Looking for a taste of real life?

This week past by so fast, we barely noticed today is already Saturday. We have some girls going out for some days and will be back in no time. Some will be planning a little retouch before they come back.

Some of you have wondered from the past blog and asked more about the cult for Death and a Musa is letting us have the chance to see the altar she has for her Girl; as she calls Death. You can see it has some candles, money so she can have a lot of work and more money each time, also some flowers, candy, cigarettes, alcohol and even soda. When you offer something she is grateful, will keep you protected and will help you with your wishes. But you have to keep your promise, if you offer her something in exchange for a wish then don’t be ungrateful and keep your word.

Many say this is a bad thing, that she will take away something in exchange, and the price will be high. Some others say she is very comprehensive and won’t take away what you love the most or charge you a very high price, but she will definitely want you to offer something, whatever you can or have and you can talk to her, and she will understand. The faith on Death have grown because of people constantly reporting she helped them, so can she really be called bad?

You can ask her for work, healing, protection, for the safe delivery of the people passing to the next life and many things. So again this all depends on the people.

Many people have said she appears to them in dreams, or she gives them a sign she is still there waiting for them to keep their promises, or to inform something, sometimes to avoid dangers.

This all over the country and it is not strange to watch everyday people praying to Death. Some say this shouldn’t be done because you should only pray to God, another theory says God allows Death to act when you pray to her, as she is the one that will take you when your times is done and; supposedly, since god is the one that decides when your time is up, he is the one that controls Death and also allows her to protect you, but before Death you must consider God.

This is the faith of thousands of Mexican people who do not see Death as bad deity, but as a Saint, like many catholic personalities are considered as Saints. So they call her Santa Muerte.

Talking about gifts, and since it was a busy week, some of the ladies sent photos of the details a lot of clients like to bring them, just so they know they do appreciate their gifts.

I actually take back that, that Pay Station 5 will go for Brayan, don’t be a sugar ATM you dumbass. If you want to give away a Play Station 5 then give it to me, I will appreciate that more than the Brayan you are sponsoring without know it. This will be the only time (I hope) I’m going to reveal the detail so the guy can know whats happening, you can thank me later by bringing me a Play Station 5 too for letting you know.

BTW those pink cookies were delicious, bring more of those too please lol

Now about the Musas, Irais is taking at least another month for recuperation and Red Velvet will be back soon just to leave again, so hurry, they get busy or leave and we can’t do anything else. Adilene is back now while some other we have to let go now because they are not reliable and they are not honest.

We have some new girls now, you can check out Kenia, Camila, Mitzy, Melody, Dania. And, as expected and said on the last blog post, some people still are asking: Is Cassandra still available? …… on Sunday.

So, if you have the chance to come down, there you go, the hottest girls will not wait for you, they will be gone soon enough when they have enough money. Now, people ask why the girls are not waiting for them outside the hotels and why they do not arrive at the exact time they wanted. Well, first off, safety is first when it comes to the girls and the clients, usually LE are outside hotels and try to blackmail the clients, they even work with the staff so they can split the bride they get from the client after scaring them (happens specially in a place where the staff doesn’t open the garage), some have reported this and we don’t want the girls to get involved in this practice. Then, we have people not really arriving to their dates, even if they have booked before it happens, anything could go wrong on their trip and they either get the room later than expected or just are not able to arrive. And we also have a fan just trying to make us waste time instead of getting better, pretty lame already, but the staff from those places the Musas go inform us anyway.

Conclusion, no, they will not wait for you outside the hotel. Maybe if they were the kind of girls that would pay you instead, this could be a reality here, but no. We always clarify they go to you after the room number, it is on the webpage too.

About to start a new week, now we have to check out the new talent does. Hopefully we get a new star or two from the new Musas. Nice week.

Everything you’re feelin’ when you overdose

Some updates on the ladies:

Irais will have to take more recovery time, she will be back in about 2 months. Lizbeth will be back too in about 1 month.

