Aurora Borealis

We had a little celebration for 7 years being active and still working to bring the most beautiful ladies. Some drinks, food and music before we could get some sleep for next day work. Some say they have booked with us for over 8 years, do you come from the future?

Didn’t want to ruin the surprise, and also didn’t want to make a mess with the schedule so never announced Arabella’s return in the blog, now that it was announced she filled her spots in less than a day, she will be busy and probably won’t be back in quite some time after this.

The border will open again for fully vaccinated tourists starting next month, San Ysidro businesses should be getting a lot of help from tourists now, some couldn’t make it thru the pandemic and hopefully tourism will save others from disappearing. With this, maybe they will open more ports for cars and waiting times will reduce, we have to wait but for now the best is to cross on foot, also the waiting lines are way longer in the mornings because of people living in Mex but working on the U.S.

Will be adding new videos, remember, we have way more than 1 picture in each profile, more than 3,500 pictures in our forum, videos and still there are people trying to say:

They don’t look like the ones in the picture

This leads to face pics obviously, but unfortunately and thanks to some people asking for face pics and then using them for no good and using social media for indiscreet purposes we stopped sending them.

This leads to us having the social media most popular ladies that many want and unfortunately they can’t know they are here; discretion is very important for them as you can imagine.

This leads us to talking about the revelation of the month, Aurora, she is active in IG and other social media and is part of the “Popus” social tribe, this comes from Popular and it’s used as a reference to those ladies having a huge fan base waiting for their sexy pictures.

For those asking to know a bit more about the ladies, this is Aurora time

Loves to cook; she is always looking for healthy option on internet
She is a model, often models lingerie and she is thinking of modeling some sexy costumes for Halloween. Maybe she could bring some of those for her dates.

She is open for cosplay, she likes anime and cosplay is also a sexy option for those who like to get some outfits for the ladies to use in their date. Look for some sexy cosplay lingerie for her and she will gladly use it, she likes to role play like the characters she uses the outfit, but you if you can’t decide what to bring, a cat outfit is always a sexy and good option for her.

She likes Ferrero chocolates and also strawberry pay.

Likes to drink wine, sweet flavor if possible, Rose wine.

Didn’t want to try threesomes at first but she got in touch with Margareth and now they are working together, they did their first threesome together just a few weeks ago, she explored her sexuality in that threesome, for her it was a big step because she had never done a threesome and she liked to touch and kiss Margareth, she also licked her everywhere, you know what that means.
In Margareth’s words: “She acted so porno”.
After that, they are open for toys and even maybe a third partner, but they have to feel comfortable, which is the case between them and that’s why it worked.

She wants to be responsable with this job, she even got a necklace with the name “Aurora” for her dates. For now, she was been receiving excellent comments, and hopefully she will give us her presence for a long time.


For now the good providers are still here, from all the new ones who joined not long ago, we had to let go some of them. For now we will work with them and if new ones join we will see how they do. Nice week!

Fall back into my coffin

Independence day was a bit calm compared to other years, of course the pandemic had everything to do, there wasn’t many events and people just went home early, other years this was just a huge large party everywhere you look, people drinking on the streets and pyrotechnics all night, people always complained that their dogs were scared that day. That isn’t really patriotism, Independence day was just an excuse for people to do in the streets what they couldn’t other days, and this is because the law agents were flexible just for the night. If you think about it, that’s scary.

Halloween is next, and there are no popular characters this year so we will see the typical nurse, nun, Eva, angel, devil and all kind of costumes in Strippers Club version, basically they just buy lingerie and tell everyone that is a costume. Nothing wrong with that, as long we can see some sexy ladies walking around for our eyes. Boys, just dress a Joker like very year and enjoy the view.

You can see we have been busy with these new talent and returns. Unfortunately, some came and already left because they wanted just to make some fast money for debts, school, family or an emergency. Some returned and working like before, some only lasted a brief season their first time so this is the second chance for those who didn’t saw them.

New videos and photos, just check out the videos section for some new material. Remember the WA status photos and videos are just for people who have booked before.
Alanna and Red Velvet decided to try something casual for their new photos, but also they wanted to show they don’t need anyone to help them with that, they will have new videos too.

