations, you all have different taste and just come and ask who we recommend? Not to be an ass on that one, but we really don’t have a clue of what you want lmao. Most of the time all depends on what type of body you like, because as we keep many good girls and work with them, service could be a bit more difficult to recommend unless you are looking for something more specific like greek and/or Swallow.

Polly is becoming the new start, her menu is even greater than Frida’s, Lizbeth and Angie. Don’t get her wrong, she doesn’t like to be treated bad, she is a maniac, yes, but doesn’t like to be hurt, some people confuse her maniac side with hurting and try to go beyond her limits. Some comon sense please.

Monique is back and we know Esteban is sad, send him your good vibes and his broken heart will heal soon.

Many people talking about the asteroid passing too close they are afraid it will crash with earth, but don’t worry, Hollywood taught us that it will crash on New York, we are still safe.

We started to play with voice messages, and even had the idea of Radio Musas, since some former Musas wanted to talk about casual stuff, and sexy stuff too, but also some serious topics and started to send their greetings to their former partners like a real radio program. Maybe we will record something in the future and post it. I know it’s gonna be horrible but we keep thinking of new stuff for entertainment. First it was the blog, then the forum.

Stay tuned. Nice weekend!

I wanna know if you can turn me out

Right now we are giving the chance to some of the new cats to join and give it a try, some need to add some better pictures though. Some we let go for good, no more opportunities, we let those work for a long time and keep talking and advicing about their work but at the end we couldn’t do more so they could stay, it was up to them now and they didn’t choose well, so now they want to come back but we can’t give more opportunities specially if there are girls waiting for work and want to do it right.

Lesly, for example, is a girl who just joined and received good feedback but she is not able to work because she got in the middle of a fight, her arm was broken and she needs surgery now. She called to let us know what she wants to keep working and to give her a chance, I thought that was a nice detail and it shows that she wants to keep things right and needs the job, she is always sending updates about her health and how things are doing in the hospital. Wish her well.

Liar Brandy wants more and more work but can’t even deal with what she has right now lol.

It seems Michelle will come back soon, so she will need some new pictures and you will see the change. Hopefuly we get more updates soon, but I’m pretty sure there’s not much to add.

Some girls haven been revealing their likes, some of them enjoy reading like Revel who likes reading magazines…. well, thats something lmao. Alissa says she likes novels, Julio Cortazar is her favorite writer and she goes to college, while Coco also readys and paints, she has talent and there are Musas who enjoy writing too. We have many surprises over here.

Some of the good stuff we had with Esteban.

Some of the presents he brings, good girls get rewarded but also being a gentlemen never goes out of style. He likes to be fancy too, as we can see he gives them a reason to smile and they can give back a good time in return.

The forum is getting bigger and many threads must be merged into one, the girls and their pictures get lost so we need to search all of the post to fuse them into one big badass thread. And when doing this many are still asking about reviews and information about girls already having a huge bunch of info and photos there. Please go jack off somewhere else.

Just fixed something with yahoo, been forgetting about mail updates, gonna send something soon. July 4 is soon, so we recommend crossing on foot to avoid long waits and stress about times. Remember the girls need to take their time after they get the room number, no pizzas here.

Nice week!

I wanna know, wanna know how you do it


Se are having some trouble getting the lineup in balance, with all the new ones, other Musas taking vacations and, of course, other ones returning for more. Some want to join but also we need to give our already Musas the chance to get some work first and get to know how they work and let others know how good they are before letting new cats get in the house, so we have some candidates for Musa in line for now.

A big surprise was Estrella, who came and is turning heads right now because of her menu, she even squirts and she told us she does this automatically. Damn, that’s some serious stuff there.

There was a lot of good ass movies this last month, starting with Avengers and all the spoilers and fights because of that, some Musas got angry because they got the movie spoiled before they could buy the tickets. John Wicket and X-men are some of the movies they talk about.

Now, we are getting (again..omg) a lot of questions about girls that are no longer working, for now. Seriously, lurker legion gotta man up or just accept they are gone, it is true what someone said in the forum, many just jack off with the pictures and never see the Musas, so when they are gone they keep asking over and over again, man, some are even asking every day. Go see Xvideos to jack off or see the Musas so you won’t be sorry when they gone.