Svanna returned, she will be doing threesomes too with Red Velvet and Alanna. They have been watching 50 shades of Grey. I don’t get why women love than movie, but is probably a better love story than Twilight and 365 days.

Svanna will also have some serious competition on the pretty face department because Hazel just returned, according to the forum comments that is, they say both have a beautiful face.

Adilene is taking some days off again, you know, she needs some time and spend some money.

The forum has been a nice way of know the clients a bit more, and a way for them to open up about their desires, and after the foot post some clients have been asking about certain fetiches. People can “fetishize” almost anything, of course if we base on the messages we been getting, the most common fetishes involve body parts like feet, legs or body features, piercings and tattoos. A nice idea is to get some clothes when it comes to body parts, such as stockings, gloves and skirts for the Musa you like.

We have to be careful about BDSM, many clients don’t know when to stop, some have even harm the girls biting them so hard they bleed, and they weren’t even doing any role play or BDSM. Which girl would like her vagina being bitten til she bleeds? Common sense boys, maybe you will find one in 100,000, but not here.


This week has been horrible because of 2 current topics.


First, Sundays

Today got many requests, but none of them were fulfilled, Sunday is a tough day and the Bible says we must rest Sundays. Nah, you want the truth? You can’t handle the truth babe, so just stop getting angry because you can’t book on Sunday.

Why the ladies take Sunday off? Because they can, hot girls get away with it because they don’t need Sunday for work, they use it to maintain their image as a normal school girls to the world so they use Sunday for family, friends and, of course, they have a Brayan waiting to get the money she earned thru the week from dates and Sugar ATM’s, maybe Sundays will be used for some walking ATM too;  because yes, Brayans approve sugar ATM’s because he is actually the sick son/mother/grandma/rent/school and he doesn’t like to work, so he needs another man to take care of the hot girl and him so they can be happy ever after. We will talk about this later too, these guys are a plague for sure. Talk about a lack of teraphy, boys.

Remember, hot girls get booked fast too, we don’t have second rate girls here so if you want beautiful and young ladies you have to deal with the high demand, and those people wanting to leave the hottest ones for Sunday will not have any luck. Price is reasonable enough, the ladies are the hottest you will get and they are available all week, and what you do?:

“Can I book Kenia for tomorrow Sunday at 9:00 AM? I have to leave at 10:00 AM”


Latest example was Wendy, she was here only for a day, she only needed fast money for an emergency but didn’t want to stay here after she collected what she needed. Of course the alphas took the lead and went for her as soon as possible. The rest are still asking: Will she come back?

This doesn’t apply for those living far and not having the chance to be here as often as they want. As for the rest, you can just notice what I’m talking about when you lurk the forum, too many of those asking: any reviews? Well, you wait for a review and now she is gone.

Now, we have new talent again, won’t say how long they will stay but some already took the lead and booked them.

So, conclusion, you are the reason shampoo has instructions.


Second, not announced but still working:

Some are still working as escorts under the radar? Yes, they are, and they will not be seeing everyone…. Because, again, they are under the radar…. that’s why they don’t want their pictures here.

Thank Sugar ATMs for that. Exclusivity? Relationship? Only ones winning from this are the Brayans, the only deals the Brayans don’t get money from are travels and surgeries, but you can be sure they do enjoy the results of a surgery way more than the sugar ATM. Right now surgeries and travels are the new hype they want to get from sugar ATMs, but since the Brayans now want new cars and nice apartments the ladies need to keep working with known gentlemen. That takes most of the clients out of the picture, even if the client have booked before,  so thank dumbasses for that. Brayans seem like a necessary evil because the ladies were putting effort on making money even if it was for them, but these guys have no reason to exist now but to be the sponsors of Brayans, and they don’t even know it.

Won’t say who tho, I will just say some are under the radar but still kicking, and about 90% of the ladies have a Brayan now, not a boyfriend, a Brayan and it’s not you, sugar ATM’s are not boyfriends and even boyfriends are not the official love of these girls. Doesn’t make sense right? But you thought you knew TJ culture. Now I will leave slowly.