Black Widow (A.K.A Alina, A.K.A Ekaterina) is celebrating her birthday, accepting gifts from her fans, chocolates or any candy are good for her, she has been a little grumpy lately but she wanted to be happy like before and charming, she celebrated with some cake and friends.

For the gossip section, Irais got into a cat fight with a lady that is no longer working here, of course some drinks had something to do with it, but apparently the other lady was always making Irais feel bad and bullying her because of her nails (Why the hell are nails so important?) so she just said enough is enough, and got into a fight. One heavy weight girl VS Irais who is light weight, you can imagine how that ended up, they fell off some stairs and some hair extensions were left behind.

Red Velvet and Alanna are not free from gossips, a lady is quite jealous about Red Velvet, actually she wants her out.

Valery had an accident, she will have to really take a rest, she was sitting and fell of the chair, but she fell on top of one of the chair’s legs. How the hell that happened? I don’t know and didn’t ask because all of her ass and part of her genital area are bruised really bad, looks painful and she will have to take some weeks to rest.

Threesomes are doing good but keep in mind that a lesbian act would be hard to find these days, Aurora and Margareth say they will try the act. They did their first with lingerie and a Bluetooth speaker so they could play some music.

Veronica will join Red Velvet and Alanna for threesomes as well.

Everyone is talking about the Squid Game here, the Musas have seen it and they like the show, just watch it on Netflix. It’s the new boom right now, really doing some hard memes the Green Light/Red Light game.

The border is still open for Americans to cross to Mexico and go back home, what is closed is the tourism from Mexico to U.S., and also some of the lines are closed for car crossing, so take your time and plan your times, remember that walking back is faster and getting a SENTRI pass would be the best option you can get.

For those asking for a recommendation for a place to eat, if you stay at the Lucerna, try the Sushi en la azotea. Great food, pricey but good, excellent view, but for the best ramen try the restaurant in front of Adelitas at Zona Norte, if you plan hitting the bars, that ramen is killer.

Cold days will be here, stay calm and cover yourself with warm clothes, don’t want to catch a cold and confuse that with Corona. Nice week!

Would you come in back for more?

September is the month when Mexico celebrates Independence day, as said before in other posts, this day is taken mainly as an excuse to drink in the streets, we will talk more about this in other posts when the day is closer.

The whole month of September is what we call the Mexican month, its full of what we call “Kermes”. Just like December has the Posadas, a Kermes is basically is just a reunion were people dress with typical native clothes and prepare the so called “antojitos”, which includes mostly fried food like quesadillas, enchiladas, tacos dorados and flautas (which are thin tacos, friend to make the tortilla crunchy). Soups like Pozole and Menudo are also very present in these celebrations.

People also organize plays and typical Mexican choreographies, you can watch in youtube searching: Danza de los machetes, Danza de los viejitos. Something people usually teach their sons so they can participate in the Kermes as part of the entertainment.

Our birthday is also this month, 7 years have passed

By the way, Mel Gibson visited Tijuana recently and had a great time… so we heard.


New talent and some reinforcements returned


Alanna and Red Velvet are back now and doing threesomes again.

Black Widow, before known also as Alina, Mamadora and now as Ekaterina is back and will be doing threesomes with Andrea (No, not the Andrea from a few years back, people are even asking this til today).

Kitzia is also doing threesomes with Andrea and Ekaterina. She will be available after 5 PM only, because of school and other activities she has to do, for those interested in her.

Shanti and Aurora are here, and probably not for long so hurry. Aurora is already in high demand and she doesn’t have much time left for other clients so you will have to wait in line if there is no luck.

Seliam was announced for a day and she will go back under the shadows for now. You know, the 10% will have access, sorry but not sorry.

Right Bunny and Liz had to go out and take an emergency journey but they will be back soon we hope, this is the only thing we can wish so the lineup can be better.  Ashley, Kitzia, Ekaterina, Aurora, Red Velvet, Salma, Shanti, Zinahi, Lizbeth, Alanna, Adilene, Valery, Irais are one of a kind with lots of public and private recommendations and they can only be found here. Really pretty ladies like Hazel, Helena, Sahara, Daisy and Anastasia have gathered here, we have more than enough arsenal right now with both looks and service, you have A LOT  of Stars to choose from.