Done with that.

Lizbeth is getting some attention, I admit she was underrated but after some comments now I believe she does have some good skills, she is also trained for a professional massage, her menu includes Greek which is hard to find sometimes, she was a hidden gem and now her shine is getting through.

We keep getting a lot of gentlemen’s bringing gifts and treating the girls so good. We appreciate those clients, so we try to make it worth it. A little something some of the girls got from an awesome dude.

Ariana wants some Xbox headphones so I…. So she can play all day….. Just letting you know in case you were interested lol.

Some of the Musas like interesting things, lately been seeing anime because one of the girls take over the Tv and YouTube is always full of anime. Some have very interesting stuff, story, characters. Just like a Netflix series but made a Japanese cartoon.

Other girls like rock and punk scene, they have some interesting ideology about government and society, not really agree about the actual government but also most part of society are not ready to be independent enough to make this country progress. In other words, this sucks, pretty bad.

This rocker girls also like going to concerts and getting wild in the mosh pit. Pretty crazy, considering they are just skinny girls no more than 5’3.

Other girls are interested in photography, they already got some expensive cameras and still learning, but they are taking classes for professional photography.

Other ones are still in the same old same old party rampage. Well, we know how that ends so we will just let it be.

Sorry for leaving the blog, but the forum and the Musas are taking too much time from us right now, we will try to keep posting here more often. Stay tuned!

The side effects are sexual

Too much to do lately. We had to change our server to a bigger, faster and more reliable for us because of all the activity, the forum is taking too much now because it has much material and we need to take cover of how it works with our own server now.

Yesterday was the Premiere of Avengers Endgame and was chaos with the spoilers, some Musas got angry because they saw spoilers. We have some huge fans from Marvel here but I have to say that all the commotion about the movie was too much, the movie is really good but I expected more from all the high from the spoilers and people buying all the tickets before everyone else. The movie was predictable but there still was some huge surprises. Recommended.

We have some request from many girls to join the team, we are having a hard time getting thru all of them because they have to be really sure and be ok with the kind of services we offer, after that the pictures are the hard part. We need to take care of the actual Musas as well and many are having a hard time as well with their lives and some ask for some advice. We also have some weird cases, were some of the Musas ask for help but they let their personal stuff get into their work and start failing, but then they want all the work they can’t get but don’t try hard.

Well, they will need to learn by themselves then how this works, sometimes is inevitable and after they know the value of help, even if they have to work while someone helping, they will become a better provider and person as well. We wish them all well, but sometimes this work needs some growing as well.

On some other news, Misty gave us a big surprise, she is petite, really curly blonde hair, she looks exotic and surely turns heads because of her looks. She is very enthusiastic and is very funny to hang out with. Had some fun before showing her to the world, she will become a star for sure.

On some counterpart, Luna is a sweetheart, she would be Irazu’s younger self if I didn’t knew them both, she will be an awesome companion for Dinner, but she is more flexible. A threesome with her and Misty would be interesting, both are forward but Misty is more wild.

On other news, Melissa is learning how to drive, she does it well, and…. was her second time and already drove outside the city, that was dangerous but didn’t even know she was just as that new in driving. She has potential to go Nascar it seems, she really did it well, that was a long way to go outside and she did it all good in just her second lesson. Risky but she did well.

This happening with Angie and Sayeli right now.

Now, some new ones came for a piece of cake. Gabriella, Helena, Misty, Gina and will have more but some of them need some coaching. Oh well, this is gonna take a while but it is a good thing that girls are asking to join. Hopefully they will be good Musas and we will trust they understand what are we looking for.

We will go for some Chinese dinner for now. Nice weekend!