Conclusion, you are that kid no one ever looked for when hide and seek was being played.

Mother’s day was last week and some didn’t take the day off because they wanted to get some cash for their moms, and some of the Musas earned a nice dinner. Tradition is just take mom to a restaurant and some flowers, that’s why it’s difficult to get something to eat that day, of course the rest of the year they just misbehave.

Hope next week we are a bit more relaxed, we need to plan a party for our anniversary, will be our 7th year and 7 is a luck number. We will see, nice week!

I only came around to ride you like a rental

Alright boys, still have to do some work for a ton of people, we added some mini sections, now we have a FAQ section, and people are still asking.

Do they go Cascadas?

What is the rate?

How does this work?

What is the website?…. (Really, OMG REALLY, WHATS THE WEBSITE?)

How can I find a girlfriend?


You are the reason the ladies say Sugar ATMs are their boyfriends, and they believe them


Someone had the idea of asking the ladies about their best experiences with a nice client, you know, there are many bad elements out there as clients, we had to let them go as we had to let go some of the bad Musas, but it is fair to let everyone know when someone is good. Unfortunately, we will do it anonymous, if you recognize the date and it was you just let the rest of the forum know.

Yes, Nikita is back, she can only be booked the same day, why? Well I don’t know, I don’t control their lives, maybe you think we should be god for the agency and we will accept your tributes, but we can’t control the insatiable party hunger of Nikita, so she doesn’t know what days she won’t be hungover, what days she will wake up early or what day she will be uncommunicated because she lost her phone. When will she leave? Don’t know, only alcohol will decide.

I know you all want Helena too, but believe it, you are not getting any luck at 10 am or 11 am, another girl you must try luck on the same day you want to come, the first message takes the lead to be the first one getting to know her hours,  but if someone is faster than you after she confirms her hours you gonna miss her.

Zinahi has the other side of the problem, you all want her at night and she can’t, she can early and afternoon. BTW she just finished college, another graduated Musa and happy for the accomplishment, she passed her last test in front of three committee members.

Amelie is full for now, no openings.

Surgeries are the last trending topic here now, all want to, only a few can and it’s because its pricey, Musas don’t save money, they want the latest iPhone, a $500 purse and going to clubs and buy a Moet bottle for more than double the price, of course, Brayan takes most of the income (Yes, the money  you give her for what you think is rent too).

Adilene had a small surgery and she is recovering still, so she has to take some time off, she is half recovered tho, so soon enough you will be able to book her again.

Irais will have to take some time off too but she will take surgery to make some upgrades, will have to wait for the surprise.

Some weird stuff is happening, or at least that’s what one of the Musas told, thing is that a couple of posts away we shared about using the Ouija, and well, a Musa did, and then another Musa just didn’t want the Ouija board there she threw that thing; and now claims that the board is back to the box were it was before in the room. Explanation? Drunk, dreaming or just too much 420. This one I don’t believe.

Some other ladies have the believing of the Santa Muerte. Still can’t decide, is this a religion? A cult? Just a Saint? What is this believing?  Death is called by feminine names like “Blanquita” or “White girl” among many others. The believing of Death doing miracles is now very common in Mexican traditions now, remember Death is something with so much presence in Mexican culture, the day of the dead, for example, is a celebration related to the Death we already talked in past posts.

They build a small altar (in most cases) and offer what they want to the statue/image of the Death, from money, candy, cigars, alcohol, food, flowers in any proportion they want/can. In exchange for the offerings, as gratitude she will help you with any wish you want. You can also ask something from her even if you don’t have something to offer,  and promise her you will give something back after, but you have to keep your promise or she will get angry, as she is kind but you don’t want to see her angry, she will take all her help from you and she will scare you.

Tattoos, rings and other jewelry are used with the image of the Death and a symbol of believing in her and being protected everywhere you go.

Many stories can be told, some of the girls claim they ask the Death for work and they suddenly get a call 5 minutes later for a date. What do you think about this practice?