Still have to wait for more recommendations from the new ones, Aurora has been the only one mobilizing the crowd really fast and big from the start, maybe she will be a danger for the rest of the Musas, who knows? Maybe she will become the next Nikita (no, not available) but yet to have the number of recommendations Salma, Zinahi, Adilene or Ashley have.

Guys still asking for Nikita, just accept it, not on the website not available. Even Red Velvet saw them asking and she was like:


Melissa has moved on to another city, we wish her well, she was an unique kind of lady, , and wish she can visit us someday, she was one of the best ever. Who else had a Melissa like ours? Only us. By the way, since you like gossips and she is now a long way down the country, we can say now that Kitty hated Melissa because she was the only one who had bigger boobs than her, and Melissa hated Red Velvet because she was getting much attention and she has big breasts too.

Wait for the new pictures of Red Velvet BTW.

We will have to update the videos section, with all the changes these last 2 months, Musas coming and leaving and then returning we just forgot about that section because any update had to be erased after a Musa left and then redo again and shit, that was so annoying.

Nice month everyone, remember we also accept Play Station 5 as a birthday gift, the last one a Musa received did go for Brayan. Nice week!








I’m ready to go, taking chances.

Well, it seems the ladies organized a strike and now they many are off duty because of those special days of the month: Nikita, Kitzia, Kenia, Zinahi, Salma, Mitzy, Aine, Stella, Bunny started their period and are taking a break.

Irais and Ashley and Emily  have to leave town in emergency, Irais will be here on Tuesday, Ashley will be back the 13th

New talent and some have returned, again. Lesly still trying to return and other former Musas are there asking if they can come back, but don’t think anytime soon we will see them.

The waiting times when driving back to the U.S.  are getting weird and sometimes the lines go faster and sometimes too slow, the recommendation is to cross walking and take an Uber to be safe and faster.  Sometimes crossing by Otay side is faster, but it sure waiting time reduces to nothing when you cross walking by Otay side, the only downside is mot of the ladies won’t go to Otay places because Uber charges them too much, if you Uber down to places like Villa Dorada, this could be solved without spending that much in Uber.

Yes, all the Baja returned to the yellow light, but with the vaccination and the way things are done (not the way they should be), nothing will change. You are all grown men and the ladies have the age to decide what to do, so it’s all up to you to go have fun or not, we encouraged the girls to get vaccinated, but anything can happen.

Lets just open a new section:

You know now who to thank.


The menu? DFK has been removed, thank those guys who doesn’t wash their mouth. Many reports now from guys not even wanting to take a shower, ladies reporting guys who don’t wash their genitals. You can already read some of those experiences in the forum.

We don’t have bad looking desperate girls who would actually pay you for sex, the young and beautiful have a clientele based on looks alone, but we also want a nice service delivered; and this last thing is turning into a far cry of what it used to be each time a creep comes and scares the ladies.

Desperate creeps wanting to get BBFS, but be realistic, paying for sex doesn’t give those creeps the right, in fact, those creeps know why they have to pay for sex, and that truth it’s not that fantastic right? So we want this to be a pleasure experience, and we want the ladies and clients to be comfortable and enjoy, and then these creeps come and ruin everything.

We will fight for the service to remain as good as possible.


Reunions? No, already said many times before, thank those who see success with envy.

Will she love you? No, remember a boyfriend is just the shadow of the Brayan. Brayan has her heart; you just have a wallet.

Is it safe to go down now with the pandemic still going, will the ladies get tested? No, it’s not safe to come down, thank China. If the virus escaped from a lab or it was because they eat dogs and bats, doesn’t matter now, we are all screwed now because of Corona. BTW, if you eated tacos in Mexico before, probably you too already eated a dog.

Will the hotel give me a discount? Well just ask the hotel staff, why the hell you ask me? You are the reason; you get banned because of you.


When Alanna and Red Velvet will return? Are they available? And those are just people jacking off while they read WhatsApp, thanks to them some are just ignored when they ask this too.