What I like most about you is your girlfriend

I am really sorry, but I have not been around as much as I want. I’ve had problems with my 3 year old iPhone, which finally started to run out of juice, freeze, and run very slow. A few years ago, I would have bought the latest iPhone model (iPhone XS), and I would have easily migrated my information. The days when I could afford the flagship version are long gone. I don’t know what is happening to cellphone manufacturers, the price of a top of the line phone nowadays is almost twice the price that the original, groundbreaking iPhone had. In the end, I had no option but to buy a mid range Android phone. Coming from the iPhone ecosystem, the transition was anything but smooth It’s not that I’m technologically impaired. I’m lazy to learn how to use a new device. At least I can say now that the nightmare is over.

As you guys have probably noticed, Arabella and Honey came back very briefly, and then they disappeared again. Arabella is supposed to return in a couple of weeks, but that is not 100% sure. If you are waiting for her, don’t hold your breath. I certainly hope she returns, but if she does, she will only work 2 hours from Monday to Friday, which I suppose is better than nothing. Honey said this time she quit for good, but you never know with these girls. Don’t hold your breath waiting for her either, and enjoy the available Musas, we have plenty of legends working for us at the moment, and they can leave any given day. There’s nothing I hate more than deactivating a girl’s profile and instantly receiving dozens of requests from guys who want to meet them, now that they are gone. The few lucky souls who got to see girls like Nadia, will surely have something nice to remember all their lives, because they acted fast. In any case, Arabella is a true Rockstar. As soon as I posted about her brief return in the forum, she was completely booked in a matter of minutes. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope she really comes back.

Speaking of superstars, we have several on the rise. Luna has captivated a lot of customers with her amazing service. Misty, Ella, Gabriella and Helena are on high demand, too bad they cannot meet all the requests they get. They have limited schedules. Adilene and Revel, for some reason, are on the heavy rotation list at this point. And then we have our all-star lineup who consistently make our clients happy: Melissa, Ashley, Brandy, Michelle, Victoria, etc. In addition to that, there are also girls who belong to a third group, and simply pass by the opportunity to shine more, because their lives are filled with Brayans, binge partying, and lots of beauty sleep. I won’t say their names, only their initials:

The Musas are starting to come back from their Easter vacations, and new girls want to join us every week, which is a blessing for us, because for the last 2 weeks most of the girls have been out of town, enjoying life (which is something I haven’t done in decades), and I feel truly happy for them, but not for the guys who missed their only chance a year to see their favorite Musas. Thanks for your patience and for putting up with us these last weeks, but that’s the way things are. The Musas are young and beautiful, they have their whole lives ahead of them, and they want to party. I don’t see anything wrong with that!

As you have probably noticed, our website and the forum run faster and smoother. That’s because we migrated to our own server. The old shared server could not meet our bandwidth requirements, so we had to take care of that. Those are the problems I love to have; it probably means we are on the right path.

It still seems that there are several people who still don’t understand that the forum was made exclusively for our agency’s promotion. People who like our agency and the Musas, are welcome to join and contribute. Can you be honest in our forum, and post something you didn’t like about your most recent encounter? Indeed! But only if it really happened. BS posts and vague negative comments to attack the Musas will be immediately deleted. Am I, as somebody posted, the Soup Nazi? Not at all, but there are certain things I won’t tolerate in our forum. Lies, bullshit, insults, fake reports, racist and misogynist remarks will get you banned. Our forum, as I have said dozens of times, is not for everyone. It’s only intended for Musas fans. We don’t haters who subtly but consistently post nasty shit. Thank you!

I was reading that Mexico has deported over 300,000 migrants, which is more people than I can imagine. Apparently, the president of Mexico is really taking seriously Mr. Trump’s threats to close the border, and that’s a good thing! I feel sorry for all those people, but I feel even more sorry for all the Mexicans who live in poverty, so I am real happy that the president of Mexico finally changed his rhetoric of “everyone is welcome to Mexico, amigos”. I was shocked to hear there are people from 30 different nationalities staying in shelters in the southern Mexico border town of Tapachula. The gateway door to enter Mexico looks like it belongs in a henhouse. Seems we will have to build our own wall over there, or else we will be flooded with people and the s**t will hit the fan sooner than later. In the meantime, everything’s business as usual in TJ. Let’s hope it stays this way until the end of days.

OK I’m off to watch last weekend’s episode of “Game of Thrones” for the third time, and find out if I missed something.

Take care!