For now lets just respect the practices. Nice week!

We bustle left, we bustle right

Past weeks have been a bit crazy, with some comebacks, some goodbyes and some came and go again, and some came, said good bye, came again and now they gonna stay permanently.

Now, some girls returned for just a day or two because they wanted to get some money to go on vacations for what we call “semana santa”, catholic tradition but they only religious these weeks and the rest they are naughty ladies. Other girls are already now on vacation and will be back in the next days.

And no, “Semana Santa” has nothing to do with Santa Claus, someone already asked, really guys, you scare me sometimes.

A tradition for catholic “semana santa? is to practice fasting for 6 Fridays and also don’t eat meat, as this would represent Jesus body and have to honor the day he died.

Many came for company and the ladies were out of town or busy so had a hard time getting to all of you, man you guys unleashed the wolves and we collapsed, this never happened before so hard. Had to reorganize so we will be in better conditions from now on.

A tip for those who had trouble with calls, tip the staff at your hotel or the taxy to make a call and help you communicate, Wifi often sucks and have trouble communicating via WhatsApp and e-mails come in late, WhatsApp calls are not recommended because the app makes the call but it doesn’t inform you it doesn’t go thru, it just rings normally but it doesn’t mean the call was made, man you can even do that without any internet Wifi or data, move on from WhatsApp calls.

What will not change is Sundays, many take Sunday off because of family days, they keep this escort job a secret, they have to tell everyone they work at any other job, and any other job in Mexico take Sunday off, so family, boyfriends/Brayans/ATM wannabe boyfriends visit them on Sundays, nannies don’t work Sundays so they don’t have anyone to leave their sons. Basically, if you want to leave a Musa for last option on Sunday of course you will be disappointed, they can’t make an exception, they don’t want to get busted.

Forum had some interesting comments this past weeks, decided to let that go on for some time because many didn’t believe there were trolls trying to make their “evil plan” using reviews and comments, they even do their homework studying other guys reviews. They don’t just trashtalk about this agency now but also they trashtalk about the people in the forum. Come on, we know not all can like us but hating is just a waste of time and energy. Yeah, some are already there again, so we can just expect this to happen again, probably.

We, on the other hand, need and have focused in other stuff to make things better, this last weeks showed us how can we can get caught up by the tornado, so when this happens we know we have to do something with ourselves, not to others.

Our formula has always been the same, and already said it before too: Keep the good girls, and just let go the bad ones. And what results does this give? A vast majority of good reviews, and I say majority because it is true no one can only have good reviews and comments.

We have a small 5 star system now in all the profiles, you can vote for them.

The polls also have been there and the participation wasn’t small at all, so we now that people liking the Musas is a real fact. So don’t hate, express your opinion, but neither the people in the forum nor us try to change anyone into liking us, so don’t try to get people into hating us

New video material for some of the girls. Great material.

Some ladies are having trouble on Holidays because family are visiting them and Brayans have vacations from work, so get a plan B. Valery, Nova, Kitzia, Jaylee, Helena and Estrella could have trouble with this, so get a plan B if you plan to book one of them.

Most reliable ones? Red Velvet, Alanna, Zinahi, Alina, Svanna, Zoe. You won’t need anything once their availability has been confirmed. There are others, of course, but they have a big fan base so booking them could be hard.

This is the only new point I have to bring, because already explained, many times, why is useless asking:

When is she available?

Do they go to Cascadas?

Do they cross the border?

Will she love me someday?

Is HK a good place to find a wife?

BTW, MaxD this song is for you:


Red Velvet wanted to have some nice dinner for her birthday, she had her wish.

She will be doing threesomes and foursomes with Arianna, Alanna and Svanna now, in any combination. She has been a new revelation, and is very committed with her job along with her friends, she earned it.

Some of the girls enjoyed the Snyder Cut, some don’t admit it but they like super hero movies, if you want to bring a Batman shirt give it to Melissa, Alina, Zinahi or Adilene, some still can’t forgive Jared Letto’s Joker. I say Zack helped him a lot but that’s still no character for him.