One of the ladies took the chance to be the Mama Musa for 2 days, and you can imagine her reaction when she had to deal with 30 Musas


Stay cold and hydrated, nice week!


As you can see, the lineup is getting bigger now with some wanting to return and some still waiting to recover along with the new talent. Something you must notice is that some of them returned and wanted to charge more, yes, we can suggest but we do not limit them, and those who wanted to raise their price are more comfortable now, but some of the reasons are those sugar ATMs, or you can call them boyfriends too but that’s not even a close to what their Brayans get genuinely from them. The case is, they wanted more because some walking ATM was trying to find true love the wrong way but they also get bored of doing nothing, they want party and more stuff to do with their own freedom.

Many wanted them back, and here they are, but also you know things have changed for your wallet now and you know who to thank.

Want something better?  Nikita is back.

Want something unbeatable? Nikita will be doing threesomes with Polly now.

This threesome is a one in a time only opportunity, you know what Nikita and Polly can do separately, now imagine the potential of that threesome. Don’t know how much time Nikita will stay this time, so do what you can before she is gone and then you come asking if she is still available when she isn’t even listed.

The poll about greek is tell us you really like Irais. A She wanted to tell us a bit about her:

She likes a Jacuzzi and Whiskey or Don Julio 70 tequila, a sexy combination for multi hour dates, she also likes beers.

Likes to study, she is finishing college right now and is also taking English classes, she is just starting tho.

She likes Chanel Chance perfume, or Victoria’s Secret except vanilla smell, also Ferrero Roche are good chocolates for her.

That doesn’t mean she is expensive, she considers herself a very simple girl, not wanting expensive stuff all the time, she can be happy going to a clean and small place for dinner, as long it has good Mexican food.  One time a client had her wife’s clothes, and she took those.

Why the fuck a guy was giving away his wife clothes? We will probably never know but those were nice so it was good enough for her to wear.

She wants everyone to know she can cook too.


Ashley is taking some summer vacations so she obviously won’t be available for some days. When she will come back? Don’t know, she will be out as long as money lasts.

Again, I guess I have to repeat it forever.  The thing with girls not listed: not listed, not available. Some still work? Yes, but they are for only a 10% of the clientele, because of sugar ATMS, wannabe boyfriends and Brayans (Actually Brayans want them to work), and that 10% knows who they are, so if you don’t know then you are out. Thank those guys, maybe some will return later but will want more money, you get it now? That’s why some wanted a higher rate to come back.

Red Velvet announced her return, won’t have dates schedule for her too far in advance, a day before the dates will be taken so get your clock ready because most probably she will get booked fast.

For the gossip lovers, this time in your gossip section we have some guys wanting to get some piece of the Musas cake because they cannot do it on their own, the lame part is trying to use ladies to do it, happened before and now again. Man, are people just this lost? We encourage anyone wanting to do dumb stuff to change it for hard work. Won’t say who, but you can just say there is a site and also a Telegram boy not wanting to do great stuff over here.

One of the ladies had an embarrassing situation where she couldn’t make the elevator go down, so she just thought it would be a great idea to go to the roof and use the emergency stairs, but there were no stairs there and she couldn’t get back in, so she didn’t know what to do, freaked out, called crying and desperate. Had to let know security and they opened the door, of course she felt stupid and never wants to go back there.

Want another recommendation? For Cheap Charlies go to “Cerveceria Chapultepec”, they sell cheap snacks and drinks, beer and some mixed ones like Mojitos and others. Snacks are like really tiny tho, and drinks have just a drop of alcohol but you can order beer and pass the time. But we know in Musas we don’t have Cheap Charlies right? Lol

So we have to do some work with the threesomes still, so we will have to update the webpage. Get some nice shorts and a beer before coming down, it’s hot as hell. Nice week!

This time let’s wake up before noon

Will be uploading new material in the videos section, watch closely that hot lady you like.

Aine is back, she is bisexual but doesn’t have a threesome partner, also she has never done one before, maybe time will decide if that changes. Bambi is back too, we will see if she respects her compromise, but also if she understands what this implicates. This is still a job, from where they benefit themselves and also their family.

Not talking about the Family members of Toretto, god damn that went too far.

Red Velvet and Alanna are recovering and still have a month off, maybe more, you will have to wait for them to return better as ever before, they work hard to get their goals and this was one of them. Helena is also getting her goals done, which also is her passion, she is modeling right now and doing photo session, despite her beauty, she doesn’t take that as her only quality so she is studying college too.

Some still ask: when will she return? If we don’t announce it, means she is not seeing anyone for now or you are from that 90% that she won’t see because of the Sugar ATM.

The vaccine campaign in the city will have a second round according to the news, obviously anything can change, as this country government is so inconsistent but most of the girls managed to go and get vaccinated despite the long lines, which advanced really quick and got their vaccine in less than an hour in most cases.

This was done in a massive way in an attempt to reopen the border for Mexican tourists using a visa, if you try to get into Mexico being a U.S. citizen or have a Green Card everything is still the same, just get your passport.

Some of you really have to do some reading, some keep asking for girls not available, some of them for over 4 years now. Some keep asking about the rates, about services the Musas don’t do, just read a bit and you will have every answer. We don’t want another idiot like that guy who “didn’t read” he had to bring condoms and wanted to Bareback with Estrella forcefully, and he didn’t even got money to pay the service, you can read about that case in the forum. But please notice, coming to the most dangerous city in the world to do stupid things is not the best option.

Hi to the copy cats, going to copy paste this too? Ma..mamia.

Got some questions about the traditional Mexican food, some of the most “traditional” Mexican food you can ask for at a restaurant, and the answer is hard because most parts of Mexico have their own traditional Mexican food. We must think in something eaten in all of Mexico, and that is tacos but we all know that, so we have to think about something else, and so the “Caldos” enter the scene, soup with vegetables and we can use different kinds of meat to prepare the soup but can only choose one, so the most traditional caldos are three: Res (cow meat), Pollo (chicken meat) and camaron (shrimp). The belief is that these are very nutritious and a good option when people are sick. And Mexican moms cook the caldos when the weather is dam hot as hell.

A view from a Caldo de camaron (What did you expect? Naked girls?)

We have to run and make breakfast, ladies are lazy and don’t have the cooking skills of mexican grandmas. Stay sober boys.





Act like I don’t see it

We have some sad days as some Musas have left into a journey of self-discovery and will be back transformed and renovated, so Red Velvet and Alanna choose to leave together and they will come back together, maybe a few days of difference but who cares? They will be back.

Bunny is the new sensation right now, for those wanting a new skinny young lady she is the one.  Along with Melody, Miami and Denisse they are the new skinny club. Denisse needs better pictures tho but she is reluctant or just too lazy to get new ones, a shame because she has good comments but is underrated because of bad pics.

Now Irais returned and with some new shiny friends, she is not doing threesomes again because there was another catfight, for a Brayan, that is a word you should learn if you plan to understand TJ culture, it sucks actually but this it is what we have in Mexico.

And part of the Mexican culture is “chisme”. I know many want to know more and more chismes, but that will have to wait since some have a sensitive heart and a fragile mind, specially sugar ATMs, so the latest chisme we can talk about is about the love triangle of Alanna, Svanna and Red Velvet, involving friendship, Brayans, alcohol, betrayal, loss and pain because no one understands women and, as said before by someone in the forum, women understand women and they hate each other, so they are now mortal enemies and will fight to have the last word, hence why they don’t do foursomes anymore, and that’s all we can say.

Another chisme is Lesly wanted to return, but she was the infamous one stealing pictures from the other ladies and using those as hers and there you have, even when she denies it, Estrella is not happy with her around since she received many comments about Lesly posing as her. She even took Jaylee and Nadia’s pictures. Can you imagine asking for petite Nadia and having big size Lesly at your door? Maybe next time if she really needs the job but not right now, the Musas are not happy with her in the team for now.

Bambi is gone, why? Maybe this will be painful for some but it was time to let go, so many failures when a compromise was made so this is a necessary break, maybe the future will have better news and we can work together as it should be.

Someone will return soon, she was here for a short time but had nice comments overall and has a nice gypsy vibe.