So, hit up your messages more than one time in case they get lost, hopefully everything gets better with all the vaccines comming and this Corona crap is over soon. Recently “new” border restrictions were announced, but this was only for the South Border with Guatemala. The border we all cross, US to Mexico will be the same, just keep saying you are going to the dentist and have your passport ready lol.

Nice week to all.

I wanna see, wanna see you lose it

Some Musa wanted to return, after she was gone “forever”, she came back after Brayan left…. now she is pregnant,





Alanna after her first date and someone talks to her




Melissa running out of excuses to sleep all day




You, everytime you have sex.




Valery meeting Liz for threesomes.




Zinahi receiving a nice comment after she did a really good job.




Someone booking an overnight with Irais, in the morning when she wakes up and feels like “exercising”.



Arianna, Alanna and Red Velvet, now doing threesomes and foursomes. Some videos and photos going to show up soon.

Another round, please


Nikita telling us she with Nadia and Ashley can handle an  overnight foursome:



Telling Kitty she won’t  be in the Best Breasts poll:



Someone returned, with some nice, sexy pictures. She surely look hotter than before and she knows it:



Zoe saving someone when he called last minute for a date because someone cancelled him:



Same people asking for discounts… over and over again…



Adilene after she rejected an overnight and the other girl got gifts, clothes and an iPad:



All the Musas triying to make Brayan come back:

She is the string that holds the bait

Valentines day is almost here, and many ladies are looking to make some money to take their Brayans for a nice dinner, of course, Sunday will be crazy with restaurants full and last minute shopping. Some will work out something on the next days so they can have the chance to make some pesos.

We know this could be painful but you have to stop supporting those Brayans boys.

On some news, most already know but Jaylee will be working only with threesomes with Irais and Barbara, some already took the opportunity after the typical: is she coming back? God please not again… but they took the last chance and now she is off their bucket list. And yes, some are not published but also not taking dates everyday, so lucky ones will just have them when there are not “being watched”, that means either in the morning, noon or late night lol. Can’t say names tho.

About the poll, many were asking the same question over and over again and already said many time recommendations are not the best thing to do, many will end up crying because I like petite but she is too skinny for him, I like curvy but she is fat to his eyes, I like calm and slow but that’s a dead fish to him, so screw that, won’t give up any recommendations anymore, only in some special occasions.

Instead of giving up one personal recommendations, we have a new activity were people can vote and give up some recommendations for all of us. Already more than 245 people given their recommendations, 244 guys (and we know of one girl lol) gave you their vote for the best petite Musa, some don’t want to write reviews so this is a faster way to tell everyone their thoughts. All the girls listed got recommendations, so that tells us how much our taste can differ one from another.

So, since they all got votes, that also means each one of them is doing something good, each one of them is the favorite of someone.  There you have your recommendation, I know haters going to get angry, but all those people say it, not me.

Have to say this because some girls got angry, but someone has been stealing pictures from several girls, and that is just… well, sad, because she post those pictures in some classified ads and yes, she charges less than the real Musas should be charging but they clients get a big surprise, so yeah, go save a few pesos and get someone totally different from what you are expecting. She even stole Estrella’s pics and she is not even close to her body, not a bit. Estrella was angry because she liked those pictures so she had to take a few new ones with less quality. Now we have to mark each one of their pictures with the webpage’s link. Not the best to put on letters on sexy pictures, but some of you already took the bite and came back asking if we knew something, well there you go, you wanted to take care of yourself, you ended up with this girl using the Musas pictures and then wha’happen??


As you can see, nothing happened with this WhatsApp drama, it’s all normal. Don’t panic, you take more risks giving her chocolates and money for Valentine’s, she will give those to Brayan.

Jiza came and already left, and Catalina will have a very limited schedule. Lizbeth will be available again afternoons after being absent. Noticed Layla now? She will probably give you a surprise with that big booty, probably the next poll will be about the best ass.