If someone already saw Fast and Furious 9 please tell us if it’s worth it or should we cover our faces with a mask and glasses, we want to see what has become of those mechanics organizing clandestine races in Los Angeles to get some cash and then the last thing we knew they were fighting some Captain America kind of dude and the last trailer showed us what it seems Toretto stopping a car with his hands and some dudes in a spaceship. WTF is this, man? Do the ladies get turned on with this?

Some have asked for a recommendation for Mexican food. Try Cenaduria la once at downtown, it has what we call “antojitos”, part of the Mexican gastronomy many people eat mostly at night and that’s why those places open mostly after 5:00 p.m., and the name “Cenaduria” translates into a place you eat dinner.

Real Mexican food can be found in little places called “fonditas”, and usually you will see one or more ladies cooking, and those ladies could be your grandmas age and above because we all know in Mexico the older the women is the better she cooks, at least it was that way some generations ago, don’t expect the Musas turn into a badass Mexican cook, they know how to make Maruchan rammen and quesadillas lol. So yeah, if you want to find the real deal you need to go out of the touristic zone and get some adventures inside the colonias.

We will try and get some images from these “fonditas”, mostly from the food they sell which usually changes everyday, that’s a characteristic many restaurants won’t do.

“Fonditas” have “comidas del dia”, which could be translated into food for today, a little menu that will be offered all day and it doesn’t matter if its not that big, they sell all the food because of how good it is, and that’s the only secret, local home food made by grandmas.

You want to get an idea? Look at YouTube for: “De mi rancho a tu cocina”.

You will see a real Mexican grandma cooking. Do you imagine a Musa cooking that way? No, even Red Velvet and Alanna with some skills are no match for that grandma.

Tomorrow will be a busy day, so book before 10 PM and you will have luck for most of the Musas you want to get. Nice week!

Don’t be blowin’ up my phone askin’ me why

Kitty is back as many can see, didn’t want to say it before but she and Sahara are sisters, but they won’t be doing threesomes unfortunately so it was just something we totally forgot about until now that Kitty is back,  just a fact you didn’t know.

Red Velvet left yesterday, went looking for something to the south border of the country, and she won’t be available for over a month, she will return flashing a new image and the best is she won’t do anything to her best asset, all natural big breasts like always. Of course, we will have the same guys asking the same questions because they didn’t book her when they could.

Is she gone? :



When will she be back?:



Will she make an exception:



Alanna will be changing her image for better too, soon she will be leaving for a month as well so if you want to see her you better hurry. She has been commented so much and everything has been positive, she is becoming a start.

Irais will be returning soon, we are waiting for her to come back. Maybe in a few days, maybe in some weeks, maybe a month. No matter how much you lurker ask, you won’t see her anyway so go jack off again.

Bad thing about Musas leaving is the threesomes combinations will lack and also some catfights here and there so Irais won’t be doing threesomes with anyone and Black Widow got heartbroken by a Brayan (yes, a BRAYAN, not a boyfriend, not a sugar ATM) and wants to leave, until she recovers from the bad personal experience, she will take a short vacation so we will take her off.

We enjoyed the PS5, sorry for Brayan but we convinced her to share this with her friends, Brayan wouldn’t be able to appreciate such a machine. And don’t buy anything from Tencent, we got banned for nothing.

Speaking of which, some banned people are still here and not wanting to leave, so second chances are on the door, obviously knowing who they are  and that they are trying to get under the radar but, second chance is theirs but hope they don’t screw up with their Rude-Unclean-PLM-Creepy-Freak-socially inet stuff again we will have to deny over and over again the services. Some are even getting close to the dark side, not good to try it.

Some clients on the other hand take note and the girls appreciate the effort. You can look at some details Andrea and Red Velvet got from the clients.


So enough gossips for today, we will take a rest, of course, on Sunday, so if you leave the best girls for last then don’t get angry later because there is no answer. All set now.

Nice weekend!

Looking for a taste of real life?

This week past by so fast, we barely noticed today is already Saturday. We have some girls going out for some days and will be back in no time. Some will be planning a little retouch before they come back.