BTW, about recommendations, don’t go to Churrascaria, they don’t have any alcohol, it sucks. Nice weekend!


Breathe it in so deep until you feel the burn

I know, no blog for a long time but we are having a hard time teaching some of these girls how to obtain their driver’s license. Of course, this is Mexico and you can just hand over some cash and that’s it, but we try to make things better and they need to learn what it takes to make this city great again. Things with politics and government are not the best, and we have talked a bit about that before so we are going to leave that for now.

According to the weather report, we will have rain for the next week, so plan ahead and if you have limited time the best is not to come or probably your plans will be ruined. Traffic is already crazy because of so many people coming to the city and now the “repairs” all over the city have made all of us take alternative roads, these repairs are far on the east side of the city, from where most of the girls come, so you better not come short on time or things could go wrong. And another tip, watch the weather reports on Mexican news so you can watch some hotties.

Another concern from some clients. No., WhatsApp is not going to blackmail you sending your conversations to your wife. Just create a second FB and link it, or use TG.

Melissa is getting addicted to coffee and wants to buy hers with two extra expresso shots, the next day she is whining and crying all over the bed because she couldn’t sleep and she is so stressed about it, but insists on getting the damn coffee.

Alina wants some anime lingerie outfits, if someone manages to get some she will keep it for new pictures.

Anastasia is managing to do threesomes with Ashley really well, probably she will get some new pictures when they get together again.

Still no recommendations, but try Churrascaria Do Brasil, for meat lovers. And Buffalo Wild Wings if you want to try some dry chili dogs, HOW THE HELL CAN A CHILI DOG BE DRY? They managed to make the impossible. Aberration.

Personal likes? Probably that I can say, but doesn’t mean I’m giving a recommendation, just a personal subjective taste, like everything.

Best ass: Adilene, Arianna and Daniella.
Best face: Daniella, Hazel, Jaylee
Best boobs: This one is easy, but I have to say that if we base only on boobs, we have a tie between Velvet, Melissa and Kitty.
Gym Body: Barbara, Nadia

Petite: Alina (Yes, she was the Black Widow but outers just scared her, she still working anyway so piss off. She also got sad after the character died), Adilene again, and Marina.
Best lips: Irais

Best service: Just kidding you are not gonna get recommendations.


New year and I hoped for new things, but the same old, same old. People asking:
Is she gonna come back? No
Is she still working? Yes
Can she make an exception? No

Makes no sense, but trust me, this is Mexico and everything is possible, except those people asking again and again: Can they come to Cascadas? Those are figments of your imagination.

Now, its been a year since everything changed and with a new month just days ahead more people will want to come back, and what does this mean?

Right now we are going to enjoy the day with some coffee and sweet bread, this is the new fat local trend. Stay hot and chill.

I got shades on, forget a hater

Pozole and Tamales were excellent this year, the most typical Mexican food for Noche Buena on December 24 and, of course, we end up with more food than expected and have to heat it up again and we end up eating the same food for a week, still good for it is Mexican food.

25 is usually a day for resting and recovering from last night. Tradition is that when family is there they will start fighting on who will get grandma’s house, and the annoying aunt will ask you were is your girlfriend and you will remember she doesn’t love you and she is already happy with Brayan.

By the way, some even returned just for that reason. Marian got here for a few days since she needed some money for presents and some new reinforcements got her so Santa could exist this year. Brisa/Cindy wanted some money for Brayan and she has been returning for over a year now because she helps her politic family with presents and sometimes school supplies and rent. She would need. Alice and Gianna already went home with some nice stuff too.

Now, some of you already saw the new videos, and it truly was because Kitty was getting all the attention and now Helena, heck even Irais sent some new material in addition with her friends, Liz and some others joined.

Still no recommendations, but try Pockets, it’s a pool hall on the Touristic Rio Zone and you will have some good nachos, hot dogs, burguers, beer and some tequila.