Some of you have wondered from the past blog and asked more about the cult for Death and a Musa is letting us have the chance to see the altar she has for her Girl; as she calls Death. You can see it has some candles, money so she can have a lot of work and more money each time, also some flowers, candy, cigarettes, alcohol and even soda. When you offer something she is grateful, will keep you protected and will help you with your wishes. But you have to keep your promise, if you offer her something in exchange for a wish then don’t be ungrateful and keep your word.

Many say this is a bad thing, that she will take away something in exchange, and the price will be high. Some others say she is very comprehensive and won’t take away what you love the most or charge you a very high price, but she will definitely want you to offer something, whatever you can or have and you can talk to her, and she will understand. The faith on Death have grown because of people constantly reporting she helped them, so can she really be called bad?

You can ask her for work, healing, protection, for the safe delivery of the people passing to the next life and many things. So again this all depends on the people.

Many people have said she appears to them in dreams, or she gives them a sign she is still there waiting for them to keep their promises, or to inform something, sometimes to avoid dangers.

This all over the country and it is not strange to watch everyday people praying to Death. Some say this shouldn’t be done because you should only pray to God, another theory says God allows Death to act when you pray to her, as she is the one that will take you when your times is done and; supposedly, since god is the one that decides when your time is up, he is the one that controls Death and also allows her to protect you, but before Death you must consider God.

This is the faith of thousands of Mexican people who do not see Death as bad deity, but as a Saint, like many catholic personalities are considered as Saints. So they call her Santa Muerte.

Talking about gifts, and since it was a busy week, some of the ladies sent photos of the details a lot of clients like to bring them, just so they know they do appreciate their gifts.

I actually take back that, that Pay Station 5 will go for Brayan, don’t be a sugar ATM you dumbass. If you want to give away a Play Station 5 then give it to me, I will appreciate that more than the Brayan you are sponsoring without know it. This will be the only time (I hope) I’m going to reveal the detail so the guy can know whats happening, you can thank me later by bringing me a Play Station 5 too for letting you know.

BTW those pink cookies were delicious, bring more of those too please lol

Now about the Musas, Irais is taking at least another month for recuperation and Red Velvet will be back soon just to leave again, so hurry, they get busy or leave and we can’t do anything else. Adilene is back now while some other we have to let go now because they are not reliable and they are not honest.

We have some new girls now, you can check out Kenia, Camila, Mitzy, Melody, Dania. And, as expected and said on the last blog post, some people still are asking: Is Cassandra still available? …… on Sunday.

So, if you have the chance to come down, there you go, the hottest girls will not wait for you, they will be gone soon enough when they have enough money. Now, people ask why the girls are not waiting for them outside the hotels and why they do not arrive at the exact time they wanted. Well, first off, safety is first when it comes to the girls and the clients, usually LE are outside hotels and try to blackmail the clients, they even work with the staff so they can split the bride they get from the client after scaring them (happens specially in a place where the staff doesn’t open the garage), some have reported this and we don’t want the girls to get involved in this practice. Then, we have people not really arriving to their dates, even if they have booked before it happens, anything could go wrong on their trip and they either get the room later than expected or just are not able to arrive. And we also have a fan just trying to make us waste time instead of getting better, pretty lame already, but the staff from those places the Musas go inform us anyway.

Conclusion, no, they will not wait for you outside the hotel. Maybe if they were the kind of girls that would pay you instead, this could be a reality here, but no. We always clarify they go to you after the room number, it is on the webpage too.

About to start a new week, now we have to check out the new talent does. Hopefully we get a new star or two from the new Musas. Nice week.

Everything you’re feelin’ when you overdose

Some updates on the ladies:

Irais will have to take more recovery time, she will be back in about 2 months. Lizbeth will be back too in about 1 month.

Svanna returned, she will be doing threesomes too with Red Velvet and Alanna. They have been watching 50 shades of Grey. I don’t get why women love than movie, but is probably a better love story than Twilight and 365 days.

Svanna will also have some serious competition on the pretty face department because Hazel just returned, according to the forum comments that is, they say both have a beautiful face.

Adilene is taking some days off again, you know, she needs some time and spend some money.