Rain started and right now traffic is even crazier than last year, the City has a lot more people now and  many roads now and they won’t be ready soon, of course all the materials they will be using will cost x50 the regular cost, ran makes it worse and Ubers won’t go to certain places because to road is not made of concrete, is just dirty and Ubers drivers use a Versa. Man, that car can’t survive outside the touristic zone, so some girls won’t have any way of transportation outside of the public trucks but they would have to walk a long distance in order to take one, so what can they do, use this?

Remember this is third world stuff, and you probably haven’t seen the real Tj yet, , but as long we stay in the beautiful side of the city won’t have any problems. That’s why we recommend some places now, people have been asking were to spend some time now that strips clubs are closed again.. cof, cof. But the 7th window is still open with lots of options inside, you know.

Another recommendation, don’t watch Wonder Woman 1984.

For those asking: Barbara is just a creation of your mind. C’mon, of course she is real.

A new year is almost here and we need to prepare for the girls having a big party and they being hangover for some days so prepare for the lack of ladies. Book while you can and don’t come saying later: is she still around?

Hopefully 2021 will be better and aliens won’t come to conquer us. Nice week!

No different match, I’m better than that

December starts, and after some weeks resting we have to get back to all of the hard work. Thanksgiving and Black Friday were busy days but night was busy as well, seemed like an impossible task to take over both days and almost had to split in 2 to cover everything. Now we have some time to have a nice coffee but not to stay awake this time.

By the way, in Mexico is highly criticized when Thanksgiving or Christmas is celebrated, why? Mostly because it’s not a Mexican celebration, they consider those an American party, no chance for Thanksgiving and they say that should not celebrate Christmas but Noche Buena, which is just a day before Christmas at December 24, and this is where many say: Well, wtf? Was Jesus born in Mexico? No, but you celebrate 24 because Jesus was born that day and take vacations on April because Jesus resurrected and you don’t say a thing.

Best thing about December are the “Posadas”, the whole month people organize various reunions at night with Mexican food, typically you can find hot soups and Mexican desserts like Pozole and Buñuelos, Posadas are organized at work, with friends, neighbors, school, any place you assist regularly and interact with people take the chance to make a Posada.

Crazy things are happening at the end of this year, and probably next year will be crazy as hell too. Right now we have some comebacks and some new additions that will be taking care of everything, beautiful of course. Some others came and already left like Marian and Natasha, told you they were here for only a bit and now when they are gone we have the inbox full of the same old same old questions. Not even going to try now to tell you to stay away or just come and get it done, that goes for all the jack offs.

Some others we are not so interested in wanted to return, but they do not really care to work properly and have a bit of honesty so they were turned away. Sorry for those wanting to see Victoria again and, surprisingly, Kitty was saved by… well a very good girl. Some are taking the famous December brake, and yes, some others wanted to come back to make some money and go on vacations, they were turned away as well. No, that money she needed was not for school, rent, kids or her mom, it was for her and Brayan to go on December vacations.

Maybe we will have less traffic, on the recent years we have a lot more people on the city so traffic has been horrible and the local reparations on the main highways and slows things even more. C’mon, do it on the night like China and finish it in 1 day, but no, no, not here.

No, still not giving recommendations.

But if you want a recommendation for a place to take a beer and some food, BCB Tasting room is good, of course, you will need to get out of the comfort area of the Red Zone, Downtown and Plaza Rio. Large selection of beers and good German Sausage with Pizza and badass fries. Still not on the “real Tj”, if you know what I mean, still perfect for tourism.

And no, no Apartments, no Air Bnb no houses. Why? First off, security. Second, neighbors. Third, too many idiots around. Man those are on the book section, c’mon.

Tequila is welcome for Christmas btw.

PS5 and Xbox series X are welcome for Christmas.
Laptops are welcome for Christmas
Plane tickets are welcome for Christmas

Maybe we will have a posada for the Musas, we will get some pics if we do. Don’t forget, stay safe, don’t drink Tecate light and get some real beer.