The forum has been a nice way of know the clients a bit more, and a way for them to open up about their desires, and after the foot post some clients have been asking about certain fetiches. People can “fetishize” almost anything, of course if we base on the messages we been getting, the most common fetishes involve body parts like feet, legs or body features, piercings and tattoos. A nice idea is to get some clothes when it comes to body parts, such as stockings, gloves and skirts for the Musa you like.

We have to be careful about BDSM, many clients don’t know when to stop, some have even harm the girls biting them so hard they bleed, and they weren’t even doing any role play or BDSM. Which girl would like her vagina being bitten til she bleeds? Common sense boys, maybe you will find one in 100,000, but not here.


This week has been horrible because of 2 current topics.


First, Sundays

Today got many requests, but none of them were fulfilled, Sunday is a tough day and the Bible says we must rest Sundays. Nah, you want the truth? You can’t handle the truth babe, so just stop getting angry because you can’t book on Sunday.

Why the ladies take Sunday off? Because they can, hot girls get away with it because they don’t need Sunday for work, they use it to maintain their image as a normal school girls to the world so they use Sunday for family, friends and, of course, they have a Brayan waiting to get the money she earned thru the week from dates and Sugar ATM’s, maybe Sundays will be used for some walking ATM too;  because yes, Brayans approve sugar ATM’s because he is actually the sick son/mother/grandma/rent/school and he doesn’t like to work, so he needs another man to take care of the hot girl and him so they can be happy ever after. We will talk about this later too, these guys are a plague for sure. Talk about a lack of teraphy, boys.

Remember, hot girls get booked fast too, we don’t have second rate girls here so if you want beautiful and young ladies you have to deal with the high demand, and those people wanting to leave the hottest ones for Sunday will not have any luck. Price is reasonable enough, the ladies are the hottest you will get and they are available all week, and what you do?:

“Can I book Kenia for tomorrow Sunday at 9:00 AM? I have to leave at 10:00 AM”


Latest example was Wendy, she was here only for a day, she only needed fast money for an emergency but didn’t want to stay here after she collected what she needed. Of course the alphas took the lead and went for her as soon as possible. The rest are still asking: Will she come back?

This doesn’t apply for those living far and not having the chance to be here as often as they want. As for the rest, you can just notice what I’m talking about when you lurk the forum, too many of those asking: any reviews? Well, you wait for a review and now she is gone.

Now, we have new talent again, won’t say how long they will stay but some already took the lead and booked them.

So, conclusion, you are the reason shampoo has instructions.


Second, not announced but still working:

Some are still working as escorts under the radar? Yes, they are, and they will not be seeing everyone…. Because, again, they are under the radar…. that’s why they don’t want their pictures here.

Thank Sugar ATMs for that. Exclusivity? Relationship? Only ones winning from this are the Brayans, the only deals the Brayans don’t get money from are travels and surgeries, but you can be sure they do enjoy the results of a surgery way more than the sugar ATM. Right now surgeries and travels are the new hype they want to get from sugar ATMs, but since the Brayans now want new cars and nice apartments the ladies need to keep working with known gentlemen. That takes most of the clients out of the picture, even if the client have booked before,  so thank dumbasses for that. Brayans seem like a necessary evil because the ladies were putting effort on making money even if it was for them, but these guys have no reason to exist now but to be the sponsors of Brayans, and they don’t even know it.

Won’t say who tho, I will just say some are under the radar but still kicking, and about 90% of the ladies have a Brayan now, not a boyfriend, a Brayan and it’s not you, sugar ATM’s are not boyfriends and even boyfriends are not the official love of these girls. Doesn’t make sense right? But you thought you knew TJ culture. Now I will leave slowly.

Conclusion, you are that kid no one ever looked for when hide and seek was being played.

Mother’s day was last week and some didn’t take the day off because they wanted to get some cash for their moms, and some of the Musas earned a nice dinner. Tradition is just take mom to a restaurant and some flowers, that’s why it’s difficult to get something to eat that day, of course the rest of the year they just misbehave.

Hope next week we are a bit more relaxed, we need to plan a party for our anniversary, will be our 7th year and 7 is a luck number. We will see, nice